Download these Android Games to Earn Money

Download these Android Games to Earn Money

We are about to make things easier with Download these Android Games to Earn Money article. MPL, Mistplay, HQ Trivia, InboxDollars.

Introduction to Best Android Games:

Online money-making is something in which everyone is interested. Now there are multiple skills that can help users in earning a decent amount. But learning the skills requires some time and practice. We are about to make things easier with Download these Android Games to Earn Money article.

Everyone is into making money the easy way. Learning skills for online money-making requires time and Investments. There are some skills which are quite expensive to learn. Also, some of the online skills take time to master. Things are going to get a lot easier for the users because of this article today.

Everyone loves playing games in their free time. There is a lot of time in our daily routine where we play Android games. Now playing during the free is fun but it will be a lot better when it pays back. Many people are not familiar with this but there are gaming platforms out there that pay actual cash in return.

The process is going to be very easy for the players. They are only required to play the given game and earn instant cash from it. There are platforms that will offer more than one game. So there will be multiple opportunities for the players to earn from the game at which they are good at.

This is the easiest way for all the users to get income. Advancements in the gaming industry have helped millions in spending their time productively. If you are looking to explore similar games as well as other types, it is from where you can get them for your android phone totally free.


This is not a Game specifically, it is a gaming platform. It is the biggest platform that operates in India. It currently has more than 60 different genre gameplay’s listed for the users. Also, The procedure of joining is going to be very simple and instant. The user is required to create an account and start competing.

 There will be multiple options for getting started here. Also, The platform will be offering numerous tournaments in which the users can participate. Other than that there will be options of competing 1v1 in the desired game. The winner simply gets the rewards and cash.

Cash-out features of the platform are really reliable. Winners will be able to get their cashouts via Bank transfer, UPI, and PayTM. There might be a concern of safety for the users. The Answer to that is, Former Indian Cricket team captain Virat Kholi is the brand ambassador.


This is a platform that is focused on making the time spent on gaming worth it. The creators of this amazing space have a vision of getting new and interesting game ideas to more viewers. The game developers will have the opportunity of getting their idea to more gaming enthusiasts.

The money-making process in this space is very easy. The concept is very simple here, the more gamers spend time playing, the more they get benefits. The rewarding system here is done through the calculation of Loyalty points. These loyalty points can be earned by spending more time playing.

It will offer a store section for the gamers. Here the earned loyalty points can be easily exchanged for numerous rewards. There will be endless items in the store and the purchasing can be performed using the Loyalty points only. Earn more points and exchange for anything needed.

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HQ Trivia

Now this one is best suited Android Games for Intellectual people. It will test the ability of a user to answer trivia questions in the given time. There will be word puzzles to solve as well. There will be options given for setting up the difficulty meter from Easy, hard, and Savage.

Each player will be given a specific number of lives here. Once the count ends, the player won’t be able to participate in the event until it ends. For every right answer, there will be a chance of earning cash and rewards. If anyone has trivia and word puzzle knowledge, they have a shot at winning great prizes.

There will also be concerns regarding the prize distribution and cashouts. This platform is well known and it has been featured in some of the biggest news networks like the New York Times. It also features many Hollywood stars in weekly events like The Rock and many more.


All the above-mentioned options have only one or two ways of making cash. Whereas this application will be offering a lot more than that. It will also let users earn cash from playing simple games. Although there will be some more related options for getting a decent amount from here.

It provides the option of making income from watching videos, Participating in polls, Filling surveys, and much more. Also, It will provide benefits for the users who send invites to others for joining the app. It will also let the players in competing for one vs one to get instant rewards and cash.

All the users who are joining will be able to get instant 5 dollars rewards. This amount will be enough for the players to get started. There will be numerous events in which the gamers can participate and get benefits.

Final Words on Best Android Games:

In conclusion, This is the opportunity to turn the fun gaming time into instant earning time. Now it is up to the users which platform they want to start with or they are into trying all. This is the best way of taking instant benefits from the revolution in the gaming industry.

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