How powerful is Cosmic Armor Superman? Superman Characteristics

How powerful is Cosmic Armor Superman? Superman Characteristics

What are the Special Abilities of Cosmic Armor Superman? The Ability of Distractive, Statistics Character, Categories of Cosmic Armor Superman. Personally, I believe that in the DC universe cosmic armor superman is the strongest character. Now hear me out, but it does not make sense right now.

If you think that superman was very strong, think once again! However, a Thought robot is powered by the very concept of heroism, and the cosmic armor Superman is their version.

In addition, To save the entire multiverse from an ultimate threat, cosmic armor superman was designed and it is a 4-D version of superman.

Moreover, In the history of comic books, the DC Cosmic’ armor superman is one of the most overpowered and most recognizable character. He is more powerful than a locomotive: and he is no longer faster just than a speeding bullet.

The man of steel can survive exploding stars and entire plants can bench press. The last son of Krypton it can sometimes most difficult challenge for the writers to comes up with the new threats effectively, with such an absurdly powerful hero.

But there exists an even more overpowered version of the character, as strong as our superman. And possibly all of the function, he only needed a single appearance to save the DC multiverse, one who was most strong. There is only one superhero more powerful than the comic book he lives inside, he is only cosmic armor superman.

The character of Cosmic armor superman

The final crisis got weird at a time, not always in a good way, but while it was an interesting story. Turns along with its winding story and it took a lot of unexpected. That included the apparent death of Batman as well as the brutal death of Martian Manhunter. Naturally, the batman eventually returned and actually survived.  

To defend against the ultimate evil, cosmic armor superman as well as known as a though the robot is a walking Doomsday machine. To counter any future threat capable of adapting instantly.

However, Cosmic armor superman (a kind of living tribunals like an entire race) to defeat an entity is a construct created by the monitors called Mandrake, whose thirsts for bleed (the multiverse the literal life of blood) a monitor turned traitor.

Cosmic armor superman has three primary powers.

No upper limit with manipulation probability:

On a cosmic scale, meaning it can manipulate probability. Also, Losing a battle zero it can do thing as huge as making the probability of him and it can do things as small as making a dice always land on 2.

On an unprecedented scale it can warp reality:

Of its third primary function it uses this power in services, explanatory pretty self.

Manipulation narrative:

As written cosmic armor superman has power of superseding the narrative itself, yes you read that right. Where it loses a battle to make itself win, basically it can rewrite a story, but this sound is super abstract and confusing. Mandrake had no chance of winning his encounter with CAS, the monitors made him so powerful so monumentally. if you will a plot device, CAS is as strong as he needs to be win, to sum it up. From the superman and ultra-man crafted the life of energy.  

Synopsis character:

Moreover, The body of pure thought, armor superman or thought robot is sentential that woke up. Also, He is powered by possibilities, memories, duality, probabilities and symmetry. To protect all existence against the ultimate enemy, a sentinel suit designed for a single purpose.

Statistics character of cosmic armor superman:

Verse: cosmic DC

Gender: male in appearance, inapplicable

Name: cosmic armor superman, the robot of thoughts

Age: inapplicable

Classification: literal plot device, higher dimensional machine of the monitors

Special abilities of cosmic armor superman:

However, Superman physical characteristics are energy manipulation, space-time manipulation, quantum manipulation, plot manipulation, reactive manipulation, causality manipulation.

In addition, reality-warping, conceptual manipulation, higher dimensional manipulation, immortality (type 1,3,5,7, and 10), abstract existence (meant to represent every conceptual dichotomy of a good side that concept of thought robot exists as a sentient) are also its abilities.

Also, some more abilities are existence erasure, anti-matter manipulation, matter manipulation, creation, information manipulation, flight, large size (10 types), awareness of 4th wall, causality (the monitor sphere is beyond causality and time, Para causality;), and soul manipulation.

The ability of distractive:

Level of metaverse (mandrake built with the killing of the intent, all of existence who was stated to be capable of unmaking, caused the entire monitor sphere clashing with mandrake, nonexistence to crumble into, in Grant Morrison’s DC cosmology the most fundamental and primal dimension, within the monitor sphere resides, with pure concepts and thoughts and is also a realm filled.)


Trying to destroy him, resisted being inside a self-assembling of hyper story, to plot manipulation.


irrelevant (within the multiverse transcends the standard spatial-temporal flow that is contained.)

Ability of striking:

metaverse (with such force it was able to attack mandrake and it was able to hold limbo in the palm of his hands, basically a concentrated form of the DC multiverse’s lifeblood itself which can hold the bleed.)

Ability of lifting:


Stamina of cosmic armor superman:



level of the metatarsal (flow that is contained within the multiverse, transcends the standard spatial-temporal flow.)


Moreover, nigh omniscient (the most primal and highest level of existence exists in monitor sphere, on the nature of the story of all reality and holds a cosmic awareness, as a fictional being is aware of his existence.)


none of notable

Other attributes of cosmic armor superman:

Equipment list:

none, it is considered as a weapon of itself

Techniques or notable attacks:

  • The vision of heat: from the eyes towards his enemy’s fires of beams of heat
  • Adaptation: any future threat the robot of thoughts is capable of adapting instantly to the country.

Any other attributes is:

  • Notable losses
  • Matches of inconclusive
  • Victories of notable

Categories of cosmic armor superman:

Also,Here are some categories of armor superman

  • Higher being of dimensional
  • Weapons
  • Users of quantum
  • Beings of none corporeal
  • Evolution of reactive
  • DC cosmic
  • Characters
  • Flight of users
  • Users of large size
  • Giants
  • Users of creation
  • The character of the 4th wall of awareness
  • Machines
  • Wrappers of reality


In conclusion, Personally, I think Cosmic Armor Superman is the strongest character within the DC universe. Now it doesn’t add up immediately but hears me out. Also, Cosmic Armor Superman may arguably be the most powerful version of any Superman. 

Also, He’s known to be the protector of the DC multiverse. In fact, He acts as a guardian for the DC universe and everybody who lives in it. He has fought and killed other multiverse level threats and has even gone up against gods capable of destroying galaxies bigger than our Milky Way. However, In my opinion, Cosmic armor superman is One of the most powerful “hero’s” of all time.

The reason I quoted the word hero is that from what fans have said about him during (anyone) vs cosmic armour Superman is that the measure of destruction that he leaves in his wake. Moreover, He is pretty much the strongest character ever (not including anime). Also, if you have any question about superman then you can comment below in the comment section. we are happy to answer your queries

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