What is Soma prime build and how many types of soma prime?

What is Soma prime build and how many types of soma prime?

Soma Prime Build. Warframe Soma Prime Build Guide by Akako Updates. Its Types Like Critical Build, Headshot Builds, Status Builds, Hybrid Build.

War frame had one of its first golden primed weapons, with the soma prime war frame. However, Soma prime’s release in 2014 and become standard and well known for the other primed weapons, due to their typical look.

Even they didn’t take a year you could get her again, and even that, before two years assault Rifle was entered into the prime Vault, with one time of promotion, and twitch prime featuring. Also, The soma prime, an assault rifle of Tenno design, is a prime variant of the soma and is a primary weapon.

Even though nowadays, there will surely be a re-release during an upcoming opening of the prime vault, and you can only get her through trading with other players. So, to get this great weapon, keep your eyes open and make sure that it was real. Because at least you are going to love the rifle if you have soma prime if you find yourself using a good build.

In addition, The soma prime has one of the largest magazine capacity and ammo reserves in the game. Also, Along with its decent critical chance and high rate of fire, successive critical hits against enemies, it is easy to get.

Chances for both status and critical effects are good regardless of the base state, due to its high rate of fire. Also, The soma prime has a decent accuracy to go with it and great for taking on crowds from low to high range. Now that’s the weapon you would want to bring to a battle, an assault rifle with the magazine capacity of a heavy machine gun.

The soma prime build weapon characteristics:

Retaining, most of its stats as well with a few changed, and the soma prime is the prime variant of the soma.

Here are some of soma prime build base stats:

  • Fire rate: Per second, around 15 shots of fires.
  • Noise: When fired, shots are alarming and will alert the enemies.
  • Capacity: Per magazine 200 of shots. ( soma prime for 100)
  • Critical multiplier: Shots deal on critical hits 3x more damage.
  • Reload: For reload a new magazine takes only 3 seconds.
  • Trigger: when the trigger is held down, the weapon fires and continues fired automatically.
  • Critical chance: to deal with critical per shots has a 30% chance.
  • Status: Per shots it has a 10% chance to proc status.
  • Accuracy:  Accuracy has a 28.6 ability to hit enemies at low to medium ranges.
  • Damage types: deals 4.8 puncture, 1.2 impacts and 6.0 slash damage.

Before it may be used by players and built its prime parts and using its blueprints, soma prime requires a Mastery Rank of 7.

Soma prime build Pros :

  • The high rate of critical chance
  • Status chance is moderate
  • Contains three physical damage types
  • The high rate of fire
  • No projectile travel time
  • Great range
  • Good puncture and slash damage
  • Two polarities
  • Magazine size is very large
  • Maximum ammo capacity is large
  • 7 mastery rank require
  • Magazine reserves are very large

Soma prime build Cons:

  • Base damage is very low
  • Impact damage is very low
  • Reload speed is slow
  • Ammo efficiency is low
  • Elemental damage is none


Maybe soma prime crafted with the parts which may be obtained by trading or by opening relics with other players and its blueprint.

The soma prime contains these crafts to required parts and blueprint:

  • Stock: Axi S4, Meso S1, Lith S2
  • Barrel: Neo S3, Lith M2
  • Blueprint: Neo S1, Meso B3, Lth M1
  • Receiver: Neo N1, Neo N9, Lith S3

Currently, Relics are valuated but currently possess if ones the players, it may still be opened.

Suggestion to build the soma prime:

However, The soma prime has an ammo capacity and high rate of fire allowing it to unload several rounds along with its high critical chance making it easier to deal with critical hits. Status procs also apply due to moderate status chance. The user selects they may put these to their advantages, it’s depending upon the mods of the user.

There are few samples of soma prime build:

Critical build:

We add the usual serration for an increase in overall damage; give multi-shot to build our critical soma prime build along with split Chamber. Point strike and vital sense are added to bolster its critical multiplier and its critical chance for a huge increase in damage.

However, To give elemental damage to the build along with shred for an increased punch through and rate of fire, we add 2 elemental damage mods. In order to deal with successive critical hits within a small amount of time, build makes use of the soma prime’s high rate of fire along with its decent critical chance.

Also, The faster you gain chances to deal with critical hits, the weapons that have fired multiple rounds should not be any trouble, large magazine capacity and a quicker rate of fire.

Headshot builds:

In addition, the Headshot build is the modified version of the previous builds, one were we exchange heavy calibre, argon scope and removing the accuracy penalty. When we zoomed in upon dealing a headshot to enemies, argon scope will give a buff that increased critical chance. The buff will have a certain amount of time to a higher critical chance from there on successive shot will all be affected by the buff, as long as a headshot occurs.

Using this build will guarantee critical hits, especially those you like to aim for the enemy’s heads; this build is great for marksmen. This one is the best Warframe soma prime build updates.

Status builds:

However, We replace half of the mods in the build with status mods and elemental damage, retaining only a few of the previous mods. When rearranging the mods, the elements in the build may be changed.

Also, This build focuses on status effects that may occur causing their respected effect along with the normal weapon fire; focus on causing status effects by firing multiple rounds.

Hybrid build:

A hybrid build is a mixture of both status and critical chance within the build and the combination of few mods from each.

Top of the damage hybrid build is dealing with both status effects as well as critical hits. This build is great dealing from an area of effect status effects to damage over time; dealing all sorts from critical hits to normal shots.


In the games and especially if you manage to get the assault rifle during the mid or early game; by a lot, it will boost your damage output, now a days a soma prime still is the best weapons. Keep in mind that you can build any way you want; find your favourite and try out any of the builds above. If you have any question about the Warframe soma prime build then come to the comment section.

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