The First Metaverse for Business and More — Lado Okhotnikov Announces the Launch of Four Programs at Once

The First Metaverse for Business and More — Lado Okhotnikov Announces the Launch of Four Programs at Once

Blockchain has long ceased to be fun, and cryptocurrency has turned from a toy into an expensive tool. The time has come to test the full power of technology in practice in order to turn the idea of ​​decentralization upside down – we invite you to immerse into the Meta Force Metaverse. We are here to talk about the new virtual world, which is accessed through innovative technologies. You will learn what MANA and Uniteverse, Forcecoin and Royalty are and also understand the features of the Tactile and Boost program.

Lado Okhotnikov about Meta Force: the history of technological progress

Lado Okhotnikov looks at virtual reality differently – for him the Metaverse is not only GameFi. The Lado creates a truly revolutionary product that brings tangibility to the virtual world.

Lado turned over the conventional understanding of cryptocurrencies, arguing that they are not just a means of speculation. In his opinion, crypto combines educational and entrepreneurial tools. In the virtual space that he had created, cryptocurrencies have become a real space for everyone who strives to unlock their potential.

We see that the authorities are increasingly strengthening control over both finances and the personal lives of citizens. This in turn leads to economic crises and even conflicts.

However, this trend can counterbalanced by the development of decentralized technologies. Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and Metaverses are capable of protecting individual freedom.

“At Meta Force we are creating a whole Universe of decentralized products – from simulating real life to fantasy gaming worlds. It has its own cryptocurrency, NFT, staking, decentralized finance DeFi.

The new Metaverse is growing literally before our eyes. And it is capable of giving people economic freedom, protection from the arbitrariness of the states and crises of the traditional financial system.

Blockchain and decentralization are where I see the future for individual freedom. Our team is making every possible contribution to creating this future now,” Lado Okhotnikov, a founder of Meta Force

Uniteverse, Tactile, Boost, OverReal — the four pillars of virtual reality 

Meta Force is a truly unique and unprecedented project that combines cryptocurrency and virtual reality for the first time.

A team of experts in the field of VR has created a full-fledged decentralized Metaverse – with its own economy, currency, real estate and even residents.

This is a completely new, independent world with its own rules and laws of development. It cannot turned off, erased or censored – they live and work here according to the principles of decentralization: no one controls you, and no one can dictate how you earn money.

What previously seemed like science fiction is now a reality created by us and with the help of our community. This is an achievement that can rightfully be called a breakthrough in the industry. 

Uniteverse — learning while making business 

Let’s imagine a virtual Universe where a world similar to our real one is created. Everything here works according to the principle of reality and each of the participants strives for decentralization in order to have greater efficiency.

In this Universe, as in real life, you have different levels of access and prestige, depending on your initial resources, your work and perseverance. And Uniteverse determines your level of access in this Universe.

For active development, a special affiliate program was create that returns 100% of earnings to participants. Here all users actively influence the development of Metaworld.

Uniteverse also includes the MANA program where it represents assets, such as real estate in the Metaverse, with the potential to increase in value. This is how Meta Force forms its own ecosystem, supported by unique programs and resources.

Here it doesn’t matter when you came, but what matters is what you did – everyone has equal conditions. 

Tactile — using NFTs to make money

Tactile connects the virtual world with reality using non-fungible tokens. Even for those who have never encountered cryptocurrency or making money online, this program becomes clear. This trend offers consumer products available in NFT format.

“The idea is that you can purchase things to use in the Metaverse or exchange them for real goods. If you do not use NFT as a product, it can generate passive income in the form of Royalty until you decide to use it,” Lado Okhotnikov accurately conveys the task of those who intend to earn.

Tactile also includes a Loyalty program allowing you and your team to earn additional cashback tokens for your purchases. By increasing your level, you can increase your income.

The Tactile program itself becomes a powerful tool for creating a source of stable income.

Boost — GameFi by Lado Okhotnikov

Boost in the Meta Force Metaverse presents an exciting game for those who are used to working offline and are just starting to get acquainted with online earnings, cryptocurrency and virtual reality.

Lado Okhotnikov says that Boost gamifies users’ surroundings, that is, games and unique gaming zones created for those who looking for variety, “When entering these gaming zones, you agree to special, sometimes extreme rules create specifically for this virtual experience. And remember that this is just a game, and after it ends you can always return to the beginning.”

The name speaks for itself: this is explosive marketing, which opens up the opportunity for everyone to rapidly and powerfully develop their business.

The aggressiveness of promotion and level upgrades is challenging but this is what gives the program the potential for rapid income growth for active participants.

OverReal — when time can be paused to make decisions

These are games, shows, challenges that complement the main Universe, which seem to be in the middle of reality, and not fictitious, as the Boost program suggests. That is, OverReal exists in parallel but at the same time closely connected with the Metaworld of Meta Force.

Here users can not just play, experiencing vivid emotions. For this they receive real income from activities within the platform. Why did the company develop a unique marketing plan based on smart contracts? It allows you to make money by attracting new participants and building a structure. At the same time, risks to the economic balance are completely eliminated.

That is, now everyone can not only have fun playing games but also receive a stable income, just like in a real business.

This is a truly revolutionary solution at the intersection of entertainment and earnings.


Friends, let’s talk in simple words about how the economy works in the Meta Force virtual universe and how they make money from it.

Metaworld is based on a native token – Forcecoin. Now it plays the role of digital money, which needed for various operations within the platform. After entering the free market, all earned cryptocurrency will increase, as this happens when the rate rises.

Lado Okhotnikov notes that the value of this cryptocurrency is constantly increasing. Because its limited in quantity – no new coins will created, “I can’t help but note the very interesting dynamics of the coin price! Since August 29, 2023, it has risen in price by 42%, reaching 0.61 DAI. This impressive growth was the result of the work of our community. And taking into account the upcoming entry into the main market, the cost will increase even more.”

In addition, there is a mechanism for “burning” part of the coins – that is, their number only decreases over time. This also leads to higher prices.

In the Metaverse itself 

there are also many ways to earn income in cryptocurrency – by participating in various programs and games. In general, this is a very interesting and promising economic model that opens up a lot of opportunities for earning money.

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