What is CO2 and How to store it?

What is CO2 and How to store it?

Global CO2 emissions can only be reduced if policies are widely and intensively used. These policies include major technological breakthroughs, increasing the share of non-fossil forms of energy production, and carbon capture and storage (IEA, 2004). For the second, carbon dioxide CO2  storage must be collected from significant, stationary sources, shipped to a place out of the way, and sealed up for extended periods (centuries to millennia).

How many ways are there to store CO2?

The three main places where CO2 can be stored are the oceans, deep geological media, and surface mineral carbonation (IPCC, 2005). Mineral carbonation is the most expensive and significantly impacts the environment of the three ways to store CO2. CO2 storage in the ocean is an untested method that will change the local chemical environment, put some ocean species at risk, and affect ecosystems (IPCC, 2005). In contrast, carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and geological storage (CCGS) is a technology that: 1) can used right away thanks to lessons learned mainly in the oil and gas industry, deep waste disposal, and groundwater protection; 2) has a large capacity, even if it is not evenly spread around the world; and 3) has retention times of hundreds of thousands to millions of years (IPCC, 2005).

Taking into account what was going on at the time

The near-well environment has been used to study how well the CO2 storage system works in infection. From this setting, we can pick out the following themes:

There are only a few recent articles on this topic, and during the injection stage, SC-CO2 will dominate the environment close to the well. Because of this, it is essential to learn more about how pure SC-CO2 or H2O dissolved in SC-CO2 might interact with cement or host rock.


Statoil Hydro paid for this research in Trondheim, Norway. It was done at the Research Centre there. 

Climate experts

You do not have to be a scientist to be able to make a difference. If you want to help the environment less, our climate experts will give you simple, doable ideas. Some of greenly’s competitors in the field of carbon management are Sweep, Persephone, and Watershed. Greenly, on the other hand, is made for businesses in the middle. Even now, big consulting firms still do most of the business.

Greenly helps you measure your carbon emissions 

The organization tries to automate as many processes as possible by connecting to many data sources. After that, gives more advice in the form of instructions on how to improve the process of reporting and get more detailed information. 

How to get to know greenly

Customers will first link the service to their financial records when they start using Greenly. This new company is using Cod at to connect to many different banking platforms.

On the other hand, can figure out your carbon footprint for purchases that are not as important. Some software developers, for example, list their dollar-to-carbon ratios and carbon footprints. Greenly can figure out how much of a carbon footprint that has.

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