Hold Person 5e D&D 5th Spell – Warlock Guide, Attributes, and Uses

Hold Person 5e D&D 5th Spell – Warlock Guide, Attributes, and Uses

Hold Person 5e Spells. Hold Person 5e is the 2nd level Spell which can be easily found in the Player’s Handbook of Dungeons and Dragons.

From era to era games have witnessed a transformation and the percentage of game watcher just increase each day. The focus of the game is only drawing ‘fun and entertainment into the lives of people. But in the last two decades the face, size; and the whole concept of the game have only gone through a transformation and in modern time.

Things are more interesting and joyous. People today are enjoying games for several reasons like they get to play games in their own way. They are designed in such a way and Hold person 5e is one of them and it is quite enjoyable.

History of Hold person 5e

Hold person 5e

Games have today turned into the digital world and with time they just have covered a beautiful journey of artist, art and graphics. They actually are in the best era because now everything has gone digital and it is just adding fun and entertainment.

But if we see today games are affecting society in a big way and they are not just drawing our attention; but they are becoming more of our part. Any games from the previous world to the 21st century have played a major role in the lives of people and affecting even lives.

Hold person 5e is not one of those wars which have won the heart of people because it is not like which represents slaughter, murder or anything like that. That let people play the game with interest and peace and games have just become part of the lives of people.

If they take the name of entertainment ‘Hold person 5e’ is one of those games, actually, games have become part of this society and source of fun and entertainment. It is also a life full of a list of good characters and a list and it; of course, has drawn the attention of millions of people because of its nature. It just adds fun and people are just looking for and it; of course, has made many people look for it because this one stands different from other ones.

World of Hold person 5e

Dungeons and Dragons

hold person 5e is a war game and this game is also different from other war games because it does not give such a load that people could not carry this time. Actually, this one does not promote slaughter and violence like other war games does and this is where it earns the respect and interest of people because it does not carry such kind of load. 

Dragon and Dungeon is one of those games which have made win favourite list and name and fame among people for several reasons. It actually carries much flexibility and rules and regulations are also comfortable and it simply means that Dungeon Masters are full of free for creating their own fantasy campaign settings.

hold person dnd 5e game is also full of wizards, weapons, spells and charms but still; it stands alone in the queue of the game and tops the list of a favourite game. From character to plot everything has been designed carefully and in much a more unique way.

The sword and sorcery are some of the things which have their own way of getting enjoy their whole quality. In this game, they follow the rules of playing through a fantasy world where all the characters, costumes are of the choice of players and that is why everything seems a little easier.

More about hold person dnd 5e

Birthright – It has a divine empowered ruler of the nations and it has even a broad scope so in total it makes it even worth playing and having a wonderful time.

Blackmoor – There is an original setting of the played dungeon and dragon and this is created by Dave Arneson. However, anyone who plays this finds out interesting and funny to play. From time to time, it found its publications and made things even more wonderful and beautiful.

About the characters of hold person 5e

Hold person 5e

Actually, Dungeons and Dragons have very pretty characters who are full of enthusiasm and a wonderful journey. Characters are very important to this whole game because they represent a great number of audiences and their interest in these characters.

There are characters like Drizzt Do’Urden, Artemis Entreri, Mordenkai, Elminster, Vecna, Strand Von Zarovich and each character represent something. These characters have their own spell, charm and that is why, they react according to their own magic, spell and charm because these are the things that are weapons of this.

Hold person 5e –

Casting Time – 1 Action

Range – 60 feet

Components – V, S, M (a small and straight piece of Iron)

Duration – Concentration up to 1 minute

Choose a humanoid and this can be seen under the range. On the other hand, the target should also go and get success on a wisdom saving via or be paralyzed for the time. Then by the end of each time, it gets turns and the target even gets another wisdom saving throw. On success, the spell immediately ends on the target.

At higher levels – Also when any players use the spell slot of the 3rd level or even higher, then users are allowed for one additional humanoid for every slot level above 2nd. Also, the humanoid should also be less than 30 feet from each other when you have to target them. But these tricks help to get over this and play this even much better.

Spell Lists – bard, druid, Cleric, Sorcerer, warlock, Wizard

Arcane red light green light

Hold person is a very polite and simplest way of saying ‘’screw you in particular’’ that is with DND 5e from the very initial at the starting iteration of any game. Plus if anyone sees it even does not count the spell, there are even countless ability uses and quite a few questions. Well, the spell is of course are of different types and that even represent different things. It has of course countless ability and they help in winning some of the parts of it.

