How to Solve Common Challenges of Using a Video Streaming App

How to Solve Common Challenges of Using a Video Streaming App

Creating a live video app is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Difficulties can arise during the process, and you need to be prepared and aware of how to deal with Video Streaming App.

Difficulties come in all directions, no matter what you do. Creating a video streaming app is no exception. So you need to be able to cope with the challenges that will arise during the development process.

If you want to make your life easy and avoid any difficulties, then the best idea is to contact a video streaming app development company, which will help you make any project you want a reality.

Main challenges

Connecting to the stream

The most common problem you might face is difficulty in connecting to the stream. Your thread may fail to connect if you already have many active threads. Pages can have 5 active threads each and profiles can have 2. You will be able to start a new thread if you complete the active thread.

The speed and reliability of your internet connection are the most common cause of failure of live streams, especially if you are using a mobile phone. So if you can’t get live streaming in your app, the problem is most likely with your connection.

How do you get rid of this problem?

– Go live when you have a good connection, and if possible, use Wi-Fi instead of cellular data. This will help ensure a stable network.

– Before you start streaming, check the battery and make sure it has enough charge for the scheduled streaming time.

– Block incoming calls while streaming so that you are not interrupted.

– If you are concerned about the quality of your internet connection, make sure that the streaming is not interrupted if there is an interruption—no connection instead of Wi-Fi.

– If you are using a Wi-Fi network, make sure it is secured and designed for streaming. We are referring to a Wi-Fi network that cannot be used by other colleagues, event participants, or family members during the broadcast.

– If possible, use a dedicated internet connection instead of Wi-Fi.

– Take an internet speed test to determine your download speed. Any free internet speed test will work for you. Check the download speed and reset it to 20% to determine the bitrate you should set the streaming software.

The recommended speed is 4000 kbit/s (4 Mbit/s).

Choice of location

Typically, another problem speakers may face is the choice of location for broadcasting. You need to think carefully about this point and choose an ideal location where you will not be distracted from the stream.

Remember that the audience will be completely focused on you and what you broadcast. Therefore, all the little details, even such as the background, should be well elaborated.


Many people start to actively promote their broadcasts, but it is not always necessary to do so. Most applications actively notify their users that you are streaming, so in most cases, promotion is not necessary.

Don’t forget about broadcast content

Before you start broadcasting, it is best to write yourself a small plan to follow during your live broadcast. This will help you to avoid long silent pauses and to broadcast your audience uninterruptedly and termly on your chosen topic.

These are the main problems you may encounter when using such applications. So be prepared for such problems and know how to deal with them properly.

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