Imginn: For Download Instagram Stories Highlights, Photos, and Videos Instantly

Imginn: For Download Instagram Stories Highlights, Photos, and Videos Instantly

Imginn is an Online Platform to store your Instagram stories for free! Here’s you learn how to download Instagram stories, photos, and videos quickly and easily.


One new service called Imginn makes downloading Instagram stories highlights, photos, and videos easy. So that you can keep yourself organized using your favorite folder-based organization method on your computer or your phone’s hard drive. Here’s how to download Instagram stories highlights, photos, and videos quickly and easily.

Instagram provides you with numerous ways to share your photos and videos, whether it’s with your friends or the world at large. Still, the platform doesn’t always offer you all of the tools you need to keep those photos and videos organized in the way you prefer.

What is Imginn?

Imginn is an online platform to store your Instagram stories online for free! Unlike other tools, it enables you to download videos and photos from Instagram. So don’t worry if you forget to download a story before they disappear; with Imginn you can access them whenever you want. The website also provides a way for non-Instagram users to view stories on their desktop or phone to save them for later without needing an account on either social media site. Just type in a username or hashtags into Imginn’s search bar and get going.

If you’ve created multiple accounts on Instagram, Imginn’s liked feature will help you find all of your stories easily by connecting to both of your accounts. You don’t need an account yourself, though it doesn’t matter who downloads them as long as you have a functional email address for that person. This unique feature makes sure anyone can take advantage of their easy-to-use service even if they don’t have an Instagram themselves.

Few Steps of Creating an account on Imginn


First Step – Create Account

Before you can use imginn, you need to sign up for an account on imginn. A quick registration process will allow you to download Instagram stories highlights instantly! You don’t need any special knowledge or skills to create your account. First, provide an email address. It doesn’t have to be a work email address. Next, if you want to keep your identity private, create a password with at least eight characters, one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number one symbol. Once complete, verify your account by providing a mobile phone number and giving a name for yourself in an easy way for others interested in downloading content from your page.

Second Step – Login to Your Account:

To log in to your new Imginn account, click Login and enter the username and password you chose during registration. Suppose your Login fails during the first attempts, clear cookies from your browser, and try again. And remember – once you log in to our site using a mobile device or tablet, all future logins will occur seamlessly without having to go through another signup process. That makes using our service even more convenient than ever before!

Third Step – Search for Your Video

Imginn is one of our favorite tools to download your personal IG stories from Instagram on iOS and Android devices! You can’t use it through web browsers yet, so you need to have a device in hand with a version of IG downloaded on it. It is essential because Imginn needs access to your phone’s storage to grab video files. If you want to watch your story highlights via desktop or laptop computer now or in the future, you need an app installed (there are many free apps like Spoilers Browser & Story Explorer), then downloading videos through them works fine.

Fourth Step – Preview and Download the Video

After writing a killer description, you should test it out to ensure it’s perfect. Don’t worry if you have spelling or grammar mistakes. You can change them after approving your post! Next, open up your Tumblr dashboard (you can follow these instructions if you need help doing that) and go to Settings > Preview Posts. Under When a link is shared on Tumblr, you want to choose Tags on all posts with those tags will be automatically previewed in my Dashboard before they appear to live on Tumblr. Click Save Changes once you do that. This setting makes it so that when anyone shares your content, it will first show as a draft on your Dashboard so you can edit it before making it public.

Fifth Step – Send Video Via Email

To send videos via email, follow these steps: Click on your camera icon on your mobile phone Click video Choose the length of time for video Choose share options On Facebook: Paste a link to your Facebook profile (without opening) Send it out! Check to send via email. Your video has been sent On Twitter: Paste a link to your Twitter profile (without space). Select how many seconds you want to be displayed. Twitter will place them all together. On WhatsApp: Paste a link to your WhatsApp profile. Save it! Open WhatsApp Send it! Here you have some tips for sending videos online without downloading them first.

How to save a complete story through Imginn?

Many users have problems saving stories of their favorite content creators on Instagram because they can only hold them in parts. There are no direct links to save full stories, making it difficult for many users to keep up with their favorite accounts. They don’t follow them every day or receive new content notifications every time they upload a new story.

We would collect everything from the best posts on your IG timeline, even if you didn’t add them to your collection yet! That way, we help ensure that not a single update goes unnoticed.

How does Imginn work?

