99math Review (2023): Working, Features, Benefits, Alternatives, Pros & Cons

99math Review (2023): Working, Features, Benefits, Alternatives, Pros & Cons

Are you looking for the best way to learn math online? Look no further than 99math!

This innovative and interactive online learning platform has provided comprehensive math instruction since 2023. Also, It is quickly becoming the go-to choice for those struggling to improve their math skills. With its engaging and user-friendly tools, it makes learning math enjoyable and effective.

We’ll take a full review of 99math to get an insight into what makes it such an effective online math learning platform.

Let’s take a closer look!

What is 99math?

It is an engaging review game exclusively for math. Intended for grades 1-8, 99math covers the basics but offers more advanced topics like equations, perimeter and area, conversion of fractions, and more. Like many of my favourite games, 99math provides reports making it a great formative assessment tool. 

It allows teachers to track student progress, identify learning objectives, and target improvement areas. Students can work together to solve problems cooperatively in group activities or projects. 

I also appreciate that it tailors its content according to individual student need by providing basic and advanced material depending on their ability level. Additionally, all math questions are presented in an interactive, fun way that encourages students to learn through exploration.

How Does It Work?


It makes math fun and easy to understand!

This online learning platform offers interactive activities and lessons that make it simple for anyone to master math.

 It works by providing users with a variety of different math exercises which they can work through at their own pace. The exercises are designed to help the user develop their understanding of key math concepts while providing a fun and engaging way to learn.

The user starts by choosing a difficulty level and then moves through the exercise levels as they progress. Each level has a set of questions, and the user is given feedback on how well they have done.

The user can also access various resources, such as video tutorials, for further support. As the user completes each level, they unlock rewards and badges which motivate them to keep practicing.

With it, learning math has never been more fun or easier!

Features of 99math

Here are some features given below:

Math Topics Covered

It covers an impressive range of math topics, from basic arithmetic and algebra to more advanced subjects like calculus and statistics. It provides comprehensive instruction on these topics, broken down into individual lessons, exercises and tests. For each topic, it includes interactive activities and fun games that help to engage learners. 

The topics covered include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions and decimals. Also, exponents, linear equations, systems of equations, radicals, geometry, probability and statistics. 

It also provides tools for studying for standardized tests such as the SATs and GREs. All lessons are designed to give students a strong understanding of the fundamentals of mathematics and the skills they need to succeed in math courses.

Formative Assessment Tool

99math’s powerful formative assessment tool allows teachers to quickly identify areas of strength and weakness in their students’ math skills. With this tool, teachers can easily create customized assessments for each student to ensure they receive the individualized instruction they need. 

The assessment provides immediate feedback on progress and understanding of math topics, helping teachers adjust lesson plans accordingly. It also offers recommendations for further instruction to help students stay on track with their learning. This feature makes it easy for teachers to monitor their student’s progress and quickly identify areas needing more attention.

For example, if a student struggles with fractions, the formative assessment tool can be used to recommend appropriate resources for further instruction. These may include videos, games, or interactive activities tailored to the student’s specific needs. With this comprehensive assessment tool, teachers can ensure that all students can access the best educational resources and instruction.

Game Mechanics


99math has an exciting gaming component to its online platform. It incorporates a point system that encourages students to complete lessons and practice problems to earn points. As the students earn more points, they move up in levels, unlocking new activities and rewards. Additionally, some leaderboards keep track of the student’s progress and allow them to compare their results with other students. This helps motivate the students to do better and strive for more.

The game mechanics also feature badges and awards for completing specific tasks. This motivates students to work hard, as they have tangible incentives for achieving certain milestones. The game mechanics also provide a way for students to customize their experience by allowing them to create their profiles and avatar. 

99math’s game mechanics make the learning process fun and engaging while providing an effective way for students to learn math concepts. Combining this with features such as the formative assessment tool, it provides an immersive and enjoyable experience that encourages students to master their math skills.

User Experience

Navigating The Platform

It makes it easy to find and access the necessary lessons and activities. You can quickly access all the available topics and lessons from the homepage. Each lesson includes an introduction with objectives and related materials. You can also search for specific topics or activities using the search box.

Once you’ve found the topic or lesson you’re looking for, you can start exploring the content. However, Every lesson has videos, interactive games, step-by-step instructions, and explanations. There are practice questions and quizzes to help reinforce what you’ve learned.

You can track your progress with the progress bar, which shows how far you’ve progressed in a particular topic. You can also set up reminders to ensure you don’t miss any activities or quizzes.

