Top 3 Reasons Why Node.js is so Popular

Top 3 Reasons Why Node.js is so Popular

Choosing a framework for developing sites is often a difficult task for organizers. In many cases, a strong choice comes in the form of the Node.js platform. In this article, we shall take a look at the key Node.js advantages. Generally, we recommend trying out the Node.js development services to advance your firm.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a development framework based on JavaScript. What’re its main characteristics? Let’s take a look:

  • Node.js gives an opportunity to develop the back-end in JavaScript languages. In short, it turns the platform targeted solely at the front-end into a full-stack experience.
  • Node.js features a strong set of services around itself in the form of its community projects. Node.js Package Manager (NPM) features more than 1 million packages in the current conditions.

In short, the platform offers a full-scale development experience for the majority of the users. It provides a full-scale set of tools that can help in any long-term software creation task. In this regard, Node.js gives a chance to use JavaScript in a way similar to that of Node.js, for example. This outcome gives a lot of reasons for increasing its long-term popularity.

What Node.js is used for

Node.js has a wide set of uses in the modern world. Above all, it finds uses in the following sectors:

  • Social media creation: Node.js is commonly used for platforms such as Linkedin.
  • Financial analytics websites: Yahoo Finance, which gives many graphical representations of stock-related data, utilizes Node.js today.

Generally, any platform that seeks to work with a large number of simultaneous connections can greatly benefit from the utilization of Node.js. Asynchronous capabilities of Node help in this regard.

3 Reasons Why Node.js is So Popular

Generally, several main reasons for the popularity of Node.js exist today. They include the following factors:

  • Node.js is very easy to use: development via the platform typically does not require much expertise. JavaScript is a simple language that many people know, making it perfect for the tasks of the outlined kind.
  • Performance/speed of development is perfect: Node.js is not the fastest solution out there. If you write a back-end in C, it’ll most definitely be faster. The problem is that such development can take much more time. Maintenance costs would also rise. Node.js gives a chance to develop at a low cost and spend minimal time on code
  • High extensibility: a tremendous number of packages in NPM can help you develop fast. You can add more than a million various user modifications available absolutely for free on the platform today.

Wrapping up

All in all, Node.js is a great platform. Using it, you can save a lot of time on your development work. A good idea, in this regard, is to use the help of professionals such as KeenEthics, who can help you with choosing optimal development patterns.

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