Key Differences Between Student Management vs. Traditional Management System

Key Differences Between Student Management vs. Traditional Management System

There have been major changes in the school management process. These changes are due to the advancement of technology and are strategically designed to reduce difficult tasks. The traditional management system is gradually fading out giving room to the new system which is the student management software. 

The new system is more beneficial to all main parties involved in an educational institution – school staff, students, and parents/guardians. Regardless of the fact that student management software is more beneficial, especially as it permits the fee management system, they both possess unique differences. Before we begin stating the differences between these two systems, let’s understand each of them.

Traditional Management System

The traditional management system adopts manual school administration processes which involve a lot of paperwork. It also includes manually marking attendance, recording data, etc. The traditional management system was the most beneficial upon emergence and is quickly getting lesser usage in schools.

Student Management Systems

The student management system is the most common means of managing administrative tasks in schools. It serves as a fee management software thereby helping out with student tuition fees as well as several others. It uses an online platform to manage schools and involves lesser paperwork. Many consider this method as a more advantageous one in recent times regardless of the school size.

These two systems serve different functions hence the reason they are in use in schools in different parts of the world. As we proceed in this article, let’s delve into the differences between the two systems.

5 Differences Between Student Management and Traditional Management Systems

To understand which system is better to use, you must know the differences between them:

Accounts Management

One of the functions of the two systems is that they both help to manage staff and student accounts. That way, transactions, and other relevant activities are documented by admin staff.

The difference between the two systems in this task is that the traditional management system uses conservative methods of managing accounts. These methods involve admin staff manually recording the data and this process is subject to errors, especially for schools with a large number of students and staff. There is also the chance that account records could get missing, etc.

In contrast to the traditional management system, the student management system automatically record data and store them for future use. It does not involve the use of hard copies but more soft copies. Due to this, it is a safe and error-free system that is sufficient for managing large school accounts. 

Attendance Management

These two systems are functional in managing student and staff attendance using different processes. The traditional system uses a manual method of marking attendance like calling out names and marking in an attendance sheet or leaving out attendance registers for students and staff to mark themselves. It is subject to omission as students or staff who are not present on certain days could pass for the present as there is no authentic method of knowing.

On the other hand, the student management system automatically handles attendance marking. Its software can easily detect the staff and admin present as it possesses advanced systems. Information regarding staff and student absence is accurately recorded regardless of the reason for the absence. The system can easily calculate the number of days present monthly for each student and staff.


Unlike the traditional system of school management, student management software aids in automatically passing information and sending reminders to students, staff, and parents/guardians with a single click. The traditional system must send messages to the parties involved one after the other. The traditional system is difficult to maintain as it entails slower and more stressful procedures in passing messages. 

Fee Management

The student management software serves as a fee management software that automatically records data on students who have paid their fees. That way, defaulters are easy to know due to the system’s structural recording. Also, after payment, the software can automatically generate receipts or invoices.

However, for the traditional management system, school fees are processed manually and invoices or receipts are manually drafted and handed to parents/guardians after payment. It is not as reliable as the fee management system as since it is managed by humans, it is subject to errors that are bad for school finances.


A solid difference between the traditional management system and the student management system is that the latter provides an online learning option using school learning management software (LMS). It is a convenient way of having access to live lectures by lecturers at times when they were too occupied to be physically present in in class.

It is also software that most institutions that offer online schooling use for administrative purposes. Using the school LMS, teachers can hold online classes successfully and students can access these tutorial videos at a future date.


The traditional management system is usually time-consuming and expensive to maintain. On the other hand, the student management system offers convenience in managing staff and students. The student management system simplifies many tasks thereby allowing students to excel academically and staff, more productive. The environment-friendly software is easy to procure.

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