Best Free PDF Editors in 2021

Best Free PDF Editors in 2021

Online PDF converters are only one function of the many different PDF editors available online and free to users, but which tools are the best? Find out here. 


An online PDF converter can have multiple features beyond just file conversion. Typically, they are part of a larger suite of programs that can help users do anything with the PDFs from merging and splitting files to helping them split and combine PDFs online. These programs are useful as they help users reduce the size and scope of many PDF files to make them more concise, relevant, and easier to share. These online programs can also help users create PDF fillable forms or convert Word to PDFs so that they become easier to edit or modify. 

Merge and Split PDF Documents

Merging and splitting a PDF document means two different things as merging a PDF means combining many files into one, while splitting means creating many new files out of one or many documents. Merging a PDF can mean bringing together disparate documents to create a new document that is more all-encompassing and authoritative. 

Splitting a PDF, on the other hand, achieves the different goals of taking a large; overwrought text and shrinking it down to a size that is both more concise and also reduces the overall file size. Both functions can be achieved using the same programs or software most of which are available online and free to use. 

Some online PDF converters 0r Free PDF Editors also offer the option to merge or split files, but they may be premium features that can only be unlocked with a subscription or some other small fee. Users will typically have to register or sign-up, but once they do all of their files will be secure and be able to be split or merged. 

Combine Multiple Documents Into One PDF

Often a single PDF will not have all the information or content that a user wants or needs. This is where merging and combining PDFs enters the picture. Users can add whatever PDF files, pages, or documents they want to a single; base PDF file without altering or changing its format or layout and without the process being overly complicated. 

This process is facilitated by online PDF converters or Free PDF Editors that also let users merge PDF files online. Users can upload as many files as they want and choose to merge them all; or select specific pages to be combined into the main PDF file. This creates a brand new file that has more of the relevant information that users want; while also cutting down on the time and effort it would take to do it manually with hard copies. 

Convert PDF Documents

Converting a PDF document into another file format or vice-versa is something that many online PDF converters and Free PDF Editors specialize in. The reason to convert any file into a PDF is the advantages that; a PDF has over many other file formats. PDF files can be more easily shared with a wider range of people who do not need to download or install new software to view them. 

PDF files can also be secured with a password to ensure any sensitive or confidential information is not given out to the public. These types of features are not typically available with other file formats like Word or PowerPoint; which is why many users choose to convert them into PDF format. 

Secure a PDF 

Continuing on that point, a PDF is one of the few documents to which users can attach some level of security. This security comes in the format of password protection; as well as the ability to watermark or highlight documents so that they are not so easily replicated; distributed without the appropriate permissions. Mostly, Free PDF Editors also provide secure PDF.

Annotate PDF Files

The ability to annotate any document is central to any word or document processor; the same applies to PDF files. Many users adopt the PDF format for its easy shareability; as well as for the editing features that come along with it. Rather than writing in the margins and photocopying several pages from hard copy text; users can simply leave comments on the digital PDF document and share it with as many people as they want. 


A program like Lumin PDF offers the feature to annotate PDF files of any size; so that users can view and respond to comments in real-time. Lumin PDF (Free PDF Editors) can sync up with a user’s Google Drive account; so that any changes made to a PDF are viewed by anyone who has access to the file; and they can even respond in real-time to any notes or comments left. 

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