The Evolution of Sharara Suits 

The Evolution of Sharara Suits 

History and evolution of sharara suits, from their traditional roots to modern interpretations, and Discover different styles & types of sharara suits.

The extremely fashionable sharara suits culture has a long and illustrious history. For weddings and other wedding-related events, these suits are a stylish option. Bulky lehengas have taken a backseat to these fashionable attires. A sharara suit is a representation of a rich culture, beautiful aesthetics, elegance, laudable legacy, and magnificent past. A kurta, flared pants, and a dupatta make up the three-piece sharara dress set. The trumpet skirts that the sharara pants are now known as were originally very flared. 

What is the origin story of sharara suits?

Yemen and Lebanon are where sharara suits first appeared. In essence, this captivating group of musicians inspired by the Yemeni Hamedan clan. What caused this clothing to become so well-liked and in-demand in India? The 16th-century Mughal emperors deserve credit. The intricate blending of stonework, embroidery, beadwork, and other elements raised the standard of this outfit. These suits also have roots in pendulum fashion fads.  

These outfits had a significant role in Indian cinema, especially in light of the country’s fashion scene. But from the 1960s, this historically significant clothing began to fade from fashion. But these Indian sharara suits are now back in fashion with all their splendor and grace. 

How are these suits made?  

The elaborate zari, stone, thread sequin, zardozi, and bead work on these ethnic dress styles adds extra flair. These outfits were embellished with pure silver and gold during the Mughal Empire. Floral embroidery is used on Indian clothing. The creative craftspeople came up with new ideas and woven fresh visual arrangements into the fabric. Various chiffon, silk, net, and velvet to cotton blends are utilized to create the sharara and gharara outfits. Shararas are among the most popular wedding attire options, and there are many different ways to style them. 

What is the difference between sharara suits and gharara suits?  

To learn more about the history of these regal looks, let’s take a brief trip down memory lane. The Hamedan tribe in Yemen can found in the origins of the Lebanese fashion known as the sharara. With the introduction of Mughal dynasty in the 16th century, it arrived on the Indian subcontinent. Conversely, the Nawabs of Awadh popularised and wore the Gharara, a traditional Lucknowian dress. At the beginning of the 19th century, Muslim women in the Indian belt began to wear both the sharara suit and the gharara suit as standard clothing. Socially significant figures from the early 20th century, such as Begum Rana Liaquat Ali Khan and Fatima Jinnah, contributed to their popularity on a global scale. 

Even yet, there are some visual similarities between the Sharara and the Gharara. They, nevertheless, uniquely designed and customized. The main components of a sharara are a dupatta and a kameez, which can be either long or short in length. The pants are the standout piece in this outfit. 

An altered form of this is the Gharara. A short kameez or kurta typically worn with loose pants that fastened at the knees and a dupatta. In order to create the appearance of wearing a skirt, this forces the hemline to sharply flare out at the ankles. Most often, the gota at the knee is adorned or features exquisite zari work. 

Different types of sharara suits you can find in the market  

Are you seeking for Sharara-style dresses to wear to a wedding reception or a mehndi ceremony? There are several options available to you for the style – with flared bottoms combined with supercut kurtas, finely embroidered jackets, short dresses with jewel embellishments, and more! 

Short frock and sharara

The A-line long kurtas that most frequently included with sharara suits beautiful, but you can also look lovely wearing your sharara with a short, embroidered dress. For maximum glitz, don’t forget to select a body-hugging, short embroidered dress. The finest combination for a wedding is to use solids with delicate hues like pink and gold. 

Sharara with kame 

Sharara pants should be worn with long, embroidered salwar kameez (kurti). You will appear breathtakingly lovely in this style, which is the most comfortable to wear. 

Sharara with kurta   

Although fashionable, this outfit is incredibly cozy! It will appear dramatic and beautiful because of the extra inches at the bottom. You should wear a flared kurta and a Sharara pant if drama is all you need. To add a little more style and poise, choose light colors like pink, beige, and champagne. The entire ambiance will maintained by bell sleeves or ruffles. To complete the Bollywood style, add a dupatta with lots of sequins.

Sharara with backless top

It’s time to wear your Sharara pants with a backless kurta if you have enough backless outfits in your closet. This combo quite well-liked. Okay! Replace Sharara with Gharara to accentuate your curves and give off a sensual vibe. Keep it classy while flaunting your tan and exposing some skin to get the ideal balance. Maintain in mind that its strongly advised to keep the full ensemble in the same color or pattern.

Sharara and crop top

Pairing this sharara with a crop top gives it a fashionable and contemporary edge. This outfit combo can worn with ease in weddings as well as other gatherings and functions. If you enjoy layering, put on an embroidered jacket, a crop top, and Sharara leggings to create an Indo-Western outfit. 

Pakistani style sharara

The greatest ensembles to twirl in are Pakistani Shararas with plenty of embroidery. The unique designs and embellishments never lose their integrity. For your desi wedding gigs, this couple is the greatest. Keep in mind that minimal jewelry and makeup will help to balance the outfit. 

These sharara suits tend to be very attractive and cozy. If it is not fitted to their size, they could feel uncomfortable. As has said, you won’t be let down by these ! This style will always win our hearts with its flattering curves and feminine hems. In today’s fashion industry, they are the trendsetters. So, to keep fashionable, purchase a Sharar suit right away by visiting the website of CBazaar.   

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