Basic Table Manners you’ve been wronged the Whole-time

Basic Table Manners you’ve been wronged the Whole-time

Fine dining etiquettes are loosened with time since the fancy restaurant is no longer out of reach for the laymen. But in France, Britain, and America, the aristocratic manner is still being followed vastly. And it feels amazing to witness that common people are willing to learn the table manners to fit the fancy environment properly and not because they want to imitate the aristocracy.

I have seen people get confused at fancy restaurants because there are enough options, sometimes more than enough. And people get confused when there are too many options. For instance, you’ll see a set of 7 or 8 cutleries on your table. Now whatever dish you order, you need to use the right silverware for that food. Handling the knife and chopstick correctly is also a part of fine dining. 

In big restaurants, you can also ask the waiter to help you out, but that wouldn’t be a nice idea, since it would make a poor impression on your guest. Cooking, serving and eating are three very important pieces of dining. You need to focus only on the last one when you’re out for dining, but the rest of the time, knowing three of them would make your Cookinglife fancy and smooth.

Basic table manners everyone should know

Here are some fine dining etiquette you must have been wronged throughout the whole time. Let’s find out!

Don’t lift the menu off the table

Before you order food, know what you should avoid doing with the menu. Let the menu rest on the table, while you go through the dishes. Don’t lift it off the table. If you hold the menu like a book or newspaper in front of you, it would block the way to interact with your guest, which is rude. 

Sip from the same place of glass you have sipped the first time

Once you take a sip from a glass, for the rest of the time, sip from the exact place. It is suggested to avoid multiple lip rings on the glass, whether it’s from lipstick, sweat or natural oil. After drinking, place the glass exactly where you put it to avoid spilling water over yourself.

Don’t clink your wine or champagne

The fun of getting drunk together seems to remain incomplete until we clink the glasses with “cheers”, right! But try to avoid clinking glasses at fine restaurants, especially if you’re using very fine glassware. The glass could be broken and it would cost you extra with additional embarrassment.

Take small bites

Never gobble the food while you’re eating at a restaurant. Remember, you’re not in hurry. Take your time to finish the food with ease. If you’re using a knife, cut the food into small pieces and take a small bite each time. Don’t cut all the pieces at once. Cut a piece you can eat at a single bite, and then eat- t should be the loop. 

Put the cutleries down while talking

Let the cutleries rest on the plate while you’re having a conversation with your guest or partner at the dining table. It would show that you are interested to listen to them. 

Wait for the waiter to come

Whether you need to order food or ask for a bill, wait for the waiter to visit you. Don’t make any inappropriate noise to grab their attention. In restaurants, waiters serve and attend to you very smoothly. To call them additionally would also grab the attention of other customers. Don’t do that.

Don’t say that you’re going to the washroom

You might need to go to the washroom at a restaurant, even between the dining. But you don’t need to say that directly, just say “excuse me”. When you go to the washroom, push the chair towards the table and leave your napkin on the chair. So that the waiters understand that you’re yet to finish your meal.

Have little conversations

Many people say that one should not talk while eating because they might get choked on the food. But at a restaurant, if you only concentrate on your food the entire time, it would look so rude to your guest. Have a small conversation, it would show your interest in them, apart from the food. 

Try to follow these Basic Table Manners whenever you go to a restaurant. Furnish your sophistication with basic manners. That’s all for today! 

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