Tips for Betting on College Football

Tips for Betting on College Football

The end of August means the beginning of an exciting new NCAAF season, with fans across the country filling out stadiums and tuning in to the live action and drama. This season, the Georgia Bulldogs look to make history as the first team in more than 80 years to win the threepeat. Meanwhile, there are lots of other teams in contention of Betting on College Football and plenty of talented athletes to keep an eye on.

For many fans, college football is just as exciting as the NFL, with some of the best atmospheres of any sport. The fact that you can now bet on every game is a big advantage, and it’s never been easier to get started. If you’d like to sign up to an online sportsbook and get involved with  college football betting, these tips will help you out.

Stay Up to Date with the Latest Team News

One of the best features of sports betting compared to other forms of gambling is that your understanding of the sport helps you make accurate predictions. Of course, sports can be extremely unpredictable, and even the best experts are wrong sometimes. Despite this, you can massively improve your chances of success if you research your bets and stay up to date with the teams you’re betting on.

You can find all the latest information on injuries and roster changes online, with instant news available at most major sports media companies. Whether you prefer to follow ESPN, FOX, or any other, you’ll find up to date college football news at all hours of the day. Use this information to plan your betting strategy.

Find the Best Odds

With so many legal online sportsbooks now available, you have a great chance to get the best odds every time you place a bet. The odds will impact your profits, with better odds giving you more winnings if you’re successful. Thanks to this, it makes sense to always compare odds at major betting sites before you place your NCAAF bets.

While odds can move and change a lot during the build up to games, comparing odds between sites is still relatively straightforward. You can check yourself or use comparison sites for a quick check.

Choose Your Games Wisely

There are over 130 teams in the NCAAF, significantly more than the NFL. This means a huge number of games every week, sometimes over 60 in a game week. This means there are loads of options to bet on, so you should choose your games wisely.

You don’t need to bet on every single game, and it’s impossible to research them well enough to do so. Pick a few games each week to research carefully and choose your bets. That way, you’ll have a much higher chance of success, even if you have fewer options.

Check the Weather Forecast

Aside from team news online, you should also be looking at the weather forecasts before the game. With outdoor stadiums, rain, and other weather can make a big difference to the action on the field. Typically, strong wind and rain will lead to fewer points scored, so it’s worth bearing in mind if you’re betting on the over/under total number of points. 

Consider College Rivalries

One of the most interesting things about college football that sets it apart from the NFL is the huge rivalries between its teams. Almost all of the schools around the country have a rival, and this can play a big role in what happens on the field.

Be sure to consider the rivalry when placing your bets, as these games are often a little less predictable. For example, just because there’s a big difference in form and ability between two teams, it doesn’t mean it’s an easy bet.

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