8 Tips for Taking Care of Your Health in the Tech Age

8 Tips for Taking Care of Your Health in the Tech Age

In the age of technology we live in, health and wellness have somehow become more attainable and realistic for people of all ages and backgrounds. Technology that makes health and fitness easier is constantly progressing, and there are countless tools we can add to our arsenals today to ensure we’re taking care of ourselves.

If your health is something that matters to you, here are a few ways that technology can help you take charge. 

Emergency Response Devices

Older adults or anyone living with chronic illnesses or other health concerns tend to live in fear of the worst. Especially when living alone, the worry of something happening when there’s nobody around to help you out can be immense. 

However, personal emergency response systems can take this stress off your shoulders. These gadgets come in the form of lightweight wearable panic buttons that will get you in touch with emergency services in the blink of an eye – what a relief. 

Smart Home Gym Equipment

Even if you’re a completely healthy person, technology can still benefit your health in countless other ways. One example is that it can help you get fitter – in the comfort of your own home.

Yup, nowadays you don’t need to pay for an expensive gym membership every month to have high-tech equipment. Smart home gym equipment like rowing machines, treadmills and bikes can make working out fun, intuitive and easy. These days, mirror-based home fitness studios are even on the market! 

Workout Apps

If investing in equipment isn’t something you want to get into, there are countless apps for fitness newbies, all the way to competing professionals.

Loads of fitness apps offer subscriptions to workout programmes you can complete at home or in the gym. This will help you understand what exercises to do and how often, taking the guesswork out of fitness. You can download apps to track your progress too – whether you’re a runner, a swimmer, or a weightlifter. 

Fitness Trackers

If progress tracking and metrics are something that motivates you, another useful gadget would be a fitness tracker. Usually in the form of smartwatches, these devices can track your workouts, heart rate, daily steps, breathing and even your sleep. They can help you understand where you’re not hitting the mark and make you more mindful of your activity. 

Plus, you can even make them look great with any outfit by investing in different watch bands for any occasion – and never miss a step. 

Sleep Trackers

A major part of health and wellness that most people tend to neglect is their sleep. As mentioned, most fitness and smart watches offer sleep-tracking functionality.

However, if you’re serious about getting high-quality Zs, you might consider investing in a more sleep-focused tracker, such as the Oura Ring. These devices more accurately track your heart rate, giving you a better overview of your sleep cycles and oxygen levels throughout the night. 

Smart Scales

Another great tracking device is a smart scale, especially for fitness fanatics who have weight loss goals, want to gain muscle, or have other reasons for closely monitoring their physique – such as competing in bodybuilding. 

Smart scales tell you more than just how much you weigh – they can also estimate your BMI and tell you your body fat percentage, metrics that truly matter when it comes to your physique and even your health! For example, women need to be in a specific body fat range for optimal hormonal health, and a smart scale makes it easy to check if you’re on track. 

Food Dairies and Calorie Trackers

Many people don’t realise the benefits of tracking meals – even for a short period. This type of tracking can help you learn more about nutrition and what’s in the food you eat, as well as the effect it has on your body. 

Food tracking can also help you be more mindful about what you eat and makes weight loss and gain a million times easier when you can see what’s on your plate in a day.

However, it’s important to be aware that food and calorie tracking can be dangerous for those who struggle with eating disorders or have a poor relationship with food, so these types of apps might not be for everyone.  

Remember to Disconnect

One final thing to remember about your health in the tech age is the importance of disconnecting.

Technology is beneficial for our health in so many ways, but a hyper-fixation on tracking or overusing technology in general can be damaging to our mental health. Remember to step away from your apps and devices from time to time and live in the moment. 

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