Ways to Unlock a Disabled iPhone

Ways to Unlock a Disabled iPhone

How to unlock a disabled iPhone Without Password with a Siri Trick? How to Unlock iPhone Without Password Using Dr.Fone (Recommended)?


Apple, the tech behemoth, has unquestionably received worldwide acclaim and adoration. Every time Apple announces a new product release or an upgrade, the air fills with enthusiasm. Recently, we witnessed a wave of exhilaration as Apple released the iPhone 13 into the market. The release of the most recent version of Apple’s operating system (IOS 15) has also garnered praise.

This enthusiasm among Apple users is undoubtedly attributable to the epic and fascinating features, as well as the powerful security mechanism. In certain circumstances, even the FBI is unable to unlock a suspect’s iPhone. This amount of security, leisure, and convenience is unquestionably terrific. However, occasionally the same benefits become a source of worry.

Due to our overly busy work schedules and lives, we often change passwords and forget about them. Maybe you changed the passcode this morning because your nosy friend saw it? 

But the problem is you cannot remember it anymore. Your mind suddenly buzzes with, “can somebody tell me how to unlock iPhone without passcode? Please!”

In haste and nervousness,how to unlock iPhone passcode remains some problem. 

Well, don’t worry! In this article, we shall discuss two ways of how to get into a locked iPhone without a password. 

How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone:

Method 1: Unlock iPhone Without Password with a Siri Trick

The first way to unlock a disabled iPhone does not require extra software or tools. But it is quite monotonous and irritating. Firstly, this method only works for iOS 10.3.2 and 10.3.3. This means people using the latest operating system (which is usually the case) cannot benefit from it. 

Another drawback of using this method is that you need to follow the same procedure every time you access your iPhone. Imagine sitting in an official meeting and asking Siri to open the clock for you. 

Anyway, here is how you perform the trick:

  1. First of all, activate the Siri feature on your iPhone. You can do this by pressing and holding the home button.
  2. Once Siri is active, ask it to activate the clock. 
  3. Siri being a faithful servant, will obey you. Once the clock displays on your screen, just tap it.
  4. The next screen will display a list of tunes you can choose from for your alarm.
  5. From there, you will see an option to ‘buy more tunes’. Just follow that option, and you will land in the iTunes store. 
  6. After arriving in the iTunes store, press the back button.

Finally, you will land on your home screen without having to enter your passcode. Now you can access every corner of the phone. After all, you successfully tricked poor Siri into unlocking the phone for you. 


Unfortunately, IOS developers are smarter than that and have closed the loophole in the latest versions. This means, if you have upgraded to the latest IOS version, this method is meaningless to you. Moreover, the fact that you still can not change your password makes things duller. You do not want to be stuck with Siri every day and even in your workplace, do you?

Unquestionably, many people will suggest you alternatively use iTunes for the recovery process. However, this method will lead to an erasure of all your data so the ultimate aim of the whole process is lost.

Contrarily, our second way of unlocking an iPhone without a passcode combats the above issues.

Method 2: How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone Without Password Using Dr.Fone (Recommended)

Dr.Fone is a tool you may use to sort all your iPhone unlocking challenges. In our opinion, this is the best workaround for the problem at hand. It does not only secure open your iPhone but also does so without losing any data.

This is how it works:

  1. First of all, download and install Dr.Fone on your PC.
Unlock a Disabled iPhone
  1. Once the program launches, choose ‘unlock iOS screen’ from the available options.
Unlock a Disabled iPhone
  • Now connect your iPhone with the PC using a USB lightning cable, and boot the iPhone in DFU or recovery mode.
  • After that, confirm the details of your device and proceed to download the applicable firmware.
Unlock a Disabled iPhone

5.  Just wait a few seconds, and your iPhone will be unlocked.

Sounds great, right?

Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock a Disabled iPhone and Its Excellent Features

 And here is a piece of good news. Apart from the above, Dr.Fone also performs other valuable functions. Surprisingly, you can also use this tool to:

  • Unlock Android devices
  • Bypass iCloud activation codes
  • Unlock Apple ID
  • Get rid of MDM

It can also solve other issues like:

  • Recover devices stuck in DFU mode
  • Repair devices stuck in recovery mode
  • Overcome white and black screens.
  • Unfreeze the frozen phones
  • And a lot more

Apparently, Dr.Fone is the single solution to all your phone issues. This means you do not need to waste your money by taking the phone to people with technical knowledge. Simply do the work within the comfort of your own house.


In conclusion, Unlock a Disabled iPhone with no means of bypassing it is an immense pain. However, the two methods mentioned above can significantly help you out. Nevertheless, we recommend that you use Dr.Fone due to its advanced level of technology, speed, and security. Say bye to the lengthy processes that eventually cause a loss of vital data. 

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