Top 15 Funniest Jokes To Tell Your Crush For Impressing and Smiling

Top 15 Funniest Jokes To Tell Your Crush For Impressing and Smiling

Are You Also Looking for Ways to Impress Your Crush or Make Him Laugh? Here are Top 15 Cute Funny Jokes to Tell Your Crush. Then you are just at the right place and you can surely make her laugh by making her or him listen funniest jokes. But how you would get them?

Well, obviously there is the solution for everything and there are many ways to make your crush smile or even laugh. Sometimes we make laugh sometimes we make our crush special this is a cycle which we follow. But obviously, it is up to you and you have to choose what kind of way you are looking for your crush. But before you make your partner smile you need to make him or her fee; special. There are several of ways via which you can do it and you can start with him or her by showing appreciation.

Start with appreciation and continue it till you find the ways. The best to win the heart of crush starts with this and you can try to know him or her more. Until you know someone and until you find out about that someone you never know what kind of jokes you can make your crush listen. Yes, before you choose any jokes you can try to know her or him personally. You can even start with knowing her and that can be started with small gestures. Here are cute funniest jokes to tell your crush.

Know your crush at first

Yes, we all know that when we start liking someone we want to do everything for that person. So it is no big deal to make your crush feel special and there can be many ways than just letting her listen to some jokes. You can even go for other ways to make her a little bit special and jokes are some of the easiest ways to do. But when you try to know your crush at first you get to know ways to make him or her feel special.

Write to them some good jokes

Yes, this is also one of option which can be opted and you can impress your crush at the same time by telling them cute funniest Jokes.

Show her/ him something unique

Best way to deal with your crush is showing something which she or he never thought of like organising some events for him or her. You can also crack some jokes there to make her or him laugh and smile. Jokes are considered the best way of showing that you have a good sense of humour.

Be mindful with your jokes

But you need to mindful and careful when you do so. There are many crushes who got convinced because of good jokes and yeah it is not a joke. It is true many people notice what kind of jokes you are cracking and that reveals a lot about your personality. so you must be chosen cute funny jokes for your crush.

Pay attention via jokes

Yes, jokes can be one of the options to pay attention to your crush. You can make him or she listen to some good jokes and this would help your crush in understanding that you are paying attention to them. You can also ask her or him what kind of things they read and pay attention to that and when you pay attention to that you literally understand a lot about her or him.

Make her/ him feel special

Well, ‘laughter is the best medicine’ but when you laugh along with someone it changes the way you think.  So do not be shy away from laughing and making others around you laugh. If it is about making your crush nothing can be best than jokes. But when you are looking for jokes make sure you choose some classy and good jokes that will surely make you laugh at the good times. So what are you waiting for you have so many ways you can go and laugh all along with your partner or even you can make your crush laugh at the same time?

Laugh, laugh a lot

The best way to laugh is to start laughing with someone and sometimes it is friends with whom we laugh and sometimes it is our dear ones. Sometimes we look ways to make our crush feel smile or roll into laughter but what can be the ways this is the question. Because when it comes to making someone feel special we have lots of things in our hand we have lots of choices and that is how we have lots of ways to do that.

Bring a smile on their face

But when it comes to bringing a smile on the face of someone we have to be smart at the same time. We need to really look for some best option and we need to look for the best ways to make them smile. So do not miss a single chance to make someone smile or roll into laughter.

Crack some Cute Funny jokes and surprise your crush

When it comes to your partner you can definitely start with your near and dear ones. You can surely start with someone and you can make them smile or roll into laughter. I am sure those who are better at cracking good jokes they are better at impressing their crushes. It is definitely not a big deal to make someone smile if you pretty well know what kind of jokes you have to crack. You just need to know this how to do it.

Impress with good jokes

Then you are there you can pretty well do it and impress not just your crush but also everyone whoever is around you. So what are you waiting go ahead and look for some good and sensible jokes and surprise whoever is your crush? Tell her or him that yes you have this talent to and you have a good sense of humour.

Crack a joke with Ice- cream

So yes, you can surprise your crush by bringing them Ice- Cream and crack some good jokes, tell her or him funniest joke. This is the best way to tell funniest jokes to your crush.

Play some music and crack some joke

If you want to impress your crush then you can definitely play some music and crack some ton of jokes and enjoy your time.

Gift them and impress your crush

The best way to impress your crush with funniest jokes is to bring them their favourite gift and lots of laughter. So making them smile is also one kind of gift.

Be impressive rather than depressive

Those who know how to bring a smile, are the ones who know how to impress. So yes you can impress your crush by making them laugh.

Laugh and make other laughs

Yes, if you are good at it both ‘laughing and making others laugh’ then there are chances your crush would surely be impressed.


You have Google and there is everything available you can surely think about it and you can surely look for the best ways to do it. It is not a big deal to do it. Above are 15 cute funniest jokes to tell your crush for impressing. You can look for jokes if you do not know how to start it then you can take help of Google and you can look for some best and good jokes. Websites are full of options and you will definitely do to find it out. You are definitely going to impress your crush by telling cute funny jokes to your crush. If you want to learn more about cute funniest jokes to tell your crush then click here.

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