Why should you buy group health insurance?

Why should you buy group health insurance?

A group health insurance refers to an insurance plan offered to a group of workers or members working for a company or organization. As a result, it is frequently referred to as employee health insurance. When health insurance is provided as a benefit to employees in this circumstance, the company occasionally pays the whole premium.

Employees can get financial stability with this coverage during medical emergencies; while businesses can profit from tax breaks on premiums paid. A group insurance plan may even cover a worker’s family members (parents, spouse, dependent children). Following the COVID-19 shutdown (as per the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs); all commercial and industrial firms, workspaces; and offices forced to offer Group Medical Insurance coverage to their personnel. Let us have a look at the various advantages of group health insurance.

Benefits of Group Health Insurance:

  1. Improve staff re-engagement: In the case of a medical emergency, providing health insurance to your employees and their families gives them financial security. Therefore, it is more probable that workers will feel secure working for your business and stick with it for a long time.
  1. Assistance with mental health: For many workers, life’s uncertainties can be stressful. Their mental health may severely impacted by financial stress and health issues. By using virtual facilities such as teleconsultation with mental health professionals, you can help employees manage their stress levels.
  1. Protect employees from significant health issues: A group health insurance coverage may provide perks such as quick physician consultations and fitness tracking. Employees can even seek guidance from dietitians on how to improve their behaviours and avoid significant health concerns. Such preventative healthcare practices can help people live healthier lifestyles.
  1. More persons will increase the benefits of the arrangement: Benefits for policyholders grow as more people covered by group insurance policies. Various benefits, including coverage for pre-existing diseases, hospital costs, and other benefits, come at a higher cost to them.
  1. Family protection is covered: Depending on the policy; your family may also covered by group insurance policies. These programs protect the dependents of the employees by providing them with support when they are in need. Family members could be required to get another family health insurance plan and make the premium out of their own wallets if this not feasible.
  1. Simple to file a claim: In group health insurance plans, all you need to do is get in touch with your employer and present him or her with the necessary receipts rather than chasing different insurance firms. The employer makes sure that your claim request granted since a sizable range of employees covered. Even the employees would like the cashless system.


These arrangements set up pre-existing illness coverage and maternity-related costs. In some circumstances, employees may be able to cover their additional family members under the plan for a little larger deductible. These are the many benefits of having group health insurance. This is the reason behind its increasing popularity.

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