How to Get Hired in the Blockchain Industry

How to Get Hired in the Blockchain Industry

Any aspiring professional seeking career development opportunities in a new sector would obviously find blockchain as a promising alternative. The whole buzz around cryptocurrencies, decentralized applications, DeFi, and NFTs has set the right foundations for growth in the blockchain industry. On top of it, the massive skill gap in the blockchain technology market presents vital propositions for new professionals to capitalize on career opportunities. As of October 2021, the listings for crypto and blockchain jobs on LinkedIn showed a massive growth of almost 615% since August 2020. As the demand for crypto assets and blockchain use cases in different industries continues increasing; the need for professionals fuels the rise in job listings. How can you capitalize on this opportunity? The following post helps you find how you can get hired in blockchain jobs?

What Do You Need for a Blockchain Job?

The foremost and only question that should matter to anyone seeking jobs in the blockchain industry must focus on the requirements. You must fulfill the essential prerequisites for blockchain jobs, such as training and certification. The fundamentals, and architecture of the blockchain; and its use cases in different industries can help you learn a lot about them. Most important of all, you should also work on developing all the skills you need for addressing your responsibilities on the job. 

Will the necessary skills and training courses help you land blockchain jobs? As a matter of fact, you can albeit with difficult probabilities as employers wouldn’t have any idea regarding your skills. Here are some important steps which can help you land with blockchain jobs of your choice. 

Plan for the Jobs You Want

The first thing you need before choosing a blockchain certification refers to a career plan. You must have a clear impression of the type of jobs you want to pursue in the blockchain. As a result, you can outline the specific skills you need for the jobs of your choice. It helps in planning your career path or choosing a reliable one. 

Go Through Rigorous Training

The preparation for blockchain jobs is the key to ensuring your success in certification exams. You can rely on blockchain certification courses which offer the facility of training before you appear for the certification exam. Training is a key highlight for career development as a blockchain professional as you can build the right set of skills for blockchain job roles. You can trust a suitable blockchain career path for guiding and supporting your training process for blockchain jobs.  

Choose Credible Certification Providers    

The blockchain certification is a proven instrument for helping you show everyone that you know about blockchain. Reliable certification providers such as 101 Blockchains can help you find enterprise-level blockchain certifications for your career goals. 

You can build your skills as a blockchain expert in relevant fields with a certificate program in blockchain of your choice. Apart from the assurance of an industry-level credential in your professional portfolio; you can have the benefit of enhancing your blockchain skills. 

The certifications such as Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional and Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect validate your capabilities for specific job roles. In addition, blockchain certifications also work as proof of your commitment to blockchain technology and its different use cases.

Reach Out to Employers

The next important step in getting hired in the blockchain industry would point at communication. You have to spread the word about your skills and knowledge in the blockchain. The best solution for starting a search for blockchain jobs would involve participation in forums where you can contribute to discussions on the blockchain. 

In addition, you must create a portfolio with details about the blockchain certification courses you have completed. The portfolio helps you create your identity as a blockchain expert thereby helping you with easy roads in career development. Most important of all, participation in virtual communities is actually one of the proven methods for reaching out to potential employers and business partners. 

Final Words

The simple answer for finding jobs related to blockchain technology often revolves around certifications. However, the certifications might not be the only thing you need for blockchain jobs. The best way for getting hired in blockchain jobs involves telling others about how well you know blockchain. If you have achieved a certificate program in blockchain, then you must let potential employers know about it. Social media badges for the certification alongside your efforts in professional networking can offer promising advantages for building your career. Learn more about the suitable career paths and guidance you need for landing blockchain jobs of your choice with 101 Blockchains now.  

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