Jimmy Smacks Biography 2022 – Leak Video Stories & Many More

Jimmy Smacks Biography 2022 – Leak Video Stories & Many More

Jimmy Smacks is 30 years young and energetic model and influencer. He was born and raised in New York and is Famous for television shows.

Introduction of Jimmy smacks:

He is a very famous presenter of different things like shows, cooking shows, television shows and other related shows. He became very famous due to these shows, and he was born on 16th December in 1990. Also, He is 30 years young and energetic model and influencer. He is very young now. However, He was born and raised in New York City in the United States of America.

And as he is claiming and grew up such incredible things, he is very famous due to alongside with rocky like a model and a big influencer. He is very famous among all other people who belong to New York City. He uses his real name on all social media platforms, and he is also using his nickname on other social media platforms.

So we can say that Jimmy is his real name in his real life and all his social media platforms. However, Smacks is his alias and his surname. Moreover, we did not find anything about him, and we did not know much about him and his childhood life.

In this article, we will share all details about his life, career, and other things. Except for all the true facts, he also used to sell his illegal things to make a better living for him before he got famous and popular.

He is not well-off from the start, but he struggles with everything. He is living in the street of USA, and he belongs to the street of New York City. And he is knowing and also known better and famous living to the street life to making it big and famous also.

Usually, he claims in front of the media that he is very smart and handsome in the media industry. However, many people who belong to the same industry have also alleged that he is a big scammer and fraudulent.

Biography of Jimmy smacks:

Jimmy Smacks
Full Name / Real NameNot Revealed
Birthday / Date of Birth16 December 1990
Birth SignSagittarius
Born CountryU.S.A
HometownNew York
EthnicityAfrican American
ParentsBeing updated
ProfessionTelevision Personality
Education (High School / College / University)Not known
Marital StatusUnmarried
Relationship StatusDating
GirlfriendMariah Lynn
Ex-GirlfriendTrina (Katrina Laverne Taylor)
Children (Son, Daughter)Being updated
Social MediaTwitter, Facebook, Instagram
Net Worth$2 Million
Height in Feet5 feet 11 inches
Any wifeno

Jimmy smacks Height and Weight measurements:

How tall is jimmy? He stands at the height of 5 feet 11 in tall. He weighs about 64 Kg. Also, He has lovely dark brown eyes, and his hair is very shiny and silky. He has a full natural body with a humble attitude. He is often thrilling his fans and followers by sharing his all modeling shots, and stunning images on his Instagram handle. And he seemed eager to express his appreciation of his series of images, and he also updated his accounts with the latest. According to the US, he has perfect body measurements, and his shoe size is 8.

Jimmy smacks age:

How old is he? He is a very young and energetic model and also a big factor. And his birthday fell on 16 December 1990. He is a 30-years old young model and actor. He holds an American nationality and belongs to the African/American ethnicity. His birth sign and his star sign are Sagittarius. He was born in New York City, in the United States of America.

Early Life of Jimmy Smacks

In the United States of America, he is a well-known and famous television personality and also a presenter. He was born on December 16, 1990, in the USA. He was born and raised in the city of New York City in the USA. His adolescent cohorts included many other big names like ASAP Rocky and many famous names of the same industry. He is also well-known as a New Yorker. However, we are always curious about the question of his real name and also his media name. 

His real name and illegal products:

Jimmy smack is his real name, and he is also using as a smack is his alter ego name. We did not know, and maybe we consider very little is known about him. And we also do not know the persons who are also a part of his family and childhood. Although he made his fortune, he is famous for selling many illegal products before becoming very famous.

According to media reports:

Jimmy Smacks is using his name as a well-known presenter and a famous influencer. And he is also the most powerful influencer and an actor. According to smacks sources, he is the only one who knows and understands himself; according to Jimmy, one can be fully aware of his difficulties, tribulations, triumphs, and defeats in his entire life. One can also be well aware of the difficulties he may face and embrace what he wants to have and receive. Every person’s journey and life are unique, and he can embrace and cherish them with pride and happiness. This is not to say that he can influence others and other people.

Big impact on his life and career:

Jimmy Smacks

These statements have changed his life entirely. He is the mark and symbol of justification and acquittal. Moreover, he stated that he believed in the blessings of life. And he would be a much playing a role as his worse place or importance. And this was not playing for the impact of others and related to media. 

He played an important role, and I also have to say that Jay Z, P Diddy, Pharrell, Kendrick Lamar, and Williams have all had a big impact on his life and media career. 

