10 Must-Haves for Your Cross Country Road Trip in 2022

10 Must-Haves for Your Cross Country Road Trip in 2022

With the world returning to normal, many folks are looking to head out on a road trip in 2022. No matter if you are going coast-to-coast or just taking the time to explore your state, there are some must-have items you are going to need for a safe, smooth and enjoyable road trip.

So, grab your wallet, pack your cooler and check out this list of essential road trip gear for 2022.

1. First Aid Kit

Regardless of the destination, it’s always important to bring a first aid kit with you on your road trip. After all, you never know what might happen.

If you burn yourself with some hot coffee, smash your finger in your car door or just get an annoying little splinter, you will be glad that you packed a first aid kit to help handle such situations.

Fortunately, there are tons of great first aid kits that you can pick up online. You can purchase a first aid kit online and keep it secure and dry in a container to ensure it’s always at the ready.

2. Snacks and Beverages

When you spend hours on the road at a time, it is essential that you bring along some snacks and beverages to keep you and your fellow travelers from getting hangry or dehydrated.

Snacks and drinks are critical essentials when getting ready to hit the road.

3. A Car Cooler

If you are going to bring snacks and beverages on your road trip, you are going to need a way to keep everything cold and fresh. There’s nothing worse than a hot soda that has spent the day warming up in the car.

Therefore, you are going to want to bring a durable 50 qt. cooler along for the ride. This way, you can ensure that all of your snacks and beverages stay cool and refreshing, no matter how long you’ve been in the car.

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This means that picking up a phone mount is a must-have road trip accessory as this will allow you to keep your phone within your field of view while keeping your eyes on the road.

4. A Spare Set of Keys

Losing your keys while in the middle of nowhere is a great way to ruin your road trip. Not only will it completely derail things timewise, but you will also be out a few bucks from having to call a tow truck or locksmith.

However, all of this can be avoided by bringing along an extra set of car keys.

5. Roadside Emergency Kit

Just like bringing along a first aid kit for you and your passengers, you should also pack an emergency kit for your car as well. The fact is that anyone who has been on a road trip can tell you that things like dead batteries, flat tires and other unforeseen instances can easily surface. Therefore, you are absolutely going to want to pack one of the great roadside emergency kits available today.

6. An RFID Wallet

An untold number of people get their information stolen on road trips each year. One of the primary ways that this happens is through pickpocketing. However, in the digital age, many unsavory types have started to resort to electronic pickpocketing via RFID skimming, which picks up info about people’s debit and credit cards in seconds.

Because this danger exists, it is extremely wise to pick up a waterproof RFID wallet to help protect your information and finances from getting skimmed while on the road.

7. Cash

Even if your cards are all safe and sound from RFID readers, it is still a good idea to carry a bit of cash. The fact is that while you are on the road visiting different places, it is likely you will need a couple of coins for a meter, a few singles to tip some helpful people or even purchase things from small businesses that do not accept cards.

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For these and a thousand other reasons, it is critical to carry a bit of cash with you on your road trip.

8. Wipes

On road trips, showers can sometimes be few and far between. If you’ve ever driven non-stop for a considerable amount of time; you will understand the importance of bringing some wet wipes along for the journey.

Not only can these wipes serve to help you freshen up a bit; but they are very useful to have on hand for after touching gas pumps, spilt beverages and similar situations.

9. Portable Phone Charger

If you are going to be on the road for extended periods of time; you are going to need to charge your phone. Because your phone is likely to serve as your map, destination guide and emergency outreach method; staying charged up with a portable battery pack is vital to a smooth traveling experience.

10. A Phone Mount

In all likelihood, you aren’t going to be navigating the nation using paper maps. Therefore, your phone is probably going to be a critical road trip tool. However, continually looking down at your phone while driving is dangerous.

Hitting the Road in 2022

With things getting back to normal, getting out on the open road is on many people’s minds. Make sure that you make your journey as enjoyable as possible by bringing these 10 road trip essentials along for the ride.

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