How To Become A Prosperous IPTV Reseller: Full Guide

How To Become A Prosperous IPTV Reseller: Full Guide

It is difficult not to notice that the IPTV market is thriving. There are too many IPTV channels and set-top boxes available. What is more, there is so much buzz around the IPTV industry. If you want to get involved in the IPTV sphere, you are in the right place. Here, we are going to talk about where you can start. We are going to talk about how to become an IPTV reseller. 

But first, there is a note:

When you are starting an IPTV reselling company, you might think that it is the easiest and fastest way to earn money. But it is not true. Like any business, it will take you a lot of studying and hard work in the process. You will need to take effort and time to understand the peculiarities of the IPTV system operation and your target audience’s behavior and character. 

What does it take to become an IPTV reseller?

A few things that will lighten your mood you should know about IPTV reselling at the start:

  • It requires low investment. IPTV reselling is not the kind of business that requires a big bank loan. You will need a limited amount of money. Of course, if you have a few hundred or thousand dollars in savings, the start will be easier for you.
  • You don’t need to be a tech expert. You will need to know the peculiarities of the IPTV streaming server, its operation, and the IPTV services that you want to resell. But you don’t need to have a degree in computer science.

Your first steps

So, you have decided to become an IPTV reseller. At this point, you should learn the fundamentals of this business:

  • First, learn what IPTV companies require resellers. It can be easily done by googling and checking the dedicated forums. Also, you can contact other resellers asking for tips.
  • Second, you should choose the IPTV provider and get acquainted with their product. You should check for such information as kind of content, target audience, actual audience, and technical details.
  • Third, it can come in handy if you dive into the content sphere of the IPTV you are going to resell. It can help understand the viewers deeper.  

Further steps

#1 Familiarize yourself with the service

It won’t be a waste of time if you personally check the service first. Try it as a regular customer. Learn all its characteristics – what channels it has, what devices it can work on, and how the service operates on each one. The experience you will receive can be helpful when a customer has questions for you. 

#2 Stock up finances 

People with various financial backgrounds have a chance to enter the IPTV reselling market. Decide what amount of money will be your initial capital. But don’t invest all your money into buying IPTV subscriptions at once. 

The company will likely provide you with credits and all the technical components necessary for your workflow. However, don’t buy 100 credits if you can sell only 20 a month. You will lose money that could be invested in other business parts. 

#3 Manage the network at IPTV

You will likely have an IPTV management software where you will be able to manage all IPTV portals and clients. You will be able to activate and deactivate users, create trial accounts, extend customer lines, and credit your account to buy more subscriptions in the future. 

To start, you will need to visit an IPTV reseller panel and create a reseller account. After that, it is better to get acquainted with the software and its features. 

Also, you will probably want your own IPTV website and a billing system. Then, it is better to start searching for it.

#4 Attract customers 

One of the most essential parts of IPTV reselling work is attracting customers. You will probably need to learn marketing aspects to do that. 

Make a list of all the good characteristics of the IPTV brand you are going to resell. Also, pay attention to such details as the type of content, which region the service is most common in, and so on. Some companies focus on a specific audience. 

Your advertising strategy will depend on the target audience and type of service. The message of ads for sports program lovers will differ from the service streaming videos in various foreign languages. 

 #5 Learn to be a salesman

You will communicate with potential customers a lot. You will need to persuade them to buy from you. So, being a salesman is an important knack you should learn. 

We recommend you to be honest with your customers as dishonesty can come at a cost to your and your company’s reputation and lead to lawsuits. 

#6 Use word-of-mouth marketing

Don’t limit yourself to advertising only on the Internet. It is not the only place you can go. You can sell the service to your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors. They will likely tell their friends about your service and so on. 

#7 Prepare to talk to people who already used IPTV services

There will be people who are experienced users of IPTV services and think about switching providers. You can create a list of guesses why they should choose yours. You can also ask them directly what they didn’t like about the previous service and why they want to change it. So, you will be able to create an offer specified for them.

#8 Provide customer support

After you obtain your first customers, you should establish relationships with them. Your service will need a support team that will help manage any issues that your clients can face. 

People can encounter a dead stream, long loading times, or issues with logins. Whatever the problem is, your team should quickly and effectively help people to solve their problems. 

Ask your customers for feedback to learn what they think about your tech support and what you can enhance.

What pitfalls can you experience?

There is no industry without challenges. There are some of them you may face:

  • Pressure. You will likely face rush jobs or tough competition. Search for other IPTV resellers and analyze what they do and how they do that. After that, you can make hypotheses about your marketing plan.
  • A going down broadcasting. Your customers will probably leave a lot of messages or make a lot of calls if anything like this happens. Make a plan of what you will do if that occurs. 

Final Thoughts

We hope we managed to cover all the details you need to start operating as an IPTV reseller. It is a low-investment project, but you will need to take an effort to start working. It can be difficult at first till you establish the process and build your customer base. But in the end, the amount of money you earn in a month is up to you.

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