Welcome to Seaside Club

Welcome to Seaside Club

Even in this tough economy, we have new cryptocurrency projects coming up every morning. Each with a unique vision, team, and even target audience.
The best way to answer this question is that Seaside Club is a crypto investment community. Innovative individuals are brought together under one roof and given multiple opportunities to improve themselves in all aspects of life. 

Club members will own business assets in the form of NFTs allowing them to make more money, educate themselves and interact with like-minded people. 

What services should I expect from the club? 

There are many services and opportunities that the club offers to its members. They include the following: 

  • NFTs collections 

The club intends to collaborate with both established and upcoming NFTs artists to host unexpected NFTs airdrops. Members will have access to unique NFTs which will hold financial value and provide access to different club membership levels for members. 

  • Crypto Hunters NFT  

Unique NFT collection dedicated to the upcoming world-wide Crypto Hunters reality TV show developed by a team of award winning movie & TV series producers!  All Crypto Hunters NFT holders – as they stake their NFT – will attain rewards proportional to the % of the proceeds from the Crypto Hunters IP revenues. Forever. Each Crypto Hunters NFT holder who staked will receive an airdrop in Seaside Tokens once the token sale will be open. Each holder will be able to get a limited edition merch as Crypto Hunters show goes around the world.

  • Learn2Earn App

The club is working on a learning App with a Learn to Earn functionality. It will provide live news feeds and educational articles. It will also have opportunities for experts and talents such as writers to join the team. As for the members, they will earn through the learn token reward system and knowledge competition prizes earning cash and app tokens.  

  • Seaside Coin 

This is a utility token that is embedded into the Club’s ecosystem. Not only will it act as a store of value but it will also used to distribute rewards from real-life business operations of the club. 

The role of crypto and NFTs in eradicating poverty 

As we all know, the one generation that is most involved in crypto and NFT trading is the millennial generation. We are talking about a group that has been around for three economic recessions and a global pandemic. 

In the traditional system, most millennials would be freshly out of school either frustrated by endless job hunts or doing odd jobs. The lucky ones would be stuck at entry-level jobs and internships, highly unlikely to get a raise or a promotion. 

Instead, they have opportunities to make thousands if not millions in this new ecosystem. Empowering young people financially is the most effective tool for poverty eradication. 


Most upcoming cryptocurrency projects have proven to be very beneficial to those who caught the trend early. Seaside Club is your opportunity to catch a crypto trend early on in its tracks.

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