Goth Egg Biography 2022 – Career, Boyfriend, Net Worth & More

Goth Egg Biography 2022 – Career, Boyfriend, Net Worth & More

Goth Egg, Famous TikTok Star from California, United States has gained massive popularity With more than 15 million fans on his TikTok account,


Goth Egg, also known as TikTok Star, has gained massive popularity among the children and teenagers of the world over the past few years. With more than 15 million fans on his TikTok account, She had achieved stardom in no time and is loved by millions worldwide. 

However, there are several things that you may not know about her, including his net worth, height, girlfriend, and many more facts that you may be wondering about right now. Here’s your guide to everything you need to know about her in one place!

Who is Goth Egg?

Goth egg is a TikTok star who has been getting massive popularity in a short time. She became famous when he posted a video on TikTok titled How to Say I Love You. The video generated a lot of views and likes. People were also loving his other videos, including How to stop being afraid to do certain things and so on.

She was born on January 3 of, 1974, so she’s 44 years old right now, which means she got pregnant with all three of her children when she was 20 years old, and all three of her children were born when she was 21 or 22 years old respectively (although they were not all born at once). So it makes her older than his two siblings, but we don’t know how much older he is since that information hasn’t been released to the public yet by his family members.

Her Real Name

Goth egg’s real name was never revealed by him or anyone else. He uses Goth Egg as his username on every platform like Instagram, Facebook, etc. In an interview with one of his fans, he confirmed that he was from America, but it wasn’t clear which state he was living in. She did not reveal anything about his family members, including his parents and siblings. Instead, he shared some of his childhood photos where three other boys and She have the same hairstyle. 

The other boys also look very similar to each other as well so they could be brothers or cousins of Goth, or they might be friends who live together but later split up to different places after growing up together. She also said that he had a good school life back then because everyone loved him at school.

How old is Goth Egg?

Goth Egg

Goth Egg is 21 years old. She was born on May 1, 1996, in Australia. His birth sign is Taurus. He has a brother named Six and a sister named Silence, also YouTubers. All three of them were born on Mother’s Day in 1996. Their mother’s name is Heidi Strasser, who also creates YouTube videos with them and helps them edit their videos and create content for their channels. 

She goes by several nicknames, including Gothic Algae and Gothic Snowflake. Also, She goes to college now, but before then, he attended school in seventh grade through twelfth grade. She didn’t go to college immediately after graduating high school as most people do; instead, he decided to wait until later before deciding what to do next with his life. 

Where does Goth Egg live now?

TikTok Star Goth Egg lives in California, United States. According to her Instagram bio, she lives in Sacramento. She doesn’t share where exactly she lives, but she frequently posts photos of California. A quick search on Instagram will show you that she often visits Los Angeles and San Francisco. 

She also seems to live near Hollywood because it looks like her photos have been taken from there many times. In addition to that, it looks like GothEgg loves traveling and has visited many countries like France and China. After graduating from High School, Goth went into full production mode on video making while expanding his brand outside of TikTok while growing more followers along the way.

Who is Goth Egg’s boyfriend?

She likes to keep private about her personal life. Although we know little about who she’s dating at present, she hinted at having a boyfriend on Instagram when responding to negative comments. We know even less than his name or occupation, but we know he’s 18-years-old (the same age as Goth). It could be why he has not been featured in any of her Vines or Tik Tok videos!

Goth Egg net worth and income source

She is making money from being an online celebrity with over 11 million followers on TikTok. She earns money in several different ways, including sponsorships, brand deals, and advertisements for products such as clothes and snacks. 

It’s hard to tell exactly how much she makes per month because she doesn’t reveal how many ads she runs per day; however, if you assume that a typical advertisement makes an ad agency around $5 per thousand impressions, then it looks like Gothic Eggs’ ads are doing well since they’re getting millions of views daily!

Who are Goth Egg’s Parents and Siblings?

Goth Egg was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. Her biological parents are not known to anyone. She has two adopted sisters (her fellow TikTok stars, Hennessy and Sofia) who were adopted at a young age by her foster parents, Mr. & Mrs. Williams. Goth’s foster father passed away five years ago, but her mother still lives with her in Los Angeles, where she moved after getting pregnant when she was 17. Goth rarely talks about her childhood on social media or YouTube, which implies that things might have been traumatic for her growing up. 

It isn’t clear how long Goth has been living in LA or where she lived before that, but she does mention having visited New York on multiple occasions implying that either LA is where she grew up, or it’s where both of her adoptive parents lived before, they died. In any case, Goth now appears to be settled down and living permanently in Los Angelos.

What school did Goth Egg attend, and what degree did she graduate with?