The Spell Itself

Hold person 5e

In this game, there is rule and regulation of digging into the specifics and taking a look at the raw spell straight from the 5e itself: –

Hold Person

2ND level enchantment

Casting Time: 1 Action

Range: 60 feet

Components: V, S, M (A small straight piece of iron)

Timing – Concentration up to 1 minute

Who is able to pick up the cast hold person 5e?

Well, this one ‘hold person 5e’ is also known as holding a bunch of spell lists and anyone can cast it, just in case if you are a bard, druid, cleric, sorcerer or warlock. On the other hand, there are many of the class archetypes and this gets the spell specifically; and it permits you to cast hold person as a druid of the circle of the land (arctic); a cleric of the order domain or the paladin with the vow of revenge; the promise of conquest and even the oath of the redemption.

How does a hold person 5e work?

Dungeons and Dragons

However, this is about working fundamentally and saving or sucking spells. This hold person game is a little bit different from other ones and it creates its own kind of magic and it just adds fun and entertainment into the game. Because it stands alone in the queue and it offers the best possible way of playing the game. If you start playing it, of course, you can begin it and get even failed at it and save it again; but for that matter, you will have to use your name save DC accordingly.

It is particularly at targeting and bringing interest into the game. However, the spell also is known for some kind of particular humanoid target and this also means that it will also work on creatures with the humanoid creature type. But to hold even bigger and weirder baddies there will be a need for the spell hold monster.

It is definitely that kind of target which is very particular in targeting and humanoid target. Those who might be playing straightforward for anybody similar with 5e spells. This confusion might create and make everything look puzzled.

How does paralyzed work?

Dungeons and Dragons

This one would surely help you in playing further so that it would help you in understanding a few of the things. Paralyzed is also one of the nasty situations and this also has a lot more than it appears. This event brings lots of confusion among people which comes from the paralyzed creature who is even incapacitated. You can check out this list and enjoy this one –

  • A paralyzed creature is one of the most incapacitated; and this also means that paralyzed creature cannot even take actions or reactions.
  • The other thing is that ‘a paralyzed creature cannot move’.
  • A paralyzed creature even cannot speak.
  • On the other hand, a paralyzed creature automatically fails Strength and Dexterity saving throws.
  • It even got attack rolls against the paralyzed creature have even advantage.
  • Even if you are within 5 feet of the paralyzed creature, every attack on the paralyzed creature that even hits automatically.

We all know that dungeon and dragons have witnessed a great time in transformation and there are actually many editions that came and went out.

Hold person 5e rules

There were advanced, normal and many more and with time they have got updated. It had found its way between 1977 and 1979 as Advanced Dungeon and dragons and this had surprised everyone. The rules and regulations had got reorganized and re-codified across three hardcover rulebooks, compiled by Gary Gygax.

Witch Bolt 5e

This incorporates the original D&D rules and several of the additions and revisions from the supplements; and also found a corner in the magazine articles. There are three core rule books, the Player’s Handbook (1978) and the Dungeon Master’s Guide (1979). There are even some of the crucial additions which have changed so many things for the players too. It has an even alignment which has three alignment systems in the real Dungeon and Dragon rules.

Different sets of hold person 5e’ basic set and revisions

There are, of course, a number of characters which are full of different charm, spells and magic; and they create different types of pretty wonderful things. The TSR was even approached by an outside writer and Dungeon and Dragon enthusiast, John Eric Holmes. Dungeon and dragon have really so wonderful ways of enjoying their quality.

Dungeon and dragon is one of in fact popular games and it has a wonderful journey of its interesting characters they are the ones which let people enjoy their time. You can surely start with the first level, and when you cross this level you can jump to another one. But the whole concept of the game is purely beautiful to play.

More about ‘hold person dnd 5e’

When playing any games, games have really great impact on the lives of people; and they have even provided fun to enjoy and have a good source of entertainment. Since this sort of game has got introduced; it has changed the perception of people because this form of the game made things easier for people to enjoy. But this game follows some special kind of rules and that is must to follow and enjoy its beauty it.

They are like these, companion rules, Master rules, Frank Mentzer and immortal rules and there are many among these.  This version had actually got combined; this also has got revised by Aaron Allston in the year 1991 as the Rules Cyclopaedia. So when you play it next time, you would surely go to enjoy and enjoy its vibe even more.

