Top 16 Psychological Facts About Human Behavior

Top 16 Psychological Facts About Human Behavior

Top 16 Mind-Blowing Psychological Facts About Human Behavior. Psychological Facts About Personality that will Blow Your Mind.

The human mind is extremely complicated and intriguing. Psychology, the science of the human psyche is discovering more interesting facts about us a day. Understanding the psychology behind why we behave the way we do, how we treat others, and express ourselves is usually very appealing. Here are a number of the mind-blowing psychological facts About Human Behavior and personality that specifies the attribute.

No1: It takes up to seven pieces of contrary information to vary the primary impression

We all know the importance of first impressions. They’re easy and quick to form and that they have an excellent impact on almost every aspect of our lives – romantic relationships, carriers, even friendships. Therefore, we always try hard to form an honest first impression. Psychological studies show that it takes around 7 pieces of data that are contrary to the primary impression to vary it. As an example, if your first impression of your new colleague was that he’s a nasty person, he will need to do up to 7 nice things to vary your first impression.

No2: It takes five positive things to outweigh one negative thing

Humans have a rather unfortunate tendency called “negative bias”. This suggests we remember bad things quite great, especially if those things have something to try to with ourselves. This is often why you’re likely to forget the compliment your coworker gave you about your presentation, but you can’t stop brooding about the very fact that some stranger at the stop said your shoes were ugly. Studies have shown that it takes five positive things to counteract that one negative.

No3: We care more a few single people than about massive tragedies

There are many mass tragedies throughout history. But we always seem to worry more about individual cases and one person quite for the demise of many people. People donate more to save lots of one ailing stranger than to stop hunger that’s killing many people per annum. Our brains are wired to worry more about the people ahead of folks. When the matter feels too big, we figure we will do little about it and don’t engage the maximum amount. This is mind-blowing Psychological Facts About Human Behavior and personality.

No4: None of our memories is completely true

You’ll think you’ve got an ideal memory. But, there’s a proven tendency of our brain to make ‘false memories’. They’re not lies, per se. This tendency of our brains is unconscious. Believe things once you tell your friend something that happened to you. Since your memory isn’t perfect or eidetic, you won’t remember all the small print. You don’t remember the precise time of the day something happened or what you were wearing. Except for the advantage of the story, your brain will complete your memory with false details to form your story complete.

No5: People perform nearly as good as we expect them to

If someone is aware you expect tons of them, they’re highly likely to perform better than they might if they didn’t realize your expectations. This goes the opposite way, too. If you let someone know you’ve got low expectations, they’re unlikely to accomplish much. This is often referred to as the Pygmalion effect and it’s often called the “self-fulfilling prophecy”. The key behind this effect is explained best during a school setting. If teachers believed that a student was “gifted”, they might act in ways in which encouraged that student and he or she would actually live up to the assumption of teachers.

No6: Power makes people less humane

As Lincoln once said, “If you would like to check a man’s character, give him power”. One psychological study proved this tendency. A Stanford experiment involved two groups of participants divided into “prisoners” and “guards”. There was no difference between the 2 groups aside from power. Because the study went on, “guards” began to behave in ways they might not usually act in their everyday lives. Having power made one group of individuals loosen their moral principles and become crueller.

No7: Peer pressure makes us change our beliefs and behaviors

 People have a robust desire to be accepted by their peers. This is often a well-known truth. We frequently change our appearance or our attitudes to blend in with our friends. But, we are often unaware of what extent we are prepared to vary under peer pressure. As an example, people are willing to form big changes in lifestyle, like becoming vegetarian, when influenced by the opposite members of their social groups. This is interesting and mind-blowing Psychological Facts About Human Behavior and personality.

No8: If you think you are not in a Dangerous Situation

If you think that there’s no shake a dangerous situation, you’ll stop fighting it’s easy to assume that once you are in peril, you’d do everything to urge yourself out. But, this is often not always true. Once you encounter a situation that you simply have tried to flee, but with no success, you’ll eventually hand over and stop fighting. Regardless of what uncomfortable belongings you experience, the knowledge that you simply can’t do anything to prevent it causes you to very passive. This phenomenon is named learned helplessness and it explains the behavior of some kidnap victims that at some point simply stop trying to escape.

