What did a beginner need to know about 3D visualization?

What did a beginner need to know about 3D visualization?

The spectrum of properties of architectural 3D visualization. illumination, real dimensions of the structure, texture of decoration, and interior are important factors.


The progress of humanity is very well reflected not only in the field of technology but also in the field of architecture.  Recently, or rather a couple of years ago, architectural objects and design ideas could only be drawn with a pencil.  Now it is done on computers – quickly, conveniently and efficiently.  Currently, this method has already won recognition all over the world and is considered an integral attribute of the presentation of any architectural solution.  You can order such quality work from 3d modeling services by 3Nitro.

The essence of this concept lies in a photorealistic image of the interior or exterior of a particular object.  In this case, the main tool in the visualization process is three-dimensional graphics.  The main purpose of 3D visualization of objects is to give the user an idea of the projected building from different angles and lighting with maximum accuracy. 

In addition, 3D visualization software D5 Render is a very good helper, since with it you can see the shape and color of the building, the structure itself, and the interior idea.  Thus, the value of this method is to correctly evaluate and demonstrate all possible design options.  3D visualization of projects is capable of performing several important tasks at once, which greatly facilitate the work of designers, architects, and designers.

Properties of 3D Visualization:

The spectrum of properties of architectural 3D visualization is as follows:

1 reducing the risk of miscalculations and shortcomings;

2 minimizing costly alterations during the production of work;

3 detailed analysis and study of building facades from any distance;

4 competent choice of the optimal color scheme and texture even at the planning stage of the future structure.

Visualization of 3D architecture models includes several stages:

-Floor plans and general development plan.

-Sketches and drawings-base.

-Preparation of booklets for building materials, decoration, exterior, interior.

-Presentation of the final solution of the object.

As practice shows, this method is very suitable for objects that have a complex structure and interior, which consists of several zones or tiers.  Using 3D visualization, you can very easily work with individual-specific rooms and adjust certain elements we need in them.

It is also worth noting that this type of graphical presentation will become a real boon when planning and redeveloping apartments, houses, office centers, shops, and even production departments.  Because when building 3D models, all important factors are taken into account:

Important factors of 3D Visualization:

1 illumination;

2 real dimensions of the structure and its premises;

3 the texture of decoration and interior;

If we compare this method with manual modeling or staged shooting technology, then the main features become simply obvious.  So, the need for the construction of node layouts is reduced to zero.  The visual appeal is easy to accomplish with graphical tools.  And it takes a minimum amount of time to adjust the sizes and proportions of each node of the project.

Final words on 3D Visualization:

Summing up the results, we can say that it is thanks to 3D visualization that you can get a voluminous idea of architectural objects and their main features.  But the costs made for this process pay off due to the fact that there are no errors in the finished solution and all the fundamental nuances taken into account.  Therefore, if you want to learn more about 3D visualization, do not be lazy and find more info.

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