Are You Sure If Your Handbag Brand is Ethically Conscious?

Are You Sure If Your Handbag Brand is Ethically Conscious?

How to check Handbag Brand for Sustainability, Ethics, and Social Consciousness? Some Important Features of Popular handbag brand that you must know before buying.

Women, when asked to name one accessory that can make their life simple together with jazzing their outfits up, say only one name- handbags. And every woman who is fond of fashion can never be less obsessed with handbags. But between the fondness and obsession, we are somewhere leaving behind recognizing our handbag brand.

It is indubitably true that for a woman, imagining the world without handbags is impossible. But, it is also not righteous that the earth and environment have to suffer because of a fashion accessory. Sustainability is the need of the hour, and every industry, including fashion, must exercise its responsibility to work for the safety of nature.

The leather bag industry is one of the largest in the fashion world that causes harm to all; environment, resources, humans, and animals. Still, it is one of the most demanded products in the world. It may be because of the lack of information on the subject or less awareness. But this problem needs to find a solution soon.

And being the market drivers, you and other consumers can be the driver of the change as well. You only need to be cautious and aware before buying any product from any handbag brand. You only have to research a bit and see if they are ethically active, socially conscious, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly. Once you see all this, you can be sure that the brand is what you must go for or not.

How to check Handbag Brand for sustainability, ethics, and social consciousness?

As knowledgeable and aware consumers of today, you must have the curiosity of understanding every bit and part of the product you consume. It is not only your right but also your responsibility. And to begin with, you must learn everything about your popular handbag brand.

Out of all things, leather products are one of the most dangerous items produced today. Even after the introduction of sustainable alternatives of leather, people still have a viewpoint that leather is suitable. But when you see the backstory, it might leave you jittery.

So, as a responsible citizen who is willing to see a change in the scenario of the production of leather, you must notify the following things in your handbag brand. It can help you differentiate between what brand is morally justified and ethically responsible.

Handbag Brand Important Features:

  • If a product causes harm to the natural resources largely, it is regarded as non-sustainable. Leather tanning causes the depletion of natural resources, including land and water, to an extent we can not even imagine. So, if you choose from a leather brand, you are definitely going against sustainability.
  • Leather, directly and indirectly, causes animal suffering and slaughtering. Even though most of the raw material for leather comes from the dairy industry, animals like snakes, horses, crocodiles, tortoises, and alligators are killed purposefully for their skin. And no reason can justify killing innocent animals.
  • Being socially responsible is a moral duty of any handbag brand. If the brand exploits its employees in any manner, involves child labor, forces extra working hours, or does not keep the safety of the workers at priority, the brand should be boycotted.
  • Last but not least, if the brand you choose is involved in any sort of testing of products on animals, it is causing harm. It can not be considered cruelty-free. So you know what to choose and what not to. 

What should you do?

It is a fact; our society is consumption-oriented. Also, You, as consumers, have the authority to bring as many changes as you want. You change the trends, you change fashion, you bring a brand up; you push a brand down, and we can go breathless if we continue listing the power of a consumer.

But with great power comes great responsibility too. And when it comes to safeguarding the environment for the future, you must be more than ready to exude your capabilities. What you can do is reject anything unethical, against animal welfare, or that harms the planet, be it your popular handbag brand or any other segment of any other industry.

Unknowingly, we consume and spend too much on harmful things to every species on the planet. But it is better to begin late than never. So, you can do so much to protect beautiful nature. Otherwise, we will all end up in a vicious circle of the broken food chain, unbalanced ecosystem, and pollution, coming out of which will become impossible.


To our surprise, many top handbag brands, for which leather was a good source of income, have given up on producing leather, harming any species, or depleting the planet’s resources in any manner. And if the big brands along with you become the torchbearer, things can change drastically. So, it is now that you can showcase your moral behaviors towards the environment and work to safeguard it for the next generation.

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