No9: It is paralyzing to have too much choice

No matter what the choice is, we all love to have many options that we can choose from. Whether it is our wardrobe, jobs or life partners, we love to have many options and chose what works best for us. But, too much choice actually makes us incapable of choosing in the end. Decision paralysis occurs when we have to select from too many options. The human brain simply isn’t designed to process and compare too many alternatives. This is what often happens when people go grocery shopping. They stay in the aisle of a supermarket for a very long time, unable to choose between 50 different types or flavors of yogurt.

No10: Having the same opponent

Having the same opponent can make people bond People bond over many things – similar interests, same opinions and beliefs or mutual friends. But, there is one thing that makes even very different people with very little in common, bond very quickly. That thing is having the same opponent or enemy. When people have the same rival, they join strengths and unite to overcome them. This explains several kinds of mind-blowing Psychological Facts About Human Behavior. It is the secret behind the unity of sports teams, armies but also of complete strangers when facing natural disasters and other adversities.

No11: If you can delay gratification, you will be more successful

One adorable development in a psychological study showed that kids who are able to delay gratification and not eat a marshmallow came to be more successful as grownups. The ability to be patient and delay gratification seems to be really important, especially for academic success. To succeed in education, especially a college education, one must often delay all sorts of pleasures. You must study and therefore you can’t watch that great new movie or party with your friends all night. Not all people have this kind of willpower. If you can delay pleasure, it is a good sign that you will be successful.

No12: Love is a more important aspect of the parent-child bond than food

There is always the question of what is more important for creating the parent-child bond, the love or the fact that parents are feeding the baby. It turns out that a parent’s love is more important than the food they provide. Given the opportunity to choose, baby monkeys always go to the artificial mother who is warm and furry than to one that has food but is cold. Cold, unloving mothers that just provide minimal care for the baby don’t form the right parent-child bond. Showing love for a baby is essential for creating that unique bond.

No13: If we have a plan B, our plan A is less likely to work

Many people tend to always have a backup plan in case something goes wrong. But, it seems that sometimes that actually makes the first plan fall through. When we make a plan B, we don’t try to make plan A work as much as we would if we didn’t have the backup plan. We think we are safe if plan A doesn’t work because we have the alternative. What’s more, when we realize we have other options, our motivation for succeeding the first time around decreases. This one is also a mind-blowing Psychological Facts About Human Behavior and personality.

No14: Food tastes better when someone else makes it

Have you ever thought that your roasted potatoes will never taste as good as your mom’s? Well, you are very likely correct and the reason has nothing to do with your cooking skills. When you prepare the food yourself, you spend much time fiddling with it, and your enthusiasm fades. You’re around it goodbye that it feels less exciting by the time you really dig in—and that, subsequently, decreases your enjoyment. But, when someone else prepares it, the dish is new to you and thus very exciting.

No15: When you feel like you’re low on something (like money), you obsess over it

Do you know that feeling when you are low on cash and you can’t think about other things? You keep obsessing over the fact that money is scarce. Our brains are sensitive to the lack of things. It is easy for humans to neglect or overlook what we have in abundance and focus on what we don’t have enough of. When people have enough money, for instance, they plan their finances better. But, when they are low on cash, they always need reminding to pay the bills. They don’t think about how they will get by. Their main focus is the lack of money.

No16: We’re convinced that the future is bright

Whatever you may think about your life at the moment; chances are that you think things will get better than they are now. We have an “optimism bias” when thinking about the future. It is the tendency to believe the future is bright. It probably is what motivates us to keep on planning and putting in the effort from one day to another. We usually think we’ll get a better job, buy a new car, and move to a bigger home. Everything is rosy in our perspective.

However, life may turn out to be, hoping and dreaming often helps us get through tough times. Learning about human psychology is always very interesting. We hope these facts shed some light on the behavioral tendencies you might have noticed in yourself and in other people. Have you experienced any of these tendencies? After reading this you are able to know about Mind-Blowing Psychological Facts About Human Behavior. Psychological Facts About Personality that will Blow Your Mind.

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