How to Convert JPEG to PDF on PC and Mac [4 Easy Methods]

How to Convert JPEG to PDF on PC and Mac [4 Easy Methods]

On this page, you’ll find out 4 free and easy methods for you to convert JPEG to PDF on Windows and Mac computers. Online and offline methods are both provided.

For those that haven’t noticed it yet, we’re constantly using JPG images to share our love and interests, whether it’s on Facebook, Discord, or even Telegram. When it comes to business and educational fields, however, things could get more serious and you need a more professional format for your imagery information, and that’s when PDF becomes useful.

Converting images on your desktop and mobile devices is a common demand, especially when you’re in need of sharing vital information, such as converting screenshots to PDF for electronic submissions.

For those who’re wondering how to do so, this page is exactly what you need. On this page, you’ll learn about 4 free and easy methods to convert JPEG to PDF on Windows and Mac computers.

How to Convert JPEG to PDF on Windows and Mac Online

Online PDF converters are getting more and more popular lately, since they are extremely easy to use. The only problem here is finding the correct tool. 

Our team has recently discovered a useful online PDF converter called PDFgear. According to our testing results, is completely free to use and it offers hundreds of practical PDF-related conversions including JPG to PDF.

By using the conversion features of PDFgear, you get to conduct various different things for your image and documents, such as flattening your PDFs.

Additionally, PDFgear works with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, so you can easily get started, whatever device you’re on.

Step 1. Go to PDFgear

Go to the PDFgear Online JPEG to PDF converter tool with a web browser application on your computer or mobile phone.

Convert JPEG to PDF

Step 2. Upload JPEG Image

Hit the Choose file button to upload the JPEG image that you need to convert to PDF. When the file is loaded, hit Add Files to add more JPEG files if needed.

Convert JPEG to PDF

Step 3. Convert JPG to PDF

Lastly, hit the Convert button to convert JPG to PDF online using PDFgear, the converted PDF will be available for you to download in seconds.

Convert JPEG to PDF

How to Convert JPEG to PDF on Windows Using Print to PDF

If your device is not connected to the internet, then I guess the online method won’t be the best choice for you, and in that case, there’s still a practical way.

The Windows operating system has an inbuilt virtual printer for you to print your images and documents into PDFs. With the printing feature, you get to easily flatten your PDF or images and get a hard print of the original multi-layer PDF.

However, the Microsoft Print to PDF feature only works with Windows computers, so it’s not helpful when you’re running a Mac device or mobile phone.

By using the Microsoft Print to PDF feature, you can print whatever is on your screen into an image-based PDF file, now let’s take a look at how you can do it.

Convert JPEG to PDF

Step 1. Open the JPEG image on your Windows computer, you can use any of your image viewer apps, and here I’ll use Windows Photos app as an example.

Step 2. When the JPEG image shows up in your Windows photos app, press the shortcut Ctrl + P on your keyboard to use the Microsoft Print to PDF feature.

Step 3. Then the printer settings window will show up, for you to customize the Printer, Orientation, Paper size, etc. 

Step 4. When the customization of your Print to PDF is ready, hit the Print button from the lower-right side to print your JPEG image into PDF.

How to Convert JPEG to PDF on Windows and Mac Offline

An online PDF converter tool like PDFgear is indeed handy, yet it only works great with relatively smaller PDF documents. When it comes to large PDF files, say some scanned PDFs over 100MB each, you may spend more time uploading the PDFs, let alone the conversion. Additionally, things can get worse if you have a poor internet connection.

The thing is, if you like the features that PDFgear has to offer, don’t forget to check out the desktop version: PDFgear Desktop, a free and complete piece of PDF management software that supports 60+ conversions, PDF OCR, and batch conversions.

Additionally as one of the best free PDF editors for Windows, PDFgear Desktop is competent for various PDF editing features like annotations, comments, highlights, etc.

Convert JPEG to PDF

Step 1. Download and install PDFgear Desktop from the official website. 

Step 2. Launch PDFgear desktop on your Mac or Windows computer.

Step 3. To convert JPG to PDF, go to the Image to PDF converter tool from the Convert to PDF section.

Convert JPEG to PDF

Step 4. Click the Add Files button to import multiple JPEG images to convert to PDF.

Step 5. You can choose the output file folder from the lower Output Path box. 

Step 6. Lastly, click on the lower-right Convert button to convert JPEG to PDF on Windows and Mac without internet connection. 

How to Convert JPEG to PDF on Mac Using Preview

If you’re a Mac user running a Macbook or Mac computer, lucky for you to have an inbuilt option to change JPEG into PDF as well, without needing any third-party services or troublesome software installation. 

The default image and PDF viewer app Preview on your Mac device can serve as a great PDF converter and editor tool as well. With the correct steps, you can convert JPEG to PDF on Mac using Preview, with detailed customization supported.

Now, let’s take a look at how you can convert JPEG to PDF on Mac with Preview!

Convert JPEG to PDF

Step 1. Use the Finder app on Mac to select all the JPEG images that you need to convert to PDF.

Step 2. Right-click on the selected PDFs and open them with the Preview app.

Step 3. Drag and drop the JPEG image thumbnails to reorder the images if needed.

Step 4. Go to the File tab, and then select Print from the options.

Step 5. Customize printer settings in the Preview app, and make sure to select PDF as the output format.

Step 6. When the customization is finished, hit the Print button to print your JPEG images to PDF.


Our team has tested the introduced methods dozens of times to make sure they work for different cases, and these 4 introduced ways have proved to be the easiest methods to convert JPEG to PDF on PC and Mac for free. So no more hesitation, have a try on any of the recommended methods, and I’m sure you’ll love them!

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