Never Miss a Day of Easy Flossing!

Never Miss a Day of Easy Flossing!

Do you spend nearly enough time considering the importance of your teeth and taking care of them? Besides their role in food digestion and their connection to various bodily organs, they have their aesthetic role too. A dazzling smile can help you have the confidence you need for maintaining a healthy social life and maybe even advance in your career.

It’s as essential for your looks as your hair and outfits, so if you care about making a lasting impression on people you meet, oral hygiene should be your secret weapon. Brushing at least twice a day for about two minutes is the basic step, and so is flossing. The problem arises with the latter since not many of us are keen on doing it. There are several reasons why that is – some simply avoid it because of lack of time, others because it causes their gums to bleed.

And then, there are those non-flossers who find it very challenging. As it happens, floss prevents tooth loss and gum issues in the example of gingivitis, much like brushing, but there’s no shame if you aren’t implementing it in your daily tooth care routine. The solution to your problems, which would also make you enjoy flossing, lies in the effective Waterpik products dentists recommend.

What Is Waterpik?

Simply said, it’s the #1 brand of water flossers – toothpicks working on water if you will! Over the years, it’s become known worldwide with the ingenious oral irrigator appliances created to make dental care at home easier by doing the flossing in a user-friendly manner by spraying water to remove food stuck between the teeth in those hard-to-reach areas.


Thanks to the pressurised stream of water they work with, bacteria and plaque removal from under the gumline is also possible. Since we all have different needs when it comes to flossing and brushes, Waterpik created a range of compact devices with a variety of tips and pressure settings for your convenience. Some also come in a combination with toothbrushes that can make oral hygiene a hassle-free experience even when you’re on the go.

Why Use a Waterpik Device?

There’s no need to point out regular flossing is cheaper. It won’t cost you much initially, and you don’t require a power outlet to clean your teeth. And yet, the practical Waterpik products made for daily use are far too beneficial to be ignored. Next time you’re thinking about whether it’s a good idea to boost your oral hygiene regimen with a water floss device such as these, keep the following benefits in mind.

Waterpik for Easy Flossing

Regular flossing is messy, difficult, and sometimes even painful if your gums are already inflamed, which could talk you out of making it your habit. Why skip on such a crucial hygiene part that could remove food, bacteria and plaque build-up from between those tight crevices when you can find a more effective manner? It’s both quick and easy to floss with a Waterpik, enough to turn this aspect of oral care into your next favourite.


Yes, this even includes you who wear certain orthodontic appliances and know the struggle of flossing around chains and brackets. Miss one bit, and you’re a step closer to tooth cavities and gum diseases. Well, not when you rely on the clinically tested and proven Waterpik water flosser that can be equipped with a thin brush.

People with bridges, implants, or crowns also know the importance of oral care, and what the lack thereof can mean for their teeth. Any form of gum issue could mean an issue for restorative dental procedures. Using a Waterpik is a successful method of thoroughly cleaning and preventing germs from piling up around bridges, implants, and crowns.

Waterpik Against Halitosis

Bad breath can cramp your style. While it’s manageable on certain occasions, like enjoying garlic-based meals, dealing with it on a regular basis because of the extra bacteria can be a bummer. Luckily, the Waterpik products are effective in curbing away this issue as well. In addition to taking steps to ensure you have a fresh breath, you can put in some antibacterial mouthwash in the water flosser for extra breath freshness.

Waterpik for Pearly Whites

You didn’t think this #1 brand of oral care would forget tooth whitening, did you? In the incredible design that combines water flossing and whitening, you can restore your teeth’s natural colour by removing stains even at the hard-to-reach spots.

Waterpik for Healthy Gums

Healthy gums are as important as healthy teeth, so if you want perfect teeth you need to take care of the foundation too. The first sign of irritation, redness, swelling and blood as you brush indicates gingivitis, a problem with the gums most often caused by the plaque build-up and the bacteria present in it.


The great news is the regular use of a Waterpik flosser can reverse this issue by removing plaque, and help you maintain optimal oral health, besides brushing. For optimal results, spend at least one minute on water flossing, preferably before the brushing, without touching the tip directly on your gums and teeth.

How to Clean Your Waterpik?

If you want to prolong the lifespan of your beloved water flosser, doing a little bit of maintenance every month or so is more than welcome. This is imperative because mineral deposits may easily build up on it, so you should start the cleaning with the exterior first.

Wiping it down with a soft cloth would do, or you may even include a non-abrasive cleanser for a more thorough clean-up. Next up, you’d have to focus on the reservoir since that’s where you store water which can draw in bacteria. For a nice washup, remove and handwash both the reservoir and the valve with warm water, then let them air dry.

After you’re done with this, place them back, and prepare some mixture of warm water with a tablespoon of white vinegar, fill it up in the reservoir and run it through before emptying it up and filling it back up with plain water to rinse it. As the final step, make the same mixture, only now adding one part vinegar to two parts water in two glasses, dipping the tip in one, and the handle in the other. After about five minutes, be sure to give them a nice wash with plain water and you’re done!

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