Compromising achievements:

We must say that all of these men have achieved their objectives on their own terms and their own business and interest. They are exceptionally gifting all individuals who try to be the best versions of themselves and their media platforms. 

Jimmy smacks Instagram career and modeling journey:

He is also using Instagram and other related media platforms and handles. He is also active on these platforms, and sometimes he uses live transmission for his followers and fans.

Jimmy smacks OnlyFans (OF) account:

He is also using the platform of OnlyFans, and he is so much famous and popular on these platforms. And he has become well-known for his adult content and videos on this platform. It is not behaving, or he is sole as an NSFW website.

On the other hand, OnlyFans is the big platform for promoting himself, and he welcomes all genres of content creators on these platforms. He sometimes behaves like writers, chefs, comics, and all about artists. And he has used all utilize the platform to monetize his content. All Musicians also have great interest and success on this platform, such as OnlyFans. He is the most famous name and also has a big personality. Also, He is starting his building up and his empire with strong networks, and he is also using on other social media platforms like OnlyFans.

Jimmy Smacks brought his all marketing skills with this big platform, such as the name of OnlyFans. He is also using Like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook platforms. Also, He quickly amassed a large following to all the big platforms like OnlyFans. He has used it as a music career, and he is taking off all his wealth. But he is using it as an acting ambition with materializing. He used all his success to take care of his entire family financially and economically. He has met several of his idols and followers. However, He wants to leave a legacy by being genuine to friends, family, and fans.

Jimmy Smacks emphasizes the importance of truth and transparency of all his wealth and property. Also, He is focusing on his business.

He is showing a welcome trait-like in celebrities. Also, He believes in being open with different people and living the same life.

An American rapper:

It is always disappointing to meet other public figures. He is not the same person, and they claim to be with other friends and figures. He refuses to be one of them on social media. Also, He is a self-proclaiming like Television Personality and other celebrities. He came to the limelight and other media platforms, and he is dating an American rapper, and her name is Trina.

Jimmy smacks Net worth and income details:

Jimmy Smacks

He uses internet marketing to court all other social celebrities, like building racks for OnlyFans. He has an extraordinary life with many other people and has true desire. Also, He has a past in his life, and he has an ex-girlfriend, and her name is Trina. And he is flaunting everything on every social media platform. He has a vast collection of all designer clothes to the all-new style of accessories and new expensive cars.

He is using all social media platforms, and he has a star even he is revealing his all wealth and net income. However, He earns money and earns from his OnlyFans account and handles in a week. He states that his OnlyFans accounts and his average earnings income of more than $100,000 every month. And we can say that he is a very rich person.

He also has a website, and he offers some adult items and content via social media platforms. Also, He helps him to make money from week to week. He has his income and assets and also wealth. Has net worth is expected to be over $2 million in 2021.

Is Jimmy Smacks a scammer or not?

This is a very arguing discussion over the internet, and he is the most popular trend on the internet. He has many people and has come forth with having a big rumor, and he is alleging that he is a big scammer.

He is a big scammer. And he gets some stolen money from his bank accounts and transfers it with money, and he has a specific bank account. By the way, this is not so confirmed the news, and these days this has become a piece of big and great news for most celebrities. And this is most famous with people, and it is leaving a lavish style on other people, and these are called out a scammer in the USA. And it is some of them happen to his life. No one has derived the fact from his interviews. He said that he made more money from the internet and became an internet sensation 8 years back. He is calling his job online marketing. And himself an expert of this. 

His wife or Girlfriend:

In these days and years, he is a new couple, and he is looking like being on the loose over the internet! He has an ex-girlfriend, and her name is Trina. But they are no more with each other. He broke up with her early relationship life this year, and he is currently dating his new girlfriend, Mariah Lynn. And now, they both are living and famous as a Love & Hip Hop New York couple. But moreover, Mariah and Jimmy have a perfect and pure love relationship in the early stage. 

Relationship of Jimmy Smacks

Jimmy Smacks

On his Instagram and Twitter account, he posted a video of himself, and now he is becoming sexually abused, and he is conversing with another man. As a result, this is becoming a piece of great news and rumor on the internet. This is a famous significant and also have a good percentage of his all fan and followers. He believes that he is gay or transgender. 

Following all his sexual claims and rumors, he has speculations about his connection, and they have surfaced with many difficulties. But this is confirmed with all media that he is not gay.


The above details and information are searched on different websites and sourced from various online reports and articles. This website does not guarantee 100% originality of content and data also.

The final words:

Jimmy smacks is a famous presenter and also famous as a television celebrity. He is also known as an artist, model, and influencer. And he is also famous as a gay over the internet.

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