Why Should You Use Internal Wikis For Important Work Information?

Why Should You Use Internal Wikis For Important Work Information?

When you have a business, communication and relaying information across all of the departments are especially important so that every department of your company could better collaborate with each other and be in sync. This is where the internal wiki comes in. With an internal wiki, you would be able to relay information faster and more efficiently. But, why should you use internal wikis for important business information?

What Is an Internal Wiki?

Internal wiki is a website that would allow you to share knowledge and information about your company with your employees. This is a place where you would be able to collaborate, edit, add, update, and maintain relevant content about your practice, ethics, and business in general, being able to relay information in a much easier way.

How to Create an Internal Wiki?

Create a strategy

Before you start with anything, you have to be able to create a strategy that you could use to make sure that the internal wiki that you are planning on setting up would be able to really benefit everyone in your company. 

Look for the features that you may want and need and consider if these are features that you are most likely going to use. When you are deciding this, you could consider if the internal wiki is what your company needs and what your end goals are with these tools. 

Then, gather all of the information that you are going to want to add to your wiki.

Set your internal wiki up

After you get your strategy in place, it’s time to set it all up. You could set up the categories of the wikis so that it would be more organized and easier to use and navigate around, then make a welcoming start page that the users could use as a guide (really beneficial for when you have new people in your team since then you would not have to explain everything yourself), and then upload your logo, change the fonts, add pictures and colors that would fit your brand. 

Create then upload any viable information

Once you have everything set up, it’s time for you to upload any viable information that is needed about your company. You could upload all of the resorts, documents, and manuals that you have already gathered, then you could also create new and necessary content that would help guide your employees and give them information that they need.

Link these content pages together

Since everything is all set up and is in their own categories, it’s time to link these content pages together so it would be easier for everyone to navigate through these different pages. 

This is something that you notice during blog posts, you could group and link all of the related content to the ones they just read so they could dig in deeper and get more information that they need.

Manage the accessibility of your wiki

You could use an advanced tool to help you manage all of the accessible wikis to certain people since there are going to be people who could access certain files and documents. 

This would help hide some of the content that would not relate to their jobs and show articles that they have access to.

Always control and maintain

It doesn’t mean that you have everything laid out there in front of you, then that it’s enough. You have to constantly check over the documents, make sure that they are relaying the right information, update some content, and check for any errors that may come. Constant maintenance is a must.

Advantages of Using Internal Wiki

Easy to start

Getting started with your internal wiki is pretty easy and you would be able to find a ton of tools that would be able to help you make your wiki without having to actually be an expert in using these tools since they are pretty easy and straightforward to use.


Since you have all of the information that you are ever going to need, you would be able to avoid information silos. 

This is where the content that you have saved on an electronic device would accidentally get stuck and trapped in a USB stick, hard drives, and maybe even in email. You won’t be needing these because you have everything stored in the net.

Reduced employee turnover

You won’t need to do onboarding since everything is pretty straightforward. When you are bad at onboarding, it could cost you about 100 percent to 300 percent of the salary of your employee, so an internal wiki could help prevent that.

More security

Since you have everything stored in a more secure location, and it’s all gathered in one place, all of your information would be much safer and this would effectively help in decreasing the risk of having your sensitive information leaked and getting into the wrong hands.

Less loss of information

You literally have everything you need to know in just a click of a finger, organized and secured. The information about your company would not be scattered, so you are going to have less loss of information.

Why Should You Use Internal Wikis for Important Work Information?

Internal wikis are used to help the people who are working in your company find the information they are looking for with just a click of a button. It’s a place where you could collaborate and help sort out some of the problems that you may be facing yourself since you would not have to go and ask around for answers. You could do it yourself. This would make you have a faster reaction time and make things easier and simpler for everyone else.

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