What are Common Money Blocks & How You Can Overcome It?

What are Common Money Blocks & How You Can Overcome It?

The concept of money blocks is kind of strange because, on the surface, why wouldn’t we want to make more money? It’s kind of weird when you think about it. Plus, even if you think that you know about money blocks, the bad news is that you might not entirely ever get rid of them. They’re kind of with you for life. That’s why you have to be really vigilant and constantly work on them.

How do you even know if you have money blocks and what can you actually do about it? Don’t worry. I’ve got tons and tons of resources for you. If you’ve been feeling blocked or conflicted about money and you don’t know why then this article is for you. Let’s go for it.

What exactly are money blocks?

In this article, I describe these money blocks as anything that holds you back from making the money that you want. This is usually an underlying belief or fear or story about money. You may or may not even be aware of it, but it’s there.

Sometimes it’s a completely hidden story that sabotages you in really sneaky ways. For example, lots of women don’t even think that they have a money block. Instead, they just tell themselves, “Maybe I’m just not good at business or maybe I’m just not meant to be rich. Maybe my marketing is not working.” It’s way too easy to think that you don’t make enough money because of something outside of yourself, but that’s not true.

Real Money Blocks

You might be thinking, “My clients just don’t have the money,” or, “Mercury was retrograde or maybe the economy is not right. There’s an election at the moment.” All of those things and random excuses”. Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes there are external factors that can completely affect what you earn. But believing that you can’t do anything about those factors or start earning more is purely a mental job.

Make sure that your excuses aren’t really money blocks. For example, you might think, “My clients just can’t afford me.” Well, that is just a money block. You can up-level your marketing to make your value clearer or you can find a new target market that is more aligned to your pricing. Or you might think, “The economy sucks right now.” You can create an affordable group program that lets you help multiple people for the same amount of work. Or, open your market up to a different economy.

Maybe you think, “I’m too busy to create passive income products.” Maybe you can raise your prices to take on fewer clients or hire somebody to help you free up time to make some more passive income. Yes, these external factors might be 100% real, but the idea that they can control you is just a money block.

How do You Know if You have Money Blocks?

 I’m going to go out on a limb and say, trust me, you have money blocks. You do. Why am I so sure of that? Honestly, everybody does. I don’t know a single entrepreneur – even the mega-successful zillionaire chill ones who don’t deal with some form of money blocks. Yes, that totally includes me even though I teach this stuff. You know that famous Zig Ziglar quote that he talks about motivation is like showering. You have to do it every day because it doesn’t last. Working on your money blocks is kind of the same.

You don’t shift your blocks and it’s a one-time thing. Every time you hit a new level in your business, you’re probably going to see the same kind of blocks crop up again and again. The good news is that you’ll start to recognize them so you can deal with them much quicker each time.

Meanwhile, I want you to really get this idea: if you want more money and it’s just not coming, most of the time you’ve got to work on your money mindset. The good news is that you can have money blocks, but not let it derail you.

Why do We Have Money Blocks?

What purpose do they serve? I think that a lot of women have this underlying fear that it’s not safe for us to be rich, successful, powerful or have money. Deep down, you probably have stories about how more money could lead to some negative outcomes for you. It’s kind of weird because on the surface you think, “Of course I want to make more money.” But you have these conflicting feelings on the inside. Really, it’s kind of a protective mechanism that you think is going to save you from some perceived harm.

Let me give you some specific money block examples.

Most people have pretty similar money blocks. They’re very common. You might think that your situation is pretty unique, but it’s probably not, to be honest. See how many of these ring a bell for you. First up, “I’m just not meant to be rich,” or, “My family isn’t rich and I don’t care about money. Maybe I’m not meant to be rich either.” Or you think making money has to be really hard and you don’t want to work that hard.

Maybe you think, “I’m lazy. I don’t want to work that hard.” Maybe you think it’s obscene to make a lot of money when other people in the world don’t have enough.

The Reason behind Money Blocks

Yeah, there are a lot of problems in our world, so you might feel really guilty about making money. Maybe you tell yourself that you just want to help people and you don’t care about the money. Or you tell yourself that rich people are greedy and selfish so you don’t even want to be rich.

