Why Twitch Streamer Indiefoxx Has Been Banned Again in 2021?

Why Twitch Streamer Indiefoxx Has Been Banned Again in 2021?

Indiefoxx is an American-based singer, Twitch streamer, and model. Age, Height, Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Family, Houses and Cars, Boyfriend & More

In this article, we discuss all the detail of indiefoxx and discuss her lifestyle and complete bio. In this article, you will learn all the related information about her Bio, Net worth, and family. Also, you can learn about her marital and her boyfriend’s information. And you can also learn all the information about her age, height, wiki, weight, body measurements, family, ethnicity & many more things. So let’s start this article:

Who is indiefoxx?

Indiefoxx is an American-based singer and model. 

She is also a celebrity of Twitch streamer. Also, She is a famous influencer and social media celebrity. She is a renowned streamer on Twitch, and she has over 700k followers on her Twitchier account.

What do you know about Indiefox?

As we all know that Indiefox is an American-based singer and famous influencer on Twitchier and other social media accounts. She was born in an American family on 20th March 1995 in the United States of America. Her genuine and birth name is Jenelle Dagres. And she has the zodiac sign is Pisces. She completed her school life at an unknown school in her hometown in the United States of America. But, she is not like to reveal any information about her educational degrees to the media and other social media news.

She has ethnicity and has family roots from the Taiwanese, and she has some ancient from the Greek-French and German. Although, like all the big celebrities and influencers of social media, she does not talk about her family life to media. She likes to keep her family life private from all other social media and much other news. She did not tell any details about her parent’s or sibling’s life from others. So, we do not have so much knowledge and information about her parents and siblings. She has the marital status unmarried & she has no relationship with anyone.

Some wiki about Indiefoxx:


There is some information about indiefoxx are mentioned here:

The real name of this celebrity is Jenelle Dagres.

She has the nickname, and she is famous by the name of Indiefoxx.

She has the singer’s profession in various social media accounts, and she is also a famous influencer of Twitch streamer.

Also, She has a total age of 26, according to the media sources.

 She has the date of birth is 20th March 1995.

She has the Birthplace of the United States of America.

Although, She has a Hometown in the United States of America.

She has the zodiac sign is Pisces.

She has the nationality of America.

Also, She has the religion of Christianity.

She is not sharing her college detail with the media.

She has the Hobby of singing, and she is an excellent singer even she is performing many live performances on many social media platforms.

However, She is famous for influencers and streaming on Twitch.

What do you know about her age and weight?

Indiefoxx is 26 years old beautiful and charming celebrity. She has the ideal height of height is 5 feet and 7 inches. And she has the perfect weight of 58 kg approximately. She has light brown beautiful long hair, and she has brown eyes. She has body measurements of 34-26-33, and she has a six shoe size according to the (US).

What do you know about Indiefox’s career?


Indiefoxx has started her career by creating and using a Twitch channel on Twitch social media platform and start her hobby of singing from there in 2017. She was beginning her channel by the name of Indiefoxx. Then she began and started doing IRL streaming from there & she is becoming more popular and famous for doing just chatting streams. She has slowly increased her channel, and she is getting more famous by her name.

Her channel is getting famous over time. And she has increased the number of her followers from her channel. Nowadays, she is using just chatting streams where she is interacting with her fans and followers. Currently, she has increased the number of her fans and following the above form 733k, and the total number of subscribers is hidden from other media.

YouTube channel Status:

Moreover, she has owned a YouTube channel, and she is also getting famous from her channel there. She created her channel in 2011. But, she started uploading her videos of music and songs on her channel in June 2017.

 She is suing her channel for uploading many famous songs and songs covers, and also, she is uploading many types of Vlogs related to her. And she is also using her channel to uploading of highlights about her Twitch live streams. Thus, she has crossed over 10k subscribers with 320k total views on her YouTube channel.

This is not just like that, she has also owned an Onlyfans account where she posted many exclusive paid content for their fans and following, and there she is using many brands showcasing for their fans and subscribers. She has her own and earns about $15 in a month from her single subscriber. And she has a free Onlyfans account for using purposes. And she is hiding all the detail or number of her fans and followings and the total number of subscribers from her Onlyfans accounts.

What are the interesting facts about the famous singer Indiefoxx?

We are sharing some exciting facts and figures about the famous singer and famous influencer of many social media accounts.

1: She currently lives in the state of America, which has the name of Los Angeles, CA.

2: She is a famous singer, and she is a member of a duo band which has the name Desert Drive.

3: She uses her band on different social media accounts, and she has 13k increasing monthly listeners on Spotify.

