What is Blended Learning? Different Types and Strategies

What is Blended Learning? Different Types and Strategies


Blended Learning is good for both students and teachers. Blended Learning means having both online and face-to-face interaction with students and teachers. Also, Blended Learning is al known as mixed-mode Learning and hybrid Learning. We all know that online learning has turned out to be the best way of learning and has improved our education system a lot.

Blended Learning is also a good way of learning, it depends on the student what they prefer more. It helps in effective learning, reduces tension, and keeps students engaged. When there were only offline classes and no online learning, the learning process was not very effective for all students. With the help of learning, there can be both together, teachers can use online teaching apps and take live classes. Earlier students were only having textbooks for studying; they did not take much interest in going home and reading from the book again.

With the advancement in technology, they can use Blended learning apps and many more things to learn online. This helps students to engage more, learn more, and improve their academic performance. Teachers can connect more with students with the help of online learning apps, progress reports, and many more. They can contact teachers at any time and clear their doubts and have deep knowledge about the concept.

Students were many times bored of the long lectures, now they feel learning is more fun. If students take interest in studies, it will be beneficial for all as academic scores will be more; they will develop their skills, become competent, get a good job, and in this way, it will be good for the nation. There are many benefits for teachers also like Personalized Learning, Better Communication, Improved Efficiency; Flexible Accessibility, Successful Evaluations, Collaboration, and more.

Types of Blended Learning:

It is effective in many ways like there is a safe environment for different types of learning, students can effectively use the time to improve skills and academic performance; more engagement of students, students feel more control over their studies, and students feel motivated. The learning process can be done in less time, students can learn more when they study in their comfort zone. It involves various methods of learning from different perspectives so it helps students to develop thinking skills.

You can apply blended Learning in your class by using various teaching tools and by making learning more accessible to the students. There are four models of blended learning that are the Virtual Model of Learning; the Flex Model of Blended Learning, the Rotation Model of Learning, and the La Carte Model of Learning. Teachers are also able to apply different teaching strategies; they can use their creative minds to create unique and effective ways of teaching to get excellent outcomes from the students.

There are various characteristics of blended learning like Time flexibility; the reputation of the school increases, students feel responsible for their studies; learning and teaching are flexible, more teacher and student interaction, increase in student engagement; and students learn how to manage time for studying. You can provide learning in virtual classrooms and webinars. Students are getting familiar with technical things and are getting used to them.

Last words on Blended Learning:

Some great strategies of blended learning are the usage of High-quality technology; using Data-driven instruction, Personalized Instruction within the group of students; special training should be provided to teachers for getting great academic scores from students. It is important to decide the goals and work accordingly. Students can get more time from the teachers, teachers give more attention to every student when compared to offline classes. We can now clearly understand how blended learning is very effective.

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