Best Video games with Black Protagonists to Play in Free Time 2021

Best Video games with Black Protagonists to Play in Free Time 2021

The best Video games with Black Protagonists are Franklin Clinton – Grand Theft Auto V, Lincoln Clay – Mafia III, Barret Wallace – Final Fantasy VII, etc…

Representation in entertainment matters. Although many video game producers have said they want to work on increasing the number of black and brown faces in their products, they have come up short. That does not mean we cannot or should not look at some of the best video games that have been released with black protagonists. We’re going to take a sweeping look at entertainment in general; why black characters are so important to us; and look at some of the best examples of representation in modern video games.

How People Like to Spend Their Free Time These Days

When looking at the present day, it’s interesting to consider how people spend their time. In the past, the same activities that would have been condemned for being too nerdy are now the ones that everyone likes to do. For example, a lot more people are openly playing video games these days than ever before. In the past, video games were looked at as a waste of time, but now we have e-sports, regular competitions, and more.

Much in the same way that video games were maligned in the past; society is reconsidering the notion of dating online. Currently, somewhere in the area, half of all young adults have used an online dating service to meet someone for romance. People are even seeking out their romantic partners by using sites that are specifically tailored towards them. That’s why using a quality black dating site to find someone special became the most popular way of seeking new connections nowadays.

Such dating platforms make it simple to meet people from various backgrounds and cultures, including black individuals. Within such a site, you’ll find Black Americans, Africans, and individuals who have some form of mixed Afro ethnicities, such as people in Haiti, Brazil, and other places. Dating sites like these make finding the right partner simple, and they are socially acceptable.

Another modern pastime that people take part in is online communications, like when they use a social media site. These sites are utilized to help people make friends, share news, and learn about the world around them. The ways that people spend their free time these days are numerous; but they all show a desire to share a part of themselves with others.

Why Do We Fall in Love with Game Characters?

Who is the one video game character that you truly resonate with? Is it the heroic Mordin Solus from the Mass Effect series? Or do you prefer to be part of a morally gray group like you found in Spec Ops: The Line? We all gravitate towards certain characters in video games, and we do so for many reasons. Sometimes, we admire people that can make the hard choices that we could not, even if that means facing the end of their lives.

Other times, video game characters are so well-written that we can’t help but fall in love with them a little bit. They’re complex, emotional, and given life with voice acting and screen capture. Another thing about video game characters goes beyond the intentions of the writers. Sometimes, we see a bit of ourselves in those video game characters; and we like to think that we could follow the same path as them.

Maybe we are the kind of person that has been waiting to take charge even though we put on an uncaring face to the world. We could be the ones to leap into action if given the opportunity. These reflections of ourselves that we see in games are enough to make us identify closely with characters; and become more invested in their tale, especially when we have control over it.

Best Games with Black Protagonists

Now that we have looked at why video games are so important as entertainment as well as why people love video game characters let’s get back to the topic at hand. Black protagonists or secondary protagonists in video games. When you look at the list, it’s a little short because we still lack a lot of powerful Black protagonists. That being said, we have some notable entries, including:

Franklin Clinton – Grand Theft Auto V

Franklin is one of three protagonists in GTA V. He is probably the one that the developers were most careful with. He is a gangbanger, but he realizes that he has to do something bigger with his life and escape his circumstances. That character can be relatable to many, even if he is rough around the edges.

Lincoln Clay – Mafia III

Not every Black guy wants to escape “the life,” though. Lincoln Clay works his way up the ladder of the local mob in New Bordeaux. He has many paths before him, and some of them end in violence, and others end in him reaching paradise. He may leave it all behind. This character is well-planned out and shows the difficulties that come with being a Black man in the U.S.

Barret Wallace – Final Fantasy VII

Barret Wallace is literally fighting to make a future for his adopted daughter. He fights against Shinra and later Sephiroth, but he’s not a goody-two-shoes character. He’s tough, willing to fight, and has a dangerous past. Barret Wallace is one of the best Video games to play with Black Protagonists.

Alyx Vance – Half-Life 2 / Half-Life: Alyx

Alyx is a great young woman who is proven to be smart, efficient; and more than capable in her combat faculties. She comes to the rescue for Gordon on many occasions; but the game doesn’t flesh out her character enough beyond her backstory.

Miles Morales – Spider-Man: Miles Morales

The Black and Latino Miles Morales Spider-Man took the world by storm. He’s a complicated young man who has a bit more to manage in his life due to his parents still being around and his burgeoning work as Spider-Man. He’s more streetwise but also a nerd at heart. The game does him justice but has some work to do with parsing his lineage.

Video games are a great way to learn about ourselves and others. That is why it is so important for more video games to feature Black people in leading roles. Hopefully, the next list that is written on this topic is much fuller with black protagonists.

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