Goth Egg

She is currently a student at New York University and still studying her degree program. She has not revealed her degree yet. Further, she also doesn’t have any plans to pursue a career in the acting or modeling industry. The TikTok star started uploading makeup tutorials on YouTube back in 2015 with just an iPhone 5S and a selfie stick as her first assets for YouTube channel creation purposes. She has also attended many music events and award ceremonies like Radio Disney Music Awards. 

Goth Egg Awards & Achievements: Apart from getting over 6 billion TikTok videos views, She was awarded the Best Lifestyle Influencer Award at Social Media Week in New York City. She was also invited to speak at TEDx Talks Conference hosted by Lori Greiner Inc.

Goth Egg Wiki: 

Even though She has not revealed any of her financial records; however, we have estimated that her net worth could be around 12 million dollars.

When did Goth Egg start TikTok stardom career? 

Goth Egg became a TikTok star in December 2018 with her viral lip-sync video named Pelo Daddy Lip Sync (Manny Mix) TikTok Star. She became famous for that video and many other girl-boyfriend lip sync videos. Her ‘boyfriend’s name is Tik Tok Boyfriend. 

when was her first video uploaded on the TikTok video app in China?

Her videos are popular among TikTok users. What we know about her from her biography! That she is 18 years old from Guangzhou in China. Her birthday was on February 22, 1999. She was born in Guangzhou, China, under the Aries star sign and the sun sign of Pisces. Her height around 165 cm or 5’5 tall and weight around 48 kg or 106 lbs. Her father’s name is not known.


Goth egg has a tattoo of Live Your Dreams on the back neck, which means to live their dreams no matter what. Her real Chinese full name is either Sun Yujie. But we think it should be Sun Yu Qi because Sun Yujie has many fans like #SunYuJie Fanclub Online & others on social media with the same first name, and She said online that she had started using English-name’ Goth’.

Some Facts about Goth Egg’s nationality, including birthplace, ethnicity, religion.

Goth Egg

On November 4, 2003, she was born in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Currently 23 years old. She was born to an American father and a Thai mother. Her paternal grandfather was an American serviceman during the Vietnam War. Her paternal grandmother was a Thai national from Indonesia who moved to Udon Thani with her family before World War II broke out in that country. Because Goth Egg’s parents are both citizens of foreign countries, she holds dual citizenship herself. 

She has also said that she’s been thinking about learning Vietnamese to better communicate with other members of Vixx in their native language when they go abroad together for overseas performances or promotions. She may or may not have ended up studying it. Her cultural background allows her to speak English fluently, Thai, and Mandarin Chinese.

She can probably understand Korean since she most likely heard speaking it from time to time growing up but can’t necessarily claim fluency in any of these languages yet without more experience speaking them.

Social Profiles

Goth egg TikTok star recently has been in the news for talking about political views. However, he has a minimal fan base as he only has 11000 followers on YouTube and over 500 fans on Twitter. 

There are no other details available regarding Goth Egg’s biography, but as mentioned above, he is a popular YouTuber and is famous among TikTok users. Also, on YouTube, he goes by the name TikiManonacast. I noticed is that Tiki never uploads anything other than lip-syncing content, which made me think about him being gay. Still, I will not confirm or deny it because there are zero details about his sexuality or dating life.

Frequently Asked Questions

​1. How old is Goth Egg?

On February 7, 1998, she was born in Norfolk, Virginia. As of 2019, they are 20 years old.

2. What ethnicity is She has?

Though there are no facts about Goth Eggs’ ancestry or ethnicity at present, we can make a safe guess that they belong to a white American background.

3. What is Goth ‘Eggs’ height and weight?

There are also no facts about Goth Egg’s height and weight, but as per his body statistics, it seems like She has a slim body type which makes him look pretty handsome.

4. Is Goth Egg married? 

There aren’t any records of Goth eggs being married yet; however, one day, he will get married to his future wife! But, till then, he has not revealed anything regarding whom will be his future spouse!

5. Who is Gothic Eggs’ current boyfriend?

At present, there are no records of him being in any relationship, so if you want some real answers to all these questions, keep your eyes glued for more news updates as we always keep updating our content with new information daily!

6. What is Goth Eggs net worth?

According to sources, Goth egg’s net worth is approximately 6 million dollars. This net worth looks astonishingly well on her because of his young age. We hope that soon shortly, he will increase his net worth by twice more as it currently is.

7. What is Goth Egg’s education degree or qualification?

According to sources, what we know until now about Goth Egg’s education degree or qualification stands true only until high school, when he graduated from the University School of Nova Scotia [USNS].

8. Where does Goth Egg live right now, and what are her living conditions?

Sources reveal that She lives in the United States of America (USA) presently, where he resides with his family members, especially his parents and siblings. To date, she hasn’t moved out of his hometown event after becoming famous worldwide!

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