The Merkur Group: When German Precision Meets Online Casino Innovation

The Merkur Group: When German Precision Meets Online Casino Innovation

Merkur Gaming, a division of the Merkur Group (formerly Gauselmann Group), is a renowned name in the global gambling industry. This German company has established itself as a leading slot machine manufacturer by continuously modernizing its portfolio and adhering to the traditional “Made in Germany” quality standards. Known for the originality and reliability of its products, Merkur Gaming offers a range of gaming solutions, from VLT machines and gaming cabinets to online slot games and ultramodern Roulette play stations. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the history and evolution of Merkur Gaming and explore the unique casino machines and games they offer players worldwide.  

The Early Days of The Merkur Group

Paul Gauselmann is the man behind the brand. In 1957, Paul launched his one-man business with a modest investment and only 17 jukeboxes. But Paul’s entrepreneurial mind and creativity built the multibillion-dollar gaming company we know today. He invented and designed most of the slot machines and games the company produces and has over 300 patented inventions. 

In the 1960s, the company employed over a dozen people and was involved in installing and maintaining hundreds of slot machines in German pubs and restaurants. Next, Paul entered the arcade industry, opening his first arcade hall in 1974. He set up the Gauselmann Merkur branch to manage the arcade halls, offering players unique games and an exquisite gaming experience. The sun logo was added a few years later, and the successful arcade operator turned to the production of their own brand of slot machines, presenting the first of its kind, the Merkur B machine. 

Casino Products Top-Seller  

The first significant breakthrough came with the Merkur Disc slot machine, an instant success with over 40 thousand units sold. Since then, the company went international, opening its first arcade outside the national borders in Amsterdam and conquering the US market by getting a manufacturing license for the state of Nevada. The company now sells over 50.000 units yearly. 

The New Millennium

The new technologies and shifts in the gambling market prompted the company to diversify and invest in sports betting, becoming a fully licensed betting provider in Germany and Austria. Gauselmann Group also entered the British arcade market, but the most significant step in the company’s development came with opening its first land-based casino in 2014. Since then, it has taken over several state-owned casinos and opened new venues across Germany. The company now employs around 14.000 people worldwide and has a turnover of about 3 billion euros.  In early 2024, the Gauselmann Group officially rebranded as Merkur Group, aligning its name with the Merkur brand to support its expansion into digital and global markets.

Social Responsibility

The Merkur Group is deeply committed to responsible gaming practices and maintains strict compliance across all its operations. The company’s dedication to safe gambling has earned global recognition and accolades. In addition to its commitment to responsible gaming, the Merkur Group demonstrated its devotion to social responsibility by establishing the Paul and Karin Gauselmann Foundation in 1999. This non-profit organization, based in Luebeck, where the company’s headquarters are located, supports a variety of projects. It focuses on promoting youth education, welfare, healthcare, preserving cultural heritage and monuments; and providing assistance to individuals facing financial difficulties, among other initiatives.  

Merkur Gaming Products

The company’s slot machines and game cabinets have gained global popularity and recognition; but Merkur Gaming has much more to offer. Let’s look at their product portfolio:

Gaming Cabinets

Merkur Group’s gaming cabinet lineup features four distinct lines, highlighted by the cutting-edge MOD EX unit. This modular slot machine allows operators to tailor its features to their players’ preferences; with options for two or three monitors of various sizes, physical buttons, and a control panel. The machine’s vibrant game colors and subtle lighting are designed to dazzle players and capture their attention.

Merkur Gaming’s gaming cabinets with curved monitors feature a user-centric design that aligns with the player’s field of vision, providing a uniquely comfortable experience. These cabinets offer functionality and boast a stunning aesthetic, making them a must-have in any modern gambling establishment. Additionally, Merkur Gaming has diversified its product range by introducing a line of progressive jackpot slot machines.

Slot Games

Merkur Gaming’s slot portfolio boasts over 200 titles with a wide range of themes and gameplay styles. The collection includes classic 3-reel slots from their earlier developments; and an equal number of 5-reel video slots with engaging in-game features. Themes span from retro fruit machines to Egyptian and Asian gods, Norse folklore, aliens, and mythical creatures.

While older titles may have simpler graphics, the latest additions showcase vibrant colors, sounds, and innovative features. For instance, Fruit Burst Power Spins might offer only 20 pay lines, but activating the power spins feature provides players with four sets of reels; significantly increasing the chances of winning.

Roulette Play Stations

Merkur Gaming’s Roulette play stations showcase the company’s commitment to innovation in the industry. Operators can choose from a stand-alone Roulette machine; a play station accommodating eight players, or a multi game amphitheater designed for 30+ players.

The round play station offers a clear view of the wheel from every ergonomic seat; and comes equipped with a monitor, space for snacks and drinks, and mobile phone chargers. The amphitheater setup is ideal for tournaments, allowing players to choose between an automated wheel; a live croupier Roulette game, or a live dealer Blackjack game. All stations are customizable to seamlessly integrate with the casino’s theme and decor.


For over six decades, Merkur Group and Merkur Gaming have stood as a symbol of innovation and quality in the gambling industry. The company never stops developing and evolving, adapting to the times, new technologies, and player demands. Besides business savvy decisions, the company has shown social responsibility and care for safe and responsible gaming. But most importantly, their products deliver a first-class gaming experience to players worldwide; and prove that one man’s dream and modest beginnings can turn into a multimillion-dollar global business.

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