A Complete Guide To A World-class Breast Augmentation Treatment

A Complete Guide To A World-class Breast Augmentation Treatment

When you see yourself in the mirror and run your hand down your front, over the body that changed, you are unable to feel a tug towards your femininity. You turn sideways to see your profile, observing small, undefined breasts protruding from your rib cage. The lack of aesthetic appeal of womanhood wreaks havoc on your confidence, keeping you in the closet. If you have any queries regarding the Breast Augmentation treatment, read further to clear your doubts:

However, you can give yourself a psychological boost thanks to a boob job. Also known as breast augmentation, this surgery has become the most requested cosmetic treatment. Its popularity boomed due to advanced practices and innovative technologies.

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If you have any queries regarding the treatment, read further to clear your doubts:

The Consultation

Breast augmentation, often known as breast implants, strategically places carefully selected implants into the patient’s pre-existing breasts. However, before you can reserve a space in the operating room, you must first have an in-depth consultation with your plastic surgeon, which can last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes.

During the consultation, both the patient and the physician go through all of the available alternatives and any surgeon suggestions pertaining to implant type, placing of the implant in respect to the muscle, and incision site.

Following the first consultation talk, individuals will undergo 3D imaging to assess their size preferences and see what their bodies look like with implants. Isn’t it cool?

Types Of Inserts To Consider

According to the ASPS, there are now two kinds of inserts to acknowledge: saline and silicone breast implants. Saline inserts are normally filled with sterile saltwater and arrive in a more uniform, one-size-fits-all size. On the contrary, silicone implants feature silicone gel and have a more natural feel to them.

After picking up the type of implant, you must contemplate the shape and size. For instance, you decide upon silicone. These implants come in three different shapes. These include smooth round, textured round, and textured anatomical teardrop implants. Additionally, round implants will give a fuller appeal to your breasts, while smooth inserts will make them feel softer.

The Ideal Candidate For The Treatment

Breast augmentation is a simple procedure as it is convenient and mildly uncomfortable for the patient and has a brief recovery. The ideal candidate is the one who is in good health and wishes to enlarge their breast size.

However, those with sagging breasts, also known as ptotic breasts, must not get this treatment. A breast lift, with or without breast augmentation, is ideal for addressing ptosis.

Furthermore, women who are planning an imminent pregnancy must avoid this procedure. It is because pregnancy and breastfeeding will naturally alter the shape and volume of the breasts.

The Procedure

The surgery is an outpatient procedure that takes about an hour and 15 minutes in total. Now, keep in mind that there are three main sites for incision.

First is inframammary, which is a crease under the breasts. The second is periareolar, which is the border of the areola and breast skin. The third is transaxillary, which is through the armpit. In addition, there are two positions where surgeons might place the implant, i.e., behind the pectoralis or behind the breast tissue but in front of the muscle.

Nonetheless, suppose you choose the inframammary approach. The surgery will begin with an incision in the inframammary fold. The doctor identifies and incises the pectoralis muscle. Next, they will dissect a pocket behind the muscle and use an implant sizer to ensure the patient’s choice of size and pocket shape. Once confirmed, they remove the sizer, make adjustments, place the implant and close the incision. They will perform the same procedure on the opposite breast.

Downtime and Recovery

In terms of recovery, patients normally spend approximately one hour in post-operative recovery. After receiving a long-acting anesthetic that renders them pain-free for 72 hours, they can return home. Also, most breast augmentation patients may return to work after three to five days, with activity limitations.

They must avoid heavy lifting and upper-body exercise for two weeks. Usually, patients feel so fantastic after one week. However, they must slow down so that their bodies can heal completely.

Physicians may also recommend that patients wear surgical bras for about two weeks following the surgery as well as make frequent visits to a cosmetic surgery clinic post-operation for extended support.

In all, breast augmentation will give you a more feminine figure that looks natural! It is an invasive treatment; therefore, do your search. It is advisable to visit different doctors before booking an operation room.

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