Navigating the platform is easy and intuitive, so you can quickly find the needed topics and lessons. With its comprehensive selection of topics and activities, it is an excellent tool for helping children learn and practice math skills.

Playing The Games

It provides students with several games that cover a wide range of topics. These include basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, fractions, probability, etc. The games also come in different levels that range from beginner to expert. For each game, students are provided with instructions and questions. Depending on the game, they can work at their own pace or compete against other players. 

Some games include Word Problems, where students must solve math problems to find the correct answer. In the Fractions game, students are asked to identify equivalent fractions and in the Equations game, students must solve equations by finding the missing number. The Geometry game requires players to identify shapes and their properties. 

Playing these games provides students an enjoyable way to learn and practice math. It is also an excellent way to assess and compare their knowledge to their peers. Playing the games, students understand the topics and are better prepared to face real-world challenges.

Learning Effectiveness

99math is designed to help students understand and retain math concepts while having fun. The platform uses a combination of engaging games, interactive activities and formative assessments to improve learning. In each game, the student’s progress is tracked, and their results are used to provide feedback on improving their understanding. 

The interactive activities allow students to interact with the material and work through problems step-by-step. This allows them to learn the concepts by trial and error. Providing a safe and encouraging environment allows students to make mistakes without fear of embarrassment or judgement. 

The formative assessment tool helps students track their understanding and progress over time. This allows them to identify their weaknesses and strengths and receive personalized guidance for improvement. 

Pricing and Value

It offers excellent value to its customers. Their subscription service starts at $5.99 monthly, with various packages available to suit any budget. With their basic package, customers can access unlimited gaming sessions, including all math topics and a library of over 100 games. They also offer an upgrade option to unlock progress tracking, personalized coaching, and game customization features. 

The simple pricing model allows users to pay only for what they need. Additionally, the platform allows for a 7-day free trial for all plans, so customers can try them before buying. This allows them to experience the platform and decide whether it’s worth their money. 

It has specially designed packages for teachers and educators that offer great value for money. These packages provide access to hundreds of activities and worksheets and additional features such as student monitoring and reporting. The platform is also compatible with many third-party tools, making it an excellent choice for educational institutions looking for a comprehensive math learning platform. 

Value For Money

When it comes to value for money, it is an excellent choice. The subscription-based platform offers access to thousands of math activities and games designed to help students learn math engagingly and effectively. With the subscription, users can access all levels of activities and games and formative assessment tools. 

These activities are designed to help students develop a strong understanding of mathematical concepts, and the pricing reflects that. With monthly plans starting at $4.99, and yearly plans for $29.99, it provides excellent value. It allows students to access hundreds of hours of fun and educational math content at an affordable price.

Furthermore, if you sign up for a 12-month subscription, you will also get free access. This makes it one of the most economical math learning tools today.

Engaging and Interactive Platform


It offers a variety of engaging and interactive games for children ages 4 to 11. These games are designed to be educational, challenging and fun. They include colorful animation, attractive backgrounds and music, and 3D elements.

The games provide students with an immersive learning experience. They involve the use of problem-solving strategies and reasoning skills. For example, in some games, students must work out the equation needed to solve a problem by dragging and dropping tiles onto the game board.

In addition, the games feature rewards and badges to motivate and encourage the students. This encourages them to complete each challenge and move on to the next one. Moreover, the platform allows users to track their progress in real-time.

It Can Be Used as A Review or Practice Tool.

It is an interactive platform designed to help students improve their math skills. One of the main features of it is its ability to be used as a review or practice tool. The website offers various math topics, including basic math, algebra, geometry, and more. Users can select specific topics and receive detailed instructions on how to solve problems. 

They can then review the site’s step-by-step instructions and answer questions for each topic. The platform also provides various activities, such as quizzes and games, reinforcing math concepts. This helps students retain information and increases their comprehension of math topics. 

Furthermore, users can also use the platform to practice solving problems in different formats, including multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank. This provides an excellent opportunity to review concepts and develop problem-solving skills. 

Alternative of 99math


Mathletics is an online math learning platform providing engaging, interactive student activities. It covers math topics from basic arithmetic to algebra and geometry. The activities are designed to help students develop essential skills and deepen their understanding of core concepts.

Khan Academy: 

Khan Academy is a free online platform with thousands of instructional videos on math topics. It also has interactive exercises, games, and quizzes to reinforce knowledge. Additionally, it offers personalized learning pathways to help each student master the material.


IXL is an adaptive learning program that uses a combination of technology and individualized instruction to help students practice and master math skills. It covers grades K-12 and includes various topics, from basic math to calculus.

