Top 10 Ad Networks for Web Publishers in 2022

Top 10 Ad Networks for Web Publishers in 2022

We have just started with 2022. It’s been one month only. And along with many new trends of the year in different niches, partnering with the best ad networks seems to be the most remarkable way to ensure success for publisher businesses. Are you into the publishing business? Have you not collaborated with a premium ad network yet? You are not on track then! 

Unfortunately, 65% of businesses see a downward trend in their revenue because of the lack of quality ad networks with them. 

Advertisers’ biggest mistake is spending the top part of their budget on ad networks in almost the fourth quarter of the year. However, if you plan your annual strategy during Q 1 and partner with your desired ad networks right away, it can help you generate the best programmatic results all over the year. 

So, ready for it?

We’ve compiled a list of the topmost ad networks of 2022. With this effective list handy, you are sure to make 2022 worthwhile. 

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Amazon Publisher Services 

Amazon Publisher Services rank #1 when offering publishers a perfect cloud-centric suite where they can effortlessly access many attractive features. From header bidding to shopping insights and analytics services, the A9 Amazon associates offers everything.

If you choose this platform, you can know your users more and thus improve your brand’s user experience remarkably. Also, it will be possible for you to incentivize your revenue model.  

This marketplace has this striking feature of helping publishers connect to Amazon ad inventories. Also, it helps the publishing websites connect to ad buyers present throughout the web with the help of SSPs. 

Moreover, with Amazon Public Services, publishers get a simple reporting interface to enjoy great fee structures and auction-level reporting. What’s more, you can see how bidders compete equally among each other. is one of the hugest contextual advertising networks on the internet. This is why it is considered one of the most well-known Google AdSense alternatives of all time. The is also a premium quality ad network for publishers and bloggers of all niches. 

In, you can have access to both text and display ads. Also, there is an option to let find out the optimal sizes for your website. What’s more, has a programmatic platform for your help if you like this approach. 


If you want a publisher-friendly ad network that monetizes your website without deteriorating your user experience, Monumetric is your thing! 

To use this amazing ad network, all you need to do is sign up with them. As soon as you do that, make a list of all the ad inventories available for you. Monumetric will next take a step ahead and help you avail of the highest CPM offers to fill out your inventory when you are done with that. 

Want to get started with Monumetric?

You have to take care that you have a minimum of 10,000 page views per month, and that’s it!

Google AdSense 

There might not be any professional publisher or blogger in the world who has not used Google AdSense at least once. AdSense offers you all CPC-based ads. And interestingly, they are the biggest provider of these ads.

 If the publishers want to get approved by Google AdSense, they need to follow some critical guidelines. Rest assured, you will get quality ads only, which will provide your brand with the best user experience. That is because it’s Google! Although it is not easy to get approval to work with Google AdSense, it’s worth it because of your ease to display custom ads and the overall ease of use. 


If you are not yet a big publisher or blogger, Popads is the right ad network for you. It is the best for small publishers, as it gives instant approval.  belong to the premium quality category. With Popads, you can get a better CPM rate when compared to other ad networks, and your website doesn’t have to have any specific traffic requirement.  

Verizon Media 

Verizon Media, which was previously known as Oath, provides various excellent solutions to publishers and bloggers. However, Verizon Media gives access to advertisers for all kinds of inventories, including display, mobile, native, and video ads. Also, if you opt for Verizon Media, you will get access to the ad server technology. 

The best part of Verizon Media is that their publisher solutions are crafted in such a way that they can maximize the ad revenue for publishers and bloggers across all kinds of mediums and platforms. 


RevContent is one of the best native advertising platforms. The primary objective of this ad network is to allow publishers to monetize their websites effortlessly and drive traffic by a lot of means. The traffic-driving tool that RevContent has is very useful for brands and advertisers to direct visitors towards their landing pages, articles, special offers, etc. 


Revenuehits is one of the best CPA-centric ad networks, which will pay you if you complete any action on the website that they own. Unlike others, you will not get paid for any click or impression on this network, but they offer very attractive CPA rates. Revenuehits gives you a lot of ad formats from which you can choose the best one as per your choice. 


It is a self-serving native advertising platform that can help you drive huge traffic towards your landing page. A unique feature of Earnify is that it remains connected with all the major advertising networks. It provides you with an opportunity to scale your campaigns at their best. With Earnify, you can double up your reach as a publisher.


Adblade is a great ad platform with a maximum reach of approximately 300 million users. Going for Adblade will give you access to all kinds of websites, premium local and national sites. One extraordinary feature of Ablade is that it gives importance to publishers and advertisers. With Adblade, you can use content style formats to help you fit your requirement from the beginning. 

Summing Up 

Ad networks are one of the most effective ways to generate revenue without spending much time. So, don’t wait anymore. Choose the best ad network that suits your business the most and start earning in no time.

 Want to monetize your website? Sign up here for more information. 

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