Best Long-Range Electric Bike – Himiway Zebra Review

Best Long-Range Electric Bike – Himiway Zebra Review

If you have yet to pay attention to the most hyped bike in the market, you are missing the opportunity of having a smooth ride. There has been a hot competition for which brand can manufacture the most powerful and affordable fat tire electric bike.

Indeed, Himiway is running ahead with a wide range of appreciable features. At first, the Himiway Zebra looks like another model of the same company, the Cruiser, but it features some considerable updates. The Zebra is equipped with a 750W hub motor and costs comparatively less.

Do you want a close inspection of this all-terrain electric bike to ensure you get the best one? Let’s dip deep into the features without further delay.

Performance Review: Himiway Zebra

With the touches of predecessors, Himiway Zebra ensures new and astonishing features to make your ride exceptionally smooth. It is an electric-powered fat tire bike built to directly serve Himiway customers of speed junkies and lovers of oversized tires.

The Zebra is built with a 750W rear hub motor that dissipates heat better than the former generation. The addition of a powerful battery provides the bike with long-range capacities; which is the most considerable feature of this fat tire electric bike.

The bike comes with an adjustable seat to accommodate every age and sized person. It provides the space for leg extension according to your requirement. 

The Himiway Zebra is controlled by a hydraulic disk brake with 180mm rotors. So, if you speed up, don’t worry! with a little press, you will stop immediately. The overall construction and design help maintain a comfortable posture and a bike ready to give you a longer run.

Powerful Motor & – A Sturdy, Balanced Frame

The upgraded 750W rear hub motor delivers serious horsepower and around 90 Nm of torque; effectively improving the previous generation’s performance. The proprietary Himiway motor features five different levels of pedal assist; which keep performing at around 27 mph during the test.

Apart from that, a throttle is manufactured with a speed of more than 20 mph and a walking mode to allow rolling up transportation when off the bike.

This fat tire electric bike is made of a 6061 aluminum frame, which comes in step-over and step-through geometrics. The version known as step-through usually offers the best fit for a small-heightened rider. However, the frame is large compared to other cycles.

This all-terrain electric bike weighs around 80 lbs, considered heavy even for a fat tire e-bike. Currently, the step-over version of the bike comes in attractive silver color, and the other in white with distinct and attractive Zebra detailing.

Himiway Zebra

A Large, Long-Lasting Battery

One of the biggest and most appreciable updates on the Himiway Zebra is its exceptionally high-capacity battery compared to other electric and fat tire bikes. It has a high-capacity battery attached to the downtube instead of being integrated externally.

It features a 20Ah battery made up of LG cells and has a range of 80 miles when you paddle. Moreover, the battery can help you cover 60 miles in throttle mode. With this large-capacity battery, a single charge can take up to 7 hours.

The Zebra model of Himiway has a considerably sleek look compared to older models due to the removable battery, which is mounted in the frame. The battery and motor of the bike connect with a large sleek; and user-friendly display, which is positioned at the center of the handlebars.

The LED display comes in black and white color; which makes the user clear about ride time, distance, speed, and more in a single look.

All-terrain, longer ranger

With such reasonable features, this bike is considered the best to cover large rocky distances. Due to the large battery, this bike receives more power than other models; so it covers a longer distance in a shorter time. There are two modes. One mode allows you to paddle and consumes less battery. The other one is almost automatic. It consumes more battery and covers a longer distance in minimal time.

Many people wonder whether a bike can be used in off-road situations. If the bike has optimal weight on the front wheel or not? The non-powered mountain bikes do not maintain an upright position due to a lack of weight on the front wheel. This is different from the Himiway Zebra. It provides riders with a fairly upright position to keep the cycle going in off-road conditions without causing problems. Therefore, the Zebra is capable of biking to endure dirty roads and gentle trails with an accurate and comfortable seating position.

Zebra Braking and Safety

One of the Zebra’s most advanced and powerful features is its hydraulic disc brake. It gives the bike a sudden but smooth brake. The Zebra is beneficial in avoiding accidents.

The riders get a sense of safety with high-quality and advanced braking systems. The zebra fat tire electric bike is easily handled with convenient controlling speed. Unlike other brands, Himiway prepares bikes with the ability to carry a man and huge weight; such as Zebra bikes can averagely carry 400 pounds and keep going smoothly.


Battery48V LG lithium battery
Expected Range60 – 80 miles
Motor750W geared motor
Pedal Assist0-5 level pedal assist
Frame6061 Aluminium
Headlights48V LED lights
KickstandSturdy Aluminium


Overall, the Himiway Zebra bike is thoughtfully designed. It features a strong rear rack, lights, and standard equipment to keep a vehicle runnable. It also features a presentable black and white LED display with a comfortable screen to monitor.

As a brand, Himiway is well-known due to its electric bikes with fat tires and powerful motors. Moreover, the Zebra features a hydraulic brake system to ensure the security and safety of riders. The thoughtfully designed fat tire bike is featured with everything it requires to keep running smoothly. 

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