What Are The Different Types Of Remote Access Solutions?

What Are The Different Types Of Remote Access Solutions?

If you own a large workforce, you must have looked for several types of remote access methods to enable your company’s remote working and work-from-home environment. 

However, Secure remote access solutions enable employees and the workforce to access your company’s network and resources from remote locations in a secure manner. 

Also, You can pick from several different types of remote access solutions to achieve remote access for your employees. 

However, This article explores these different methods and helps you choose the best secure remote access solution for your company’s maximum network security, efficiency, and productivity. 

Different Secure Remote Access Solutions For Your Company 

Here are the different remote access solutions you can choose to enable remote access for a secure remote working environment. 

Client-based VPN solutions 

Client-based applications and solutions are installed on device endpoints; where clients are installed on managed devices, like corporate-owned servers and computers. 

Also, It connects remote users to a private company network through an encrypted tunnel with a client or an application. Traditional VPNs are the common client-based access solutions. 

Benefits of client-based remote access solutions

Here are some benefits of client-based remote access solutions: 

  • Client-based services enable user and device verification and identity checks with the agent device. 
  • Provides better visibility and device control from an IT viewpoint. 
  • Also, Provides a secure, seamless, and quick way to access cloud applications in a hybrid workplace environment, enabling a better user experience. 
  • Clientless VPN or Zero Trust solutions 

Unlike client-based access, clientless remote access doesn’t require a client or a device endpoint to connect remote users with the network applications and resources. 

It lets users directly access applications through an access portal or a web browser plugin; creating a secure tunnel between applications and user devices. 

Hence, it helps establish a secure and direct remote access tunnel; providing administrators with a single point of control from a single dashboard to assign privilege-based granular access control on both user; and device through a web browser, without a hardware or software client. 

Zero Trust solutions:

Advanced clientless VPN and Zero Trust solutions provide much better benefits, such as: 

  • Simplified user access that prevents lateral movement and helps extend security to cloud assets and applications for the remote workforce 
  • Enables secure third-party access to applications hosted worldwide with no performance or latency issues or backhauling risks 
  • Enables enhanced security with no redundant VPN security stacks, enabling simplicity, scalability, and seamless management 
  • The clientless remote desktop provides better access control over the entire network traffic with the privacy-first approach 
  • Cloud-based remote access 

Cloud-based remote access provides a managed service with bespoke client software that enables secure VPN connectivity. 

You can tailor the services to offer independent or combined access connectivity to use business services, like UC and UV solutions. In addition, cloud-based access solutions are easily scalable and highly affordable, using industry-standard security processes and policies. 

However, you must ensure to choose a cloud-based remote access solution that efficiently meets the NHS security standards and full risk assessment principles to meet the necessary security requirements and criteria. 

Mobile-based remote access 

Mobile-based remote access services use the mobile network infrastructure to allow remote users to access data and applications from mobile devices, like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. 

Ensuring proper deployment of user access management, such as smart cards, IPSec tunnels; and two-factor authentication, is important to ensure security with mobile-based remote access. 


While you’ll find multiple ways to enable remote access; choosing the most secure option and the best clientless VPN service is essential. Also, Choosing a solution that takes into account third-party access security; eliminates interoperability issues, and restricts access based on privileges is important. 

Hence, you must check InsatSafe’s solutions and adopt their secure clientless remote access service to enable secure and hassle-free web application access for remote employees without a client. 

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