4: She enjoys the live streaming of her songs, and music averages about 10,000 viewers daily.

5: She has a total net worth of $700,000. And it is just only estimated. 

6: She has various sources of income, including many Twitch subscribers & donations from many big companies and brands. She has also owned Onlyfans subscriptions. She has also got a significant source of income from her Singing of songs.

7: She has also got a significant part of her income from her YouTube channel, and she is getting highly paid from many sponsorships.

8: She is crossing over about 31k followers on her Twitter account.

9: She also has a discord server named “Indiefoxx Tribe,” She crossed over 8,000 members there.

10: She is uploading many of her stunning photos on her Instagram account, and then she is getting famous and increasing her fans and followings with over 115k followers.

11: she is also using the Tiktok account, and there, she is suing of upload her videos of singing and other related videos, and her Tiktok bill has a total number of 1.5k followers.

12: She was banned six times on her Twitch account, and then she lost her Twitch partnership on 1 July.

Indiefoxx channel or social media accounts name:


The name of her channel or social media accounts are mentioned here:

She is using the Instagram account as the name of @indiefoxx.tv.

She is using the TikTok account as the name of @jenelledagres.

Also, She is using the Twitter account as the name of @indiefoxxlive

She is using the Youtube account as the name of Indiefoxx.

She is using the Twitch account as the name of @indiefoxx, but this channel or account is banned from Twitch.

What are the hobbies of famous personality Indiefoxx?

The favorite hobbies of this celebrity are also mentioning here:

She is very fond of Reading.

 She has a passion for photography.

Also, She is a quick learner, and she can learn many new things.

She is also very fond of traveling.

She is surfing most of the time on internet surfing.

Also, She is the best kind of cook, and she can cook many new and fantastic dishes.

What are the reasons were banned from the Twitch account?

The streamer is not getting permission from anyone for the inappropriate content on their platform because they believe that a specific age of groups will also follow this kind of trend, and then nudity is increasing. So indiefoxx has been banned from Twitch several times, and when she was banned for the first time on January 29, 2021, she was wearing and revealing her clothes in a hot tub. And then her video is getting popular referring as “hot-tub streams.” Then this ban was lifted after three days.

When she was banned for the first time, Indiefoxx received many more bans from her Twitch social media account. However, she was refused on her Twitch account or channel for the second time on February 1, 2021. This time she was reporting for streaming a live video and live chat on Twitch channel and having the names of her subscribers written on her body, and this time she was wearing some wrong kind of dress in lingerie. So, She was unbanned after three days of banning from there.

The streamer had banned her for the third time, and this banned was also a temporary ban from Twitch account, which happened on February 23, 2021.

 This was the ban for only one day. Then she again got a three-day ban between 7th and 10th April for doing “selling or attempting to sell Twitch services or features to any other sources.”

She got her fifth ban on June 19th, 2021. And she was banned due to other Twitch streamers, including Amouranth, for streaming controversial content of “ASMR Meta” streams. The streams groups considered this all controversial content inappropriate for a particular age group who are also using Twitch channels and accounts. And the ban lasted for three days.

What is about her music and songs career?


As we all know that she is the best kind of singer and composer of many songs. She is also singing many cover songs which are also famous and popular earlier too. Also, She is a model and doing modeling for many causes and organizations too.

She is the central leading part of a renowned duo band that has the name Desert Drive. This band has released many famous songs, such as No One’s Gonna Love You and Don’t Let Me Hold You Back, etc. She has also done and performing in many live sessions and streaming on her Twitch channel.

Moreover, she is the best kind of social media personality and a model of herself to she is like to post her many photos in the latest styles of dressings and lingeries. She set up a trend and channel on YouTube in 2011.

Six Time Banned:

On her YouTube channel, she is posting many paid content items and only kinds of posts there. She is also using and having the account of OnlyFans profile. She has worked with several and the latest types of music bands and performed for big brands to promote their products on her social profiles and accounts. Indiefoxx is now a successful Twitch streamer, and she has a more significant number of subscribers and fans following there.

She is the best kind of singer, model, and composer. She has various social media accounts, and she is basically from Los Angeles, in the USA. 

However, She has received six bans from Twitch in the year 2021, but she continues to bloom in her career life, and this banning is not affecting her personal and career life. And she is getting increasing her fans and subscribers daily. She is growing on the internet and social media accounts and in other areas of her career and professional life.

The final words:

Indiefoxx is an American-based singer and influencer. She has a significant number of fans and followers on her many social media accounts.

 She is also singing with many big music bands. Also, She is performing live streaming on different social media accounts. She is not sharing her personal and family life with others, and she never posted any information about them.

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