Math Shark: 

Math Shark is an online game platform to help students practice and master essential math skills. It includes fun, interactive activities and games that build on their knowledge while introducing new concepts.


NumberGym is a web-based math learning platform designed to make math fun for students. It includes engaging activities and games that cover crucial math topics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and decimals.

Thinkster Math: 

Thinkster Math is an online tutoring program to help students practice and master math concepts. It features a library of activities and games tailored to each student’s level and designed to improve their confidence in math.


Mathspace is a comprehensive online math curriculum that helps students practice and master math concepts from basic arithmetic to calculus. It includes interactive activities and real-time feedback on progress.

Dreambox Learning: 

Dreambox Learning is an online math platform that provides personalized learning experiences for each student based on their needs. It covers all areas of math, including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, probability, and data analysis.


Mathopolis is an online game platform to help students practice and master math skills. It includes hundreds of activities and games covering various topics, from basic arithmetic to pre-calculus.

Math Arcade: 

Math Arcade is an online educational game platform designed to help students practice and master math concepts from kindergarten to Grade 8. It features engaging, interactive activities and games covering addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and more.

Pros and Cons 



  1. An engaging and interactive platform that makes learning math fun and exciting.
  2. Suitable for students in grades 1-8 and covers a wide range of math topics, including advanced ones.
  3. Provides a formative assessment tool to measure student progress and identify areas of improvement.
  4. It helps build student confidence in math through practice and repetition.
  5. Provides a game-like experience that keeps students motivated and engaged in learning.
  6. It offers an opportunity for students to compete and collaborate with their peers, which can foster a sense of teamwork and healthy competition.
  7. It helps teachers save time and effort by providing an easy-to-use platform for review and practice.


  1. Not suitable for students who struggle with math, as it does not offer individualized instruction or support.
  2. The limited scope of math education may not be suitable for students who need help with other subjects.
  3. Some of the games may be too easy or too difficult for specific students, which could lead to frustration or disengagement.
  4. Teachers may need to supplement it with additional instruction or resources to ensure student understanding.
  5. The platform may not be accessible to all students, particularly those who do not have reliable internet access or devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is 99math, And How Does It Work? 

It is an engaging review game exclusively for math. It’s intended for grades 1-8 and covers basic and advanced math topics. The game provides an interactive platform where students can practice math concepts and improve their skills through repetition.

What Kind Of Math Topics Does it Cover?

99math covers a wide range of math topics, including basic operations, fractions, decimals, geometry, and algebra. The game adapts to the student’s skill level, ensuring they are challenged but not overwhelmed.

Can Teachers Use 99math To Assess Student Learning? 

Yes, it provides a formative assessment tool that allows teachers to measure student progress and identify areas of improvement. The game generates reports highlighting student performance, allowing teachers to adjust their instruction accordingly.

Is 99math Suitable For All Students? 

While it is suitable for students in grades 1-8, it may only be suitable for some students. The game does not offer individualized instruction or support, meaning students who struggle with math may need additional resources or instruction.

How Does 99math Keep Students Engaged In Learning?

It provides a game-like experience that keeps students motivated and engaged in learning. The game offers opportunities for students to compete and collaborate with their peers, fostering a sense of teamwork and healthy competition.

Can Students Use 99math Outside Of The Classroom? 

Yes, it is an online platform, which means students can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. The game can be used for homework or independent practice.

Does 99math Offer Any Teacher Support? 

Yes, it provides an easy-to-use teacher dashboard that allows teachers to track student progress and adjust instruction accordingly. The dashboard provides reports highlighting student performance, allowing teachers to identify areas of improvement.

How Much Does 99math Cost? 

It offers a free trial, and pricing plans vary depending on the number of students and the subscription length. Teachers can contact 99math for more pricing information.

Is it Accessible To All Students?

While it is an online platform, it may not be accessible to all students. Students needing reliable internet access or devices may need help using the game.

How Can Teachers Incorporate 99math Into Their Lesson Plans? 

Teachers can use it as a review or practice tool to reinforce math concepts taught in the classroom. The game can be used as homework or independent practice. Also, teachers can track student progress through the teacher dashboard.


If you’re looking for an interactive, engaging, and fun way to practice your math skills, it is a perfect choice. With its user-friendly interface and wide range of topics, it is a great resource for children and adults.

With its detailed explanations and focus on understanding, it helps build strong foundations in mathematics. Whether you want to practice basic arithmetic or develop more complex problem-solving skills, it has you covered.

So if you’re serious about mastering math, why not give it a try? It could be the key to unlocking your math potential!

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