Your comprehensive guide to live Roulette revealed

Your comprehensive guide to live Roulette revealed

Live Roulette is a great blend of both tradition and technology, providing a unique gaming experience for all. If you want to learn more about live Roulette at Betfair Casino, here’s a quick, comprehensive guide to find out more about the popular casino game…

Understand the game

To begin the comprehensive guide, you must first understand the basics of live Roulette, which typically follows the same principles as the land-based game.

The main element of a live Roulette game is the spinning wheel that has numbered pockets and a ball that determines the successful number.

The wheel alternates red and black colours, along with a green zero pocket (within European Roulette).

However, what distinguishes live Roulette from more traditional variations is the real-time element that you can play on devices with a reliable internet connection.

The game offers high-definition video streaming, so you can interact with a professionally trained dealer and watch the wheel as it spins live.

Dynamics of the game

To become involved in a live Roulette game, you place bets on the Roulette table to predict where the ball will land.

Various betting options range from picking what colour the ball will land on, to specific numbers, or whether the ball will land on an odd or even number.

After bets have been placed, you wait for the dealer to spin the wheel; where you can witness every angle of the spinning going on.

What will the ball land on when you play your next game?

Live Roulette variants

Not only can you play classic Roulette games; but you can also discover a range of other live Roulette games online.

There are the classic American and European, alongside other more modern options, like Speed Roulette and Multi-Wheel Roulette.

Alongside different variants come distinct betting options and rules, which can suit a variety of casino players.

Just make sure that you’re briefly familiar with your chosen game of Roulette before playing; so you’re clued up on some of the key rules.

A fair game

When accessing a live Roulette game, you want to make sure that it’s fair to play and many things go into ensuring this fairness.

For example, the multiple camera angles and professionally trained dealers uphold the transparency of each game.

Alongside this, Random Number Generators (RNG) are key in ensuring that every game outcome is entirely random.

With all of these things and more, players can be confident in knowing that their game is kept fun and fair!

Bankroll management

Before trying your chances at a game of live Roulette, it’s important to remember some key responsible gaming practices; to ensure both a fun and safe time playing!

For example, you can set wagering limits; so that you only wager what you can afford to lose within a game.

Remember that this game should only be played for entertainment purposes; as it’s chance-based and you can never predict the outcome of a game.

Find the right live Roulette game for you and enjoy your time playing!

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