Bitcoin: Highly Volatile but Highly Profitable

Bitcoin: Highly Volatile but Highly Profitable

Is Bitcoin beneficial despite its extreme volatility? The response would be positive for that short-term trade via Crypto trading platform, but it may be problematic for that long-term sector. Bitcoin investments are on the upswing. In 2018, the value of bitcoin ranged between $6,000 and $9,000. The fluctuations may be seen at any time of morning as well as midnight, and the current price remains at $43,789.10.

What Causes Bitcoin Volatility?

Bitcoin, which became publicly available in 2009, grew to prominence in 2010 whenever the value of just one token soared from parts of one dollar to $0.09. Its value has risen by tens of hundreds of dollars after then, often by hundreds of dollars in a matter of days.

Understanding the elements that determine its market rate might help you determine whether to join with it, trade this, or keep an eye on its progress.

Important points:

  • Bitcoin’s value, like most items, assets, investments, as well as even other components, is heavily influenced by supply or even demand.
  • As a rapidly embraced asset by venture capitalists and marketers, the anticipation of price fluctuations has a significant impact on Bitcoin prices at any one time.
  • Investors get concerned as a result of media platforms, influencers, outspoken industry tycoons, and very well-known bitcoin supporters, resulting in price volatility.

Important Cryptocurrency Factors

The instability of cryptocurrencies is another of the major worries. During the year 2020, Bitcoin had been trading at around $20,000, and in January, it surpassed the $40,000 mark. The value grew steadily and exceeded $65,000 by April. Yet, by 2022, this price has dropped to roughly $43,789 USD. Meanwhile, the digital coin has seen instability within the cryptocurrency industry, with some entirely disappearing and others surviving. As a result, the most significant matter in investors’ thoughts is whether Bitcoin is beneficial or not.

Cryptocurrency is indeed a New Market

It is yet a developing market that is rapidly growing in prominence. As a result, it encourages individuals to invest as well as gain even in the face of severe volatility. Despite the media’s impact, this market remains insignificant in comparison to conventional currencies such as gold. It suggests that small factors, or simply owning a smaller set of cryptocurrencies, may have a large impact on the entire market.

Cryptocurrency would be a speculative asset

The cryptocurrency industry, like the share market, has been driven by anticipation. One may influence the entire market with such enormous speculative power, resulting in significant volatility.

Cryptocurrency is indeed a completely virtual asset

Numerous cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin Volatility as well as Ethereum, are solely digital assets with no tangible cash or government protection. The value of Bitcoin is based on the law of supply as well as demand. Yet, the lack of stabilizing entities such as the government raises the volatility of money demand as well as supply.

Cryptocurrency would be a New Technology

This has been years since the Bitcoin concept was first proposed. Cryptocurrencies are continually changing as a result of blockchain technology. There is indeed a security and scalability issue when the smart plan is not verified within the specified timescale. This results in an unexpected collapse.

Frivolous Investors

The cryptocurrency industry does necessitate knowledge. As a result, many part-time employees are investors, contributing just a tiny percentage of their earnings. They invest solely with the aim of generating gains and withdrawing funds more quickly. Frequent withdrawals, on the other hand, cause instability.

Should you put your money into Bitcoin?

Several variables, such as extreme volatility, make bitcoin risky. However, we cannot overlook the fact that excessive volatility allows us to generate significant profits. Yet, if you enjoy taking risks and learning how to spend, you’ve made the proper decision. Those who engage with BTC think that Bitcoin has been widely utilized as digital money and that this will soon get to be a universe currency since it has owners from all over the world. 


Due to a major variety of variables, bitcoin is a very volatile environment. Yet, this is still beneficial since it possesses no power over the authority and has various additional advantages like as openness, secrecy, and a higher return. This is decentralized money that fluctuates on a daily basis. Unlike the share market, Bitcoin is a large investment area with financial returns. 

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