8 Things You Should Never Say When Buying a Used Car

8 Things You Should Never Say When Buying a Used Car

Some Features to take an account for Buying a Used Car are Cheap rate, less expensive deal, suspiciously clean, something special.

The car-buying decision is one of the most overwhelming decisions for a buyer who has been dreaming of an expensive car. If you have thought of buying a used car, certain things are there, which you’re not supposed to say or even do. 

However, it could still be a real hassle to put those propositions into words. 

Purchasing a car has always been a strenuous negotiation. The major con is that the sales associate deals daily with new customers, and you don’t. They know how to persuade you, but you don’t. 

Instead of scaring them off by telling them that you will check the VIN first, it would be better to stay quiet and proceed wisely. Let’s find out those 8 things, which you shouldn’t say while buying a second-hand car.  

8 Things Not to Say to a Dealer While Purchasing a Used Car

If it’s time to negotiate for a used car, keep yourself away from saying these things, mentioned below: 

“I love this car!”

Saying such overwhelming things to a car dealer would provide them with a hand up when it’s high time to close the sale. 

During a negotiation, you have to be more vigilant of what you are saying and how you are saying it. Therefore, telling them that I love this will do nothing but showcasing your commitment to buying. 

Despite pledging your fidelity, play it nicely and smartly. It would be better to act indecisive or noncommittal while you are asked for an opinion. However, you intend to let the dealer think that you could Buy a Used Car or even leave it. The capability to walk away from a deal will portray your best negotiator side.

“Is your car haunted as you want to sell this at a cheap rate?”

It could be a logical question to be bombarded on the car owners. As such, things might happen because cars might encounter a horrendous accident previously. But, such types of questions seem pretty unprofessional, and you may lose the car. 

If you are confused about the price, why they want to sell it off at a much-lowered rate, a VIN checkup will be helpful in this regard. 

Check this VIN check notes to identify every minute’s information about the car. So, ask for it politely without saying something unpleasant. This is because devaluing a good deal would never be a great idea!

“This car model is a gas guzzler, and I need a less expensive deal”

In case it seems funny to you, it’s a decisive insult to the car owner. Undoubtedly, they can offer you a fair deal after you spot minor rust or a dent, but not for the fuel economy. Let it be a 25-cylinder, 8-liter contraption. 

No one ever wants to do any business negotiation with the cheapskates. Therefore, if you have ever asked this question to any dealer, you indirectly insult them, and they will never want to sell their car to you. 

 “Here’s my budget”

The car owner might ask you this question about your budget before proceeding further. Here, you don’t have to say how much you can afford in advance. If you reveal your actual budget to them, who knows, you could have bought that used car at a lesser rate. 

Here, instead, answering such a question, overlook it in a tricky way and start talking about the specific features of that car you are interested in.

Don’t forget to discuss the rate you have seen to other car owners before approaching them and Buying a Used Car. They will eventually make a good deal when they understand that you have arrived here after good research.

“Your car is suspiciously clean”    

Such a statement seems like a check-mate at first glance. Such things might scare an owner off, even if they are genuine. It’s not something to ask directly as other methods are there to discover the dark history of the used car. 

One of the fantastic ways of identifying vehicle details is VIN lookup. Instead of asking this, ask them for the VIN number, or you may also take it if you know where the VIN is located. 

“What do you think? Asking your spouse in front of the owner”

You must have arrived at the owner’s door with your partner. So, before arriving there, discuss what you need to look at, your budget, and almost every relevant question. 

However, if any random thing appears and demands discussion, talk about it privately, not in front of the car owner. Open conversation with your spouse might weaken your negotiating position. 

“I don’t actually know my requirements and what I don’t need.”

In case you Buying a Used Car genuinely don’t understand your need, step back from that owner and the dealership as soon as possible. You must not appear at the owner’s door without conducting thorough research. 

All you need is to spend some crucial time defining your requirements and researching your options. Therefore, don’t procrastinate and say something before the owner, and don’t let them think you are stumped. 

“If there is something off about your car, is there any secret?”

This is a question that a car owner would never want to hear from you ever! It also seems like a check-mate condition. The car may have faced minor accidents in the earlier days, which allowed them to sell it as soon as possible. 

Also, it’s pretty common that you can’t expect the seller to let you know how they welded the car from a few different wrecks! Therefore, a VIN checkup is the best solution to explore all the secrets of the used car you want to purchase.   


If you have undergone all the aforementioned questions, you should never say to the car owner. So, rest assured you know precisely what you need. 

As gathering information is robust, negotiating while buying a used car would be a top-notch deal, which benefits you in the long run. Hence, keeping in mind what not to ask will help you grab an extraordinary deal while buying a second-hand car.  

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