Upload Speed Of Your ISP – Here’s What You Need to Know

Upload Speed Of Your ISP – Here’s What You Need to Know

Is the upload speed more important than the download speed? If so, then what’s the whole deal with internet speeds, anyway?

If you are ready to upgrade your home network, then this is probably among the first things that you may want to check up on before finalizing anything for your home. Also, If you are like many others, who are consistently confused by the whole internet speed dilemma, then this article is just for you, as it aims to answer all the various queries you may have regarding internet speeds.

Let’s Jump Right Into This!

For starters, are internet speed tiers really that important? Yes, they are. Because without the right speed, you can’t get anything done on the internet. Whether it is a task as simple as uploading a text document or sending an email to an activity as heavy as streaming your favorite media content or even just enjoying your gameplay session, all these and plenty of other digital tasks require a robust internet connection, one that doesn’t hiccup every now or then.

It brings us to the next important query – is there much difference between download and upload speeds? Well, let’s find out!

Difference between Download & Upload Speeds

Though the contrast between the two is greatly emphasized, many still don’t know how the two speeds differ. Simply put, upload speed refers to the speed at which data is transferred from your end to the internet.

Take this example: you upload an image on any social like Instagram. If your image is uploaded slowly, then that means that upload speeds are slow and vice versa. On the other hand, downloading refers to the speed at which data is transferred from the internet to your device.

For instance, you are located in the New York Tri-State area and have Optimum as a service provider. And so are trying to view a recent episode of your favorite show that you recently downloaded from Optimum TV. But you find out that you cannot because either the internet was slow or there was a network glitch in your area due to which the video never got properly downloaded in the first place.

That’s where a high-end download speed comes in handy. But that’s not what this space is about. Once you understand the basic difference between the two, let’s delve deeper into upload speeds.

Why Internet Upload Speeds Matter for the Average User?

Since upload speeds are practically the speed at which your data can be uploaded online, these are mostly measured in megabits (MBs) or gigabits (Gbps) per second, which further makes it easier to determine the speeds for upload. So does that mean that upload speeds affect various digital activities? Let’s find out!

Do Upload Speeds Affect Video Calls & Gaming?

Yes, they do! One of the most important areas which can be drastically affected is video calls. Especially if both your upload and download speeds are not in sync. If you don’t want your video call to suffer, then it is better to ensure that you have a high-quality upload speed. And yes, the same thumb rule applies to gaming as well.  Besides video-related stuff, decent upload speeds also come in handy, if you are a gamer. After all, nothing beats a good gameplay session than a tortoise-slow upload speed.

To ensure that your performance is never depreciated, select a telecom company that offers a decent speed range and is easy to reach out to if speeds are not provisioned as advertised. Like the ISP, Optimum, for instance. Not only does the service ensure that its customers have a speedy connection but they ensure that they are always easy to access if things don’t work out at the customer end.

In addition to this, they also cater to Espanol customers via online resources like Optimum CS ES, so you know that you are always taken care of!

Do Upload Speeds Affect Streaming Apps?

Besides video conferences or gameplay, streaming apps are another area that requires a glitch-free internet speed. It is among other things, where upload speeds are considered important. Your favorite Netflix, Disney+, or HBO Max requires uber-fast and zero-hiccup internet speed since nothing consumes internet juice more quickly than your streaming app does! But that’s not the only reason why you need a fast upload speed.

Top Reasons Why Your Upload Speed Needs to be Top-Notch

Here are some of the top ones:

  • Better Display Resolution

If you want to have a sharper display resolution, you need to have a stable and reasonable upload speed. Because the higher the upload speed you have, the better will be the resolution of your incoming stream. What’s more, a higher upload speed means that you will be allowed to enjoy a greater streaming experience with more frames each second.

  • Maintains the High Load of Your Digital Activity

Sometimes, you may want a high upload speed because of the kind of digital activity you have at home. If your household is heavily dependent on activities like regular gameplay sessions or weekend streaming marathons, then you should get a monthly plan that offers a high-speed tier.

Wrapping it up

Since most of our lives are now spent on the digital sphere, having a good upload speed does matter. And download speed too, for one is not enough to have a zero-buffer service. Hence, irrespective of what you like to indulge in – gaming, streaming, uploading images, videos, etc., or just making calls, know this: the faster your upload speed is, the clearer will be the reception, and the sooner, you will get things done! Enjoy your speed!

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