Maybe you think that something bad will happen and people will stop liking you if you have too much money. Maybe you think your partner or your friends or parents will freak out if you earn more than them. That’s kind of juicy. Maybe you say to yourself, “I just want to be happy. I don’t care about being rich.”

Once you know what some of your stories are around money, you can keep an eye out for how it sabotages you. For example, let’s take the really common one that it’s really hard to make money or you have to work really, really hard. If you have this block, you’ll probably find that you actively sabotage yourself to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy. You might resist delegating so you have to do everything yourself and it is hard. Maybe you procrastinate so you have to pull all-nighters and then you feel justified because you were crying at 5 AM to do it.

When you catch yourself doing these destructive behaviours, stop yourself at the moment and remember that it’s just a money block. It’s not your reality. You can control how you act in those situations. Here’s how to stop struggling with your money blocks. Some Lucky find that just identifying their money block is enough to kind of dissolve it.

How we Can Overcome it Naturally?

First, cultivating, developing that mindset of a winner. Developing the prosperity consciousness like you deserve everything that God has created. There is nobody out there that is better than you, worse than you. You have the right to enjoy the gifts of the earth. Everything that again, God’s creation, rightfully belongs to you. It’s just how you open up to receive it– and you are the only person who’s blocking this flow of abundance to come to you.

So if you attach your definition of success exclusively to money, you’re blocking your prosperity. Because money is very important, very much needed, but it’s only one component of success. There is also a relationship, there is health, there is a life purpose, and there is service. There’s so much to success, but if your money– you’re just linking success to money. If you don’t have money right now, you will not feel successful.

And that is where you need to make the major change because you need to see yourself as a successful individual. If you have your health, you’re already holding that share of success. If you have great relationships with your friends, with your loved ones– if you have a great family– you are successful.

Perimeter for Judgement of Success ?

So I’ve worked with people who have achieved the highest levels of financial success, but I have seen that they may be struggling with a chronic illness, they don’t feel successful. Or their relationships are falling apart, they don’t feel successful. Redefine success. Make it your own definition. See that you are already successful in your situation wherever you are. Start here and then you can build your prosperity. You can again take that extra step to invite financial prosperity.

Maybe you can improve also your relationship.  Maybe you can give to your community– that will be of service. So together you’ll be a complete human being. You will be fulfilled in every area. So then you can move into specific practices that will help you to develop a better relationship with money. Remember– I don’t know who said this, money cannot talk, but it can listen. If you speak, money hears you. So your conversations about money are so important.

My best proposal about money blocks

So what you can do now? Many people have tried this and I hear great reviews, so you can definitely try it for yourself. What you can do is write a letter to money. Every day make it a really fun practice. But think of money as energy. You are energy, your body, you are energy. So if you are relating to money in the same way and you make that relationship super personal, you’re trying to get to know each other.

Especially, if you don’t have the financial abundance right now, you want to take that step forward and approach money. Not just some hypothetical concept, but make it really authentically personal. You can write it down on a piece of paper. But do this every day.

So it will help you to think about money, to set your mind on finances, and it will help you to see where your limiting beliefs are. It will help you to identify them, because they will come up to the surface and you will be able to release them, to remove them.

Always Be Hopeful

I’m just giving you an example. Dear Money, it’s me USMAN. I’m writing you this letter because I want to get to know you a little bit better. You’ve been in my life forever, but I’ve never really taken the time to understand who or what you really are. But now I feel it’s the right time. I also want to express to you how I feel about you. I love you.

Every time you come in, I feel so happy. When I receive you, I feel so excited. I make plans. But then when you disappear, I have these fears of never ever seeing you again. I have these fears that you will never come back. Or if I receive too much of you, I will not be able to handle you well, and I will give it all away. I need your help. I need you to help me to love you better. Show me what I need to do every day. I’m ready. I’m willing to do the work of loving you more and more every day.

So this is an example of a letter that you could write to money. What this practice will help you to do is to release what’s blocking you. To clear those thoughts and feelings and emotions out of the way, so that money naturally comes in. And you will notice that money is listening to you. Money is hearing every word that you are saying. If you make it real, the money will come to you.

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