Threats to Crypto have never been greater but mass adoption is imminent

Threats to Crypto have never been greater but mass adoption is imminent

Block chain technology and cryptocurrencies have gained popularity recently and are beginning to become more widely used. Despite the hoopla around these technologies, there are still several obstacles to the widespread use of digital cryptocurrency market and crypto assets in day-to-day life.

With numerous factors coming together to influence its future trend and adoption in the short term; 2023 is emerging as a crucial year for the cryptocurrency industry. While there are numerous factors at play, the following three are the most important ones that will have an impact on the cryptocurrency market in 2023. Digital currency is now a reality in many countries where people invest in cryptocurrency trading through platforms like Digital Yuan Fails.

The general awareness 

One of the biggest barriers to mainstream bitcoin adoption is a general lack of understanding of what cryptocurrencies are and how they work. Greater awareness of the topic is required so that individuals can understand the risks associated with investing in digital money.

The new era of crypto 

With the Shanghai update, Ethereum will fully convert to a proof-of-stake (PoS) block chain; which is anticipated to dramatically boost the network’s efficiency.

When the Beacon Chain launched in December 2020, people put over 500,000 ETH into the staking smart contract, which marked the beginning of the PoS journey. The total circulating supply currently locked in the Beacon Chain contract has been reduced as a result of the approximately 17.5 million ETH currently safeguarded in the contract.

Users will be allowed to withdraw part of the locked-up ETH after the upgrade; raising worries about a potential rise in supply and subsequent downward pressure on the price of ETH.

The claims and market rise

Surprisingly, institutional funds who bought Mt. Gox claims from ordinary investors for a small portion of their worth are the biggest owners of the recovered Bitcoins.

One of the largest holders has declared that they intend to keep their Bitcoin despite the current legal dispute, allaying fears of a significant sell-off of trustee Bitcoin. 

However, even after claims receive their Bitcoin, there may still be some fear, skepticism, and ambiguity. This could cause some market volatility.

The independent digital currency 

Before, cryptocurrency existed in its own bubble that unrelated to traditional finance’s macroeconomic developments. 

But as traditional banking has gotten more and more entwined with the cryptocurrency market; it is becoming clear that these conditions have a big impact on the market. 

Inflation, the Dollar Index, the VIX, FOMC meetings; and bond yields are a few of the key drivers that influence the volatility and price direction of cryptocurrencies.

This occurred most recently with the failure of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB); whose excessive exposure to long-term government bonds was a major factor in its demise; and led to a bank run as a result of rising interest rates and the worsening state of the economy.

The market may move towards algorithmic stablecoins that entirely backed by cryptocurrency on-chain if the acceptance of fiat-backed stable coins continues to fall. 

The huge over-collateralization that can built into these stable coins would assist preserve the $1 peg during times of high volatility.

The bank and the investment 

Banks are making it more difficult for customers to buy cryptocurrency. For example, the U.K. high street bank Nationwide announced in February that it would impose daily purchase caps; and prohibit the use of credit cards to buy cryptocurrency. 

NatWest also revised its restrictions. Additionally, as its fiat partner Skill Limited would no longer provide banking services to the exchange; Binance announced the suspension of GBP deposits and withdrawals via bank transfers and quicker payments.

These limitations may result in a bad user experience for people looking to buy cryptocurrency market assets and may also raise consumer risk.


The existing macroeconomic and legal uncertainty, along with the modest capital inflow; point to a potential lack of a major increase in new cryptocurrency users for transactional services in 2023.

While consumers should adopt proper security practices when dealing with cryptocurrency transactions or investments; exchanges must make significant security improvement efforts.

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