Indivisible Characters – The Years Best Action Role Player

Indivisible Characters – The Years Best Action Role Player

A Complete Guide on Indivisible Game Guest Characters. Ajna, Antione, Baozhai, Ginseng and Honey, Dhar, Razmi, Zebei, Kushi, Qadira, Nuna.

Have you ever given a thought that what would a game be like without any character? Of course, dull and not at all engaging. The reason that a gamer spends countless hours and always end up coming back to these experiences is the style, mood, strategy and of course, most importantly the characters that build up a story.

The ability to combine all the elements with the characters make the game fascinating in the first place. The best example of novelty that must be taken into consideration is the game “Indivisible”. This game is the perfect model of action role-playing platform that highlights hand-drawn art incorporated with remarkable mechanics and its indivisible guest characters.

Now don’t waste a single minute and submerge yourself in the fanatical world where all you see are some playable characters around you so that you can have a rich experience.

It is true to say that playing video games is tricky but once the interest is developed, you can truly spend hours winning. Similarly, “Indivisible” is easier to learn and adapt yet hard to master.

The Storyline of indivisible game characters

The story spins around a daring yet courageous girl, Ajna who has been brought up by her father. She lives on the outskirts of the town. The real trouble begins when her house is attacked which leads to the secretive force to stir inside her.

She sets a quest so that she easily saves everything from getting destroyed. Ajna experiences many incarnations and she has to choose individuals that can fight along with her.

These incarnations are different in their own way having a particular story but unique personality. In this way, she unites people on one ground and learns how to save the world from ending as well as having a chance to find more about herself.

Meet with Primary indivisible game characters

The family of indivisible is inspired by numerous cultures and mythologies; hence it includes:


She is a strong competitor living in a remote village in the forests of Navar State. Indr, her father has made her fearless so that she easily faces obstacles. She is a trained martial artist which clearly symbolizes her tough yet powerful nature.

Ajna sooner realizes that she is different and discovers her power to absorb individuals within herself. She sets out a globe-spanning quest that allows her to reveal her true self and likewise confront Ravannavar, the evil.


He is fond of dragon hunting. At his first hunt, Antione returns to kill a dragon in its den and later finds out that the dragon is only protecting her whelp. The real twist begins when the whelp mistakenly considers Antione the parent and starts to share the bond. He takes the dragon home and raises it. As time passes by, he learns that dragons are lovable and kind creatures too, thus, changing his way of thinking towards them.

Indivisible Characters guest Baozhai:

She is considered as the “Queen of Pirates” as she once commanded a fleet of warships. Sadly, 16 years ago, the sea monster wiped out her armada and left her with a single ship. The occupying forces of the Kingdom are now continuously trying to frighten her but she is committed to reconstructing her crew so that she can experience the sea adventures again.

Ginseng and Honey:

Ginseng has been raised in Tai Krung City. He sooner meets Honey and they become constant companions ever since. They both team up with Ajna and go on an expedition thus, assisting her to hunt different yet strange plants all over the world.


He is the commander of the Ravannavar army. His duty is to destroy the dissident that comes in the way. After a while, he faces Ajna and during his fight, her mysterious ability awakens leading Dhar to be the first incarnation that she absorbs within herself. It is true to say that Dhar has unrevealed motives thus would he be able to work on it considering the fact that he is trapped within Ajna’s mind.


She is a religious practitioner who is believed to interact with spirit more for her own interest rather than practical use. She does not go well with Ajna or any other member. A tiger spirit, Bom lives with her and the spirit stays with her as long as the lantern is lit.

Indivisible Characters Zebei:

He belongs to a nomadic tribe, renowned for their archery. He finds refuge in the city of Lhan and with the help of monks, he becomes a soldier dedicated to protecting the city as well as Mount Sumeru.


She is an orphan raised by the monks of Lhan. She knows how to deal with animals as once a Roc grabbed Kushi but it lowered her to the ground at her command. They both share a friendly bond now and she thinks of Roc as her brother. Kushi wishes to join the group of warriors so that she can pay back the monks for all they have done for her.


She is a deva who has supernatural power. Her hair produces magical water that protects her against evil and likewise acts as an aid to heal others.


She is an orphan trained warrior. When she gets the news of her brother missing or might even being dead, she commits herself to join the army. A while later, she meets Ajna and they travel together to complete the mission of finding her brother.


She is the middle child of a family in Kaanul. She wants to be productive like her sister but does not know how to move forward. Later, she comes across her powerful pyromantic potential which she believes is enough to benefit the people of Kaanul someday.

Indivisible Characters Lanashi:

He is a friendly blue coloured lion sized dog. He wears a mystical accessory, Vajra around his collar. Also, He barks at the enemy making them temporarily paralyzed. It is said that he was a human before but now he has come back as a dog.

Naga Rider:

He is considered the hero of Tai Krung City as he fights against injustice, crime, corruption and other happenings in society. His solitary on the path of justice is not enough to save the city hence in future he should team up to rescue the town.


She is a teenager who has a hatred for the rich. She steals from the Kingdom’s nobility and gives it to the poor. Also, She is one of the strongest yet fastest among the incarnations too.

However, there are other secondary characters as well that complete the storyline of the game and without them, this fanatic world is incomplete. It is fair to say that all the members have distinct significance, nevertheless, what the creator has highlighted the most in the game is the image of a female.

He has presented the female characters as stronger and well built. Overall, the game “Indivisible” is a great deal considering the top-notch quality of graphics and combat. It is a must recommendation to those who want a unique yet action platform of lovable indivisible game guest characters.

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