Discover its characters and the fun it adds

So every game is different from another one, the dungeon and dragon game carries a long history and a vast course of games. Actually, this game is full of fun and it adds even fun and entertainment to this list of avid game players. Actually, this game has a lot of and whatever it carries, it has of course something beautiful to enjoy it.

Eldritch Blast 5e

It surely includes all the sets except the immortal Rules and this also discontinues and is replaced with another one. That other one is none other than ‘wrath of the immortals’, boxed set accessory. But say, whatever it has really some of the best things to enjoy about the game. From time to time, dungeon and dragon worked upon its

About the hold person 5e characters

It is said ‘characters are the soul of dungeon and dragon’, and it is so full of good experience that whoever plays it they kind of enjoy it. Dungeon and Dragon have some wonderful characters whose magic is full of so wonderful. It has also got defined as the player’s handbook but the whole game is full of wonder.

Barbarian, fighter, bard, monk, paladin, warlock, sorcerer, rogue, ranger, and druid these characters have their own weapons and they all work wonderfully. There is a profit in playing this game because first, it is not like other ‘war games; it is more like of its own.

In this game, people find peace even in this war game because dungeon and dragon carries a special feature which not all other games have. There is a lot to discover about these games and they are full of adventure and entrainment; and they just add some magic, spell and entertainment. Most of the editions of Dungeons and Dragon have seen great changes and people have even appreciated these changes because they always looked forward to that.

Actually, dungeon and dragon is among those war games which is less about the war in the sense of slaughter, murder, bloodshed and violence but it is more like playing games without those things. In this game hold person dnd 5e, every level has got describe and the players already know the consequences; so it depends upon them how they manage.


Most of the editions of Dungeon and dragon and he has even permitted this possibility; it is definitely one of the wonderful ways of exploring this game. It has different levels and they all are so adventurous and there is so much to explore and enjoy about this game. With time, a character has also got changed but these characters made things so very wonderful.

How the dungeon and dragon influenced the whole game?

Eldritch Blast 5e

Well, there is a lot to explore and enjoy about the game and the game is also so full of exploring even the best things about it. When you play this game you will find there is no such war game; in fact, this game is quite simple where a fantasy world can be created by the players; and they have to decide about the whole thing inside the game.

It is the first time that happened in the History of the game; because there was no such thing which today dungeon and dragon has to offer its people. Those who are an avid game player they would surely find out this one different than other one and this wins the heart of players. No one ever could have thought this way that game can also be this way; they still could enjoy their game.

What fantasy world they enjoy?

Actually, the whole graphic of this game makes people think about the beauty, authenticity it actually carries. There are many games but if we compare this one with any other one then we find the beauty in it. Though in modern times games have captured the largest part of their entertainment; this one ‘dungeon and dragon’ is one of so different; it has given away to enjoy the game even much more. The game is so full of a wonderful experience; it just adds a kind of beauty and a wonderful experience.

My opinion on hold person 5e

hold person 5e

 It has so much to explore, by crossing different levels you encounter different levels but that surely creates lots of fun and entertainment. On the other hand, it also gives a way of discovering one of the best games. Even game critics have said that ‘dungeon and dragon’ are indeed one of those best war games; where an era will take to create a game like ‘dungeon and dragon’. It actually is, because, in history, we had only levels to cross and play but for the first time in history anything like this happened.

People found anything like ‘Dungeon and dragon’ to create their own personal space where they can create a world which will be a ‘world of fantasy’. There, they would choose their favourite character; and then the spells of the characters are one of the awesome things to discover. Yes, this game is a little different from the other ones and there is hardly anyone who would have ever found such a way to explore and experience. Now you have both to explore and experience and even enjoy.

This game is also famous as the ‘World of the charm’ and this is actually because the characters are full of those charms and it just adds up beauty and beautiful things to the list. This game hold person dnd 5ecarries different sort of charm and spell; and all the charm and spell makes the game sound even different than other ones.


There are charms like necromancy, abjuration, enchantment, conjuration, evocation, illusion and many more with this. The whole concept of the game has been describing in such a way that it makes everything seems so interesting; the concept of this particular game was to create a little difference from other ones. So you can go and understand and play it, enjoy the beauty of it. Just imagine this game, a world full of fantasy and characters full of charms; rules and regulations are so easy that they can be understood by anyone.

So play like this and find your joy and experience something worth experiencing. So there are lots of reasons to explore this game and even explore the beauty of this game. There is, on the other hand, the game is definitely one of the most wonderful ways of experiencing a different kind of game; different from the league and quite enjoyable even though. So play hold person 5e and choose your joy. 

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