On this platform, you can watch different stories on different social media platforms, including Facebook, Snapchat, and most importantly us Instagram. While looking through our website, you can save any photo or video that catches your eye. It doesn’t matter if it is from an influencer, you follow, or some friends just sharing their lives with everyone. it’s all in one place for your viewing pleasure. We offer high-quality images of full-screen photos and short snippets of videos.

That way, you don’t even need to wait around to find out how someone else finished watching something; it will already be saved on Imginn, so you can check out parts of longer videos whenever suits you best! You also don’t need to download anything since it will already be online, but we recommend downloading our mobile app to never miss out on any stories again.

How to save images from posts without hashtags


When you find an image on Instagram that you’d like to save to your phone, first tap on it to open it up in full-screen mode. Then swipe up from below to see more of your screen. It’s easier to do it at a top corner rather than the middle of the screen and press down on the photo itself so that it starts moving. The image will appear in a box at the lower left-hand side of your screen; if you’re viewing stories with multiple photos, there should be a small download icon next to every picture.

Once all of them are saved, go back to your feed by pressing Next or Previous under Stories. Then tap on each downloaded image once and tap Edit. You’ll have three options: delete, view the original or save it permanently. Make sure to select Save Image first before doing anything else.

Hashtag Customization

Those who would love to share their links through a customized hashtag will also need to consider what might happen if they change platforms. While links are attached directly to your Twitter handle, users create hashtags, meaning they aren’t necessarily permanent fixtures of your online identity. 

Even worse, some platforms don’t allow users to quickly transfer hashtags from one platform to another. As a result, some users may start using existing hashtags but reference others entirely; making people stop following that hashtag altogether. If you’re planning on creating a new hashtag for use across multiple platforms; consider coming up with a catchy title first; having unique branding can help ensure longevity even after platform changes are made.

How to save your profile photo

Your profile photo is key to building your brand on social media; which means you want to make sure it’s safe before you make it live! When downloading your profile photo, be sure to save both your original image file and high-quality version for sharing later on. Save these files onto your computer or upload them into a cloud storage program like Dropbox for easy access at any time. 

That way, if something happens with your original profile photo, you’ll still have a backup file. Also, remember that a link to download all photos in an album will appear when viewing a person’s Instagram page from their profile page rather than from within a post, so be sure to check there as well.

Other possible uses for Imginn

Imginn has been used for several purposes other than just downloading Instagram stories highlights, photos, and videos online. It has a wide range of uses due to its nature as an app that lets you download content from social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, among others, including YouTube. Of course, many apps do similar things, so it is essential not to oversaturate them with too much information.

Still, they list these examples as possible uses for their app on their site. For example, if you want to see who viewed your profile photo on Twitter or changed your privacy settings on Instagram; use our Download Instagram stories highlight button to save all your media before it changes again. Plus, much more.

How IG Video Download?

We instantly scan through your IG feed for you and download whatever you want; whether it’s one picture or ten videos, we got your back. All of this content is instantly stored on our servers to do what you want with them whenever you feel like it.

There is no limit whatsoever; our servers have a total capacity of 40 petabytes (that’s 40 million gigabytes); so for all intents and purposes, there is no limit to how much stuff we can hold for you. As far as premium features go, well, they don’t cost anything at all; everything available via Imginn is free and always will be.

How can I use Imginn on iPhone?

Using Imginn is as easy as logging in to your account through their website; looking at any picture you want (or searching for a specific hashtag or username), and clicking Highlight on that picture. You’ll then be given a link you can use to download an archive of all photos in that photo album to your computer instantly, no waiting around for Dropbox or anything like that.

You can also search through their video highlights page if that’s what you’re looking for; again, highlight what you want and click Download; then choose whether you like it saved as a zip file or downloaded directly to your device.

How can I use it on an Android device?

Imginn is a cloud-based online downloader which means you can use it on your Android device without any issues. To begin with, log in to your account using your Google or Facebook ID; so that the Imginn app will be able to access your images directly from the Instagram server.

Then, just start typing in names of people whose photos you want to download in the search bar of the main screen and they will appear as results below the search bar.


Imginn is an essential service for anyone using Instagram as a marketing tool. Access to real-time customer data lets you personalize every campaign and serve up content your followers will love. And with access to high-quality video from millions of uploads daily, you’ll have plenty of material to fuel future growth.

In addition, Imginn makes it easy to download all your customer’s stories on one side so you can focus on growing their business instead of playing social media catch-up. With Imginn’s reliable platform and quick performance, there’s no reason not to use it in your marketing campaign today.

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