7 Best Methods to Solve Dev Error 6068 in Windows 10

7 Best Methods to Solve Dev Error 6068 in Windows 10

How To Fix COD Warzone Dev Error 6068? What is the Main Reason for Error? 7 Best Methods that help to Solve Modern Warfare Dev Error 6068.10? Call of duty modern warfare – “DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error”.

Introduction of Dev error 6068:

All the players or gamers who are playing the famous game which is normally known as call of duty modern warfare. He is must aware of this Dev error 6068. But as we know that this game which is normally known as the call of Duty Modern Warfare is being so much popular across all over the world.

The player and gamers who are deep love of playing such kinds of games are better knows the errors which he may face during using the call of duty modern warfare game. There are different kinds of errors and issues may be a user face while playing this game. All of the games have not meant that they are perfect in all manners.

For example, the player can face or encounter the many kinds of errors which we are mentioning in this article like:

Error and their names:

Disk read error

Fatal error

CPU usage error

Dev error 6071

Dev error 6165

Dev error 6328

Dev error 6068

Dev error 6065 etc. etc.

What is the main reason behind this error dev error 6068?

In this article, we are trying to describe all in detail Dev error 6068 and will also describe the solutions for this error. So here we go:

Mostly the dev error is occurred due to the PC and game crash or black screens of the system. But sometimes it may because of some troubleshooting.

What is modern warfare dev error 6068?

modern warfare dev error 6068

The dev error usually occurs and appeared on the user and gamer’s screen with this error message. “DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error”. This error also indicates the service and support which may be a customer get through it”. It is also indicating that there is something wrong with the user system and the PC.

The game settings are required are too many high space settings in the user system and pc. The player should run his gaming computer as the administrator. But many factors may because of this error.

What are the methods or solutions to remove this error or dev error 6068?

In this article, we are trying to reach and cover up all the methods and solutions of this error which is normally known as the dev 6068.

Solution no#1: run call of duty modern warfare like an administrator:

If the player is facing this kind of error which is known as the cod dev error 6068 then the player should apply the first solution for this error then he should run call of duty modern like or as an administration.

This is the most useful solution for every kind of dev 6068. This is the best and first solution for removing the dev-related errors.

Step: 1: The user should open the Battle.net launcher and then open the call of duty.

 Step 2: Then click on the options and then open up the call of duty

 Step 3: Then you can see a drop-down menu and then click on show in explorer.

 Step 4: Then the player should right-click on the call of duty.

 Step 5: Then the user will be able to launch the call of duty modern warfare.

Solution#2: the deactivation of NVIDIA Overlaying:

If this error is not removed anyhow and this error is occurring due to the overlaying features with the programs.

Sometimes in the user system and pc, call of duty modern warfare dev error 6068 occurs due to the performance monitoring software (MSI). For removing this dev error, the player or gamer should disable this application for solving this error.

Step 1: 

the close call of duty and then start the processing of the task manager.

Step2: then the user should launch the GeForce Experience.

Step 3: then the user can see the left side of the windows, then he should click on the General tab.

Step 4: then the user should search in-game overlay options. And then the user should off status.

Step 5: then the gamer saves changes and he should exit GeForce Experience.

Solution #3: running SFC/DISM commands on PC:

If the pc has some corrupted files and DirectX then it can lead to the warzone dev error 6068. The user can repair these windows’ built-in utilities and also repairing this error. The user can repair corrupted files with the associated files and DirectX.

Solution#4: setting modern warfare to a high priority:

The player or gamer has the opportunity to avail the best high priority but this is not a good choice for the gamer. So if the user wants to remove this call of duty modern warfare dev error 6068, then he should use the modern warfare settings with the high priority. This is proven very helpful for the user and also for the gamer. Due to this reason, the user can get help from this solution. This is because the CUP and GPU can leads to the problem of heaviness.

Solution#5: modifying the gaming window to borderless:

If the player has still faced this error, then the user can remove this error and he can resolve this error by changing the game mode to the borderless level.

Solution#6: updating windows to the latest version:

As we all know that Microsoft releases its latest version for the latest system and operating system. The player should update the system with the latest drivers for boosting the computer system.

Solution#7: lowering the particle settings of the windows:

The player faces this error dev 6068 then he should remove this error by using the 3 frames and will also lowering particles settings for fixing this issue.

Solution#8: performing windows then clean installation:

If the player is still facing this Warzone error dev 6068, then he can resolve this issue will remove by installing and cleaning up the screen.

The Suggestion to fix Dev Error 6068:

Call of duty modern warfare is the best kind of game. Every age group related players and gamers are love to play this game. But it has so many issues regarding this call of duty modern warfare game. But many customers have to face these issues cod dev error 6068, but there are very useful solutions regarding this.

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