Black Bullet Season 2 Confirmed Release Date, Cast, Story, Characters:

Black Bullet Season 2 Confirmed Release Date, Cast, Story, Characters:

Black Bullet Season 2 Confirmed Release Date and All Updates. Is the Show Delayed? The Official Release date is not Announced yet but Expect in 2022.

Burakku Buretto is another English name is the Black bullet. Black bullet season 1 has recorded great business on the box office and the other media. It is also a Netflix series or show. This series is something about the Post-apocalyptic and kind of scientific series. Black bullet season 1 has almost 13 episodes and it builds a very huge fan base and makes much success on Netflix and over the Internet.

The whole episode was airing between the three months from the releasing date of the movie. Black bullet has been released in the year 2014 and the fans are still waiting for its second season from 2014 to onwards. This also has an adopted series of manga novels. The first season has adapted the story from the first volume of the Novel. So there is a bright hope for making its second version or season

Introduction of Black bullet season 2:

The black bullet is based on the light novel of the manga series and it is adopted from the first volume of this light novel. This story was penned by Shiden Kanzaki and this story was illustrated by the famous illustrator Saki Ukai. The series is serialized with the Dengeki Bunko in the month of 10th July of 2011. The light novel has published its 7 volumes. The manga novels have full of thrilling stories and reconnecting the characters. The first episode of black bullets was released on the 8th of April of 2014. First, the story is adapted from the manga series. 

The storyline of black bullet season 2:

This black bullet is a story about a boy named Rentaro. He is the protagonist and imprisoned for a false murder. The expected story will be going very thrilling and amazing. Rentaro is such a pious and nice guy but he was kept in the prison due to false blame for a man’s murder. Nobody could help him so he decided to escape from the prison and he thought of a plan for escaping from the jail or the prison. But his enemies are never left him alone. They always follow him even in jail. He kept dreaming of escaping but the nightmare was never left alone. A police superintendent is also kept his eye on him and the court never gives him bail. 

Black Bullet Season 2

In this dilemma, there is a conference summit meeting held in Japan and the 5 big governors of the main city of Japan have come there. And they are discussing the problems of grave danger meanwhile, a piece of news was aired or spread through all the japan that legacy of 7 stars being in the possession. Then there is another news is in the air that the Seitenshi was mysteriously disappeared and the cop of the city are finding him and are trying to chase him. The 2nd season will be more active and full of thrilling stories

The casting and the characters of black bullet season 2:

Black Bullet Season 2

The casting star and the character of this anime are becoming very famous and popular in season 1. The filmmaker is thinking some of the characters will repeat the next season of the Black bullet. But there are new faces that will be seen also. The voice-over artist gives the amazing and matching with accordingly to the character voices. They have done a fabulous voice-over. 

Masayuki Kojima is the director of this movie and the Tatsuhiko Urahata is the man who compresses the series. Senbon Ushishima is designing the fantastic characters for this series or black bullet. Music is given by the Shirou Sagis. The name of the studio where this movie is made is Kinema Citrus. 

Now we are going to the main lead starring of black and bullet

Yuki Kaji will be seen as the Rentaro Satomi.

Rina Hidaka will be seen in the character of Enju Aihara.

Black Bullet Season 2

Tomoyo Kurosawa will also see in this black and bullet in the character of Tina Sprout. 

Black Bullet Season 2

Aki Toyosaki will also be playing in the character of Seiten.

Rikiya Koyama will be seen in the character of the Hiruko. 

Black Bullet Season 2

The promo and the trailer of black and bullet Season 2 Confirmed:

There is no news in the air of publishing this anime and releasing any promo. The fans of this movie are super excited to watch the next season but the production team has no news of making or releasing the black and bullet season.

The key visual related to this black and bullet has also not been released yet. The second season will be picked from the novel’s volume 5. 

About production team of black and bullet:

There was a significant gap between the first season and the 2nd season. The rumors are going in the market or a

Anime industry that the production team is deciding to launch its second season soon but the pandemic situation does not allow to make the second season of black and bullet. Some rumors are spreading that are the Kanzaki was drooped the acting profession due to covid-19 and there is no such more work of acting available due to covid-19. So he decided to work in a hotel or restaurant owner and adjusting his life normal like earlier. He becomes very unmotivated and lifeless. He tweeted regularly and stated with their fans and viewers. 

The final words:

In conclusion, The summary of this article stated here is a story of a boy who was kept in the prison mistakenly and was in jail with a fake murder case. His enemies do not want to set him free. Also, This series is based on the light novel manga series. The first season has got huge business on box office. This is the story of thrill and action. Many big actors and actresses will work in the next season of this anime series. The first promo was released of season 1 on Netflix. Due to the pandemic situation, we can not say about making or releasing the black bullet season 2 confirmed release date. 

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