How To Get an International Phone Number For Receiving SMS

How To Get an International Phone Number For Receiving SMS

Nowadays people find it necessary to get a foreign mobile phone number more and more often. Primarily, this is caused by restrictions implemented on various online services. Many popular websites and apps restrict completing registration with them using phone numbers issued by cellular carriers in certain countries. There also could be some other reasons causing such a need. In one case or another, the solution is the same. So here is a complete guide on how to operate a temporary phone number app to get and use an international phone number for receiving SMS.

What is a temporary number?

This question bothers a lot of newcomers. Not many people know what this feature is and thereby often consider it as something difficult and complicated. Although in fact, a temporary phone number is almost like a regular mobile phone number. It is just operated online via the internet and is not supposed to work permanently.

Online availability is what makes it the best solution for those who need an international phone number to receive SMS. This peculiarity means that there are no location restrictions. You can get a mobile phone number from the cellular carrier in any country while being located in any other country without any possible difficulties.

Doing the same with real SIM cards is almost impossible. In every country, cellular carriers sell only SIM cards that belong to this exact country and the best they can do about this is to provide a roaming feature that doesn’t even work everywhere, not to say how high the fees are usually.

Who provides temporary phone numbers?

Originally, temporary numbers were provided by certain people. But over time they were replaced by appropriate online services. Such services simply work with those people and provide temporary phone numbers from them in one place making it more convenient and simple for users. Now there is no need to search for those guys on the internet which sometimes could take literally hours.

You simply proceed to the appropriate platform and use it for the intended purpose within a few clicks. Those platforms provide their solutions in form of websites, mobile apps, and even software for PC. That said, there are convenient options for everyone. You can operate temporary numbers in any suitable way depending on your preferences, tasks, goals, or any other parameter.

Online services suitable for use with temporary numbers

Of course, availability in one or another country is only the only thing that bothers potential users of temporary phone numbers. It is also important whether they can be used to receive SMS from a certain online service. There is not really much sense in having a phone number that cannot be used for the intended purpose. There is nothing to worry about though.

Temporary numbers are suitable for receiving short text messages from all websites and apps that currently exist on the internet and have a mobile phone number verification feature available. Since they work as regular mobile numbers, there is no problem with this. You can use them to sign up for ChatGPT as well as other online services, including:

  • Instant messaging apps;
  • Social networks;
  • Dating apps;
  • Food delivery and cab services;
  • Online marketplaces, shops, and other platforms operating via the internet.

Those are just the most popular online services with which temporary phone numbers can be used. Once again, they are suitable for receiving SMS from a website or app of any kind. It’s only about whether this service provides such an opportunity or not.

Service to get a temporary number

There is no problem with obtaining a temporary phone number today as that feature is offered by numerous companies. However, it is quite easy to get a temporary number of bad quality or at a cost that is several times too high. This is why SMS-Man is so popular among internet users that need temporary phone numbers.

That platform offers temporary numbers from first-hand providers which means they are definitely of high quality and makes them cost as low as possible since there is no markup due to a lack of intermediaries. This is how to use it for the intended purpose:

1. Register an account on the website of mentioned service.

2. Refill the balance of the account using a convenient payment method from those that are presented on the appropriate tab.

3. Choose the country of issue for the temporary number on the start page of the service. You can choose any country regardless of your location.

4. Scroll the homepage to a list of supported platforms and select one from which it is necessary to receive SMS.

5. Click on “Buy SMS”.

You will get a temporary phone number right away after performing the last step from the instructions above. It is already set up for receiving SMS from the chosen online service without any issues. Now it is only about using it for this.

To do that, use this phone number as a regular mobile phone number. The only difference is that SMS will arrive not on your mobile phone but on the purchased temporary number via the website of the company that provided it. That said, the verification code should be revealed on SMS-Man. Using this code completes the process of operating a temporary number.


Getting an international phone number to receive SMS is an easy task at the moment. You can do this by using appropriate platforms on the web that provide temporary numbers and make it even easier by following the step-by-step instructions above. This is a great solution for everyone who wants to get a phone number in another country for one or another reason but doesn’t know how to do this.

Such phone numbers are available for use from anywhere in the world and most often cost less than $1 which makes them affordable for everyone. Moreover, it is not limited to how many temporary phone numbers each person can get and activate which means that they can be used for creating unlimited accounts on any website and app on the web.

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