The US is Finally Embracing iGaming

The US is Finally Embracing iGaming

Introduction to iGaming:

For those who are new to the term iGaming; it involves playing or betting on the outcome of a game or event online. So, if you have ever played an online slot game, a game of roulette; a game of poker, or bet on the NFL, you have participated in iGaming. While the US was slow to introduce legal iGaming, several states have now legalized online casinos and sportsbooks; and the number of states offering online casino games and sports wagering is only going to increase in the future.

US embracing iGaming:

A good example of how the US is finally embracing iGaming is the NFL and more people are betting on the NFL than ever before. A study in September 2021 by the American Gaming Association showed an estimated 45.2 million Americans planned to wager on the 2021 NFL season in some form. This figure was up 36% year over year, but it is not only the way people are betting on the NFL; that shows how the United States is embracing iGaming.

NFL Revenue:

The NFL itself has agreed to several gambling operator partnerships and advertising deals; that are expected to bring in $270 million in revenue for the NFL during the 2021/22 season. This is a sharp turnaround from 2012 when the NFL, along with other US leagues; decided to sue New Jersey in an attempt to stop the legalization of sports wagering. The NFL is now actively encouraging NFL fans to use their phones; computers to have a wager on games and that is as big a sign as any of how the US is finally embracing iGaming.

As highlighted above, iGaming also includes online casino games and there are several online casinos available in the United States. Some of the top land-based casino brands, such as MGM and Caesars have moved online; and now offer a full range of casino games to gamblers on their websites and mobile apps. The fact these brands have decided to move online shows just how important it has become to have an online presence; there is an acceptance in the US that people are